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Pretty Little Princess Pageant / Starfire Pageeants

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Phone: 253. 661-1705

I received a flyer in the mail to enter my little girl in the Pretty Little Princess Pageant sponsored by Starfire Pageants, Inc.

I sent in $20. About a week later I received my "acceptance" package to mail another pile of fees (approximately $150) to "really" register her.

I am just warning everyone that the cost to enter this pageant is not $20. All together, expect to spend about $200 when you factor in the tickets, clothes, program books, ad sales, etc.

Needless to say, I sent a letter for a refund and have not heard back yet. If I don't have a refund of my scammy $20 "application fee" I will show up the pageant to get it there.

I am only warning other mothers to do their checking before they mail and possibly lose the $20 "application fee" stunt they are pulling.


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  • Pa
      12th of Dec, 2008

    My daughter did this pageant years ago. It was fun and very well run. She wasn't even a runner up.

    I went through the same application process that you probably did. I didn't have any problems. Did you bother to read all the paperwork? There is nothing misleading about it. The website is pretty clear as well. I had a question and called the company directly.

    It's really not fair to blame a pageant because you didn't know what you were doing.

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  • Pa
      12th of Dec, 2008

    It's says right on the website there is an application fee of $20 and and ENTRY FEE of $95 for a total of $115. That's not a stunt or scam. It's there in black and white. YOU are at fault.

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  • Oc
      2nd of Jan, 2009

    Actually Pageant ###, . . oops I mean mom. They didn't start putting the actual application fee out there until this last year. Anyone who has participated in this Before say 2008 (which I did and had the same kind of $20.00 Mail in, and then later receive the information), could not check the website to find out about the heist. The program its self is very nice. Nicely run, and my daught and I had a good time. But the way the pageant goes about louring entrants in is dishonest, and thankfully, seems to be resolved. If you dont believe me about the $95.00 being their all the time, go ahead and call them. you seem really resourceful like that.

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  • Pa
      16th of Apr, 2009

    You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. My daughter entered this pageant in 2002. The paperwork was the same and the website was EXACTLY the same as it is now, except for the pageant dates/locations. Face it, you didn't read the imformation as carefully as you should have, and you cried SCAM where there was none. Don't get angry at me because I pointed out your stupidity, opps I mean mistake. Don't worry dear, this whole website is full of whiney cry babies that can't read before they sign.

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  • Mi
      8th of May, 2009

    You should try the My Girl USA pageant. There are NO application fees and you only purchase your daughter's sash for community appearances IF she is selected. There are delegates all over the country and they are very active and having many opportunities!

    The website for My Girl USA pageant is

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  • Te
      28th of May, 2009

    I think "pageantmom" sounds like someone with attitude who works for the company!

    As far as not reading before signing up, the mailed application form does not indicate anything about a separate entry fee. As a busy Mom and the type of person who believes you should be able to take things at face value...I thought how cool is this! Of course a $20 fee sounds too good to be true, and it is. It is misleading anyway you slice it. If they wanted to be straight forward about it it would be on the mailer! You would not have to search the web site for the $95 Entry fee. The application is just a way of taking advantage of the busy/naive Mom and making money off thoes who can't afford it. Unfortunately more and more people find this kind of practice acceptable (the norm)...and to you, I ask, WWJD?

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  • Sb
      29th of May, 2009


    Pageant Mom does own the pageant! (I am from that area).

    It makes sense that she would try to defend her pageant company and its reputation. Sounds like it could be easier to just disclose the true cost of entry to parents and their families in the first place.

    Honesy for this pageant would be better. Be straight up about the cost before you get the kiddies all excited. Who wants to disappoint their child?

    Miss Shannon B.

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  • Ci
      4th of Jun, 2009

    I have to agree with teammom. I just received a flyer today and there are no other fees listed except the $20 application fee. They give you the website to download additional applications to give to friends but they give no extra fees in the flyer. They really should be upfront and tell you that there will be an entry fee if you are chosen. Just my thoughts, what do they have to lose? Cindy C.

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  • Do
      6th of Jun, 2009


    I received a bulk mail flyer in my mail last week too. I am glad I read this before I mailed in $20.


    It is dishonest. I am so glad I read these posts today. I didn't know if I was going to enter or not (and this is when I thought it was only $20).

    The economy is so bad here, it seems kind of frivilous when my neighbors are losing their jobs...I was on the fence to begin with. This just cemented my decision not to throw away a couple of hundred dollars for an hour and a half.


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  • Pa
      13th of Jun, 2009

    TEAMMOM- What are you talking about? Been hitting the sauce, have we? The fact is, I don't own this pageant. My daughter did this pageant when she was about 3, she's now 11(do the math) The prices were just the same then as they are now. I did the pageant in Braintree, MA, but now I live in New Jersey. The pageant isn't based out of NJ. So I don't know why you think I'm the owner. Actually, I think you are trying to bring down this pageant, fo whatever reason. Maybe you're a bitter or maybe this pageant is competition for your own. The fact remains, this pageant is clear about the $20 and the additional $95. Don't blame others when you don't bother to read everything before you sign and please, don't say you're such a busy mom you can't possibly be expected to read everything you sign and pay for. That's just a lame excuse. As for the economy... if you can't afford to lose a measley $20 (due to your inability to read and comprehend), stay away from pageants. They are way to expensive for you anyways!!!

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  • Iv
      16th of Jun, 2009


    PAGEANTS ARE OUT-DATED. That's why they are so expensive to enter...nobody wants to do it.

    I suggest you gear your girls into a top-notch college (instead of community college due to lack of funds because of this pageant entry fee business)...Self esteem comes from brain-smarts too!

    This is ridiculous. It is obvious the demographic of pageant mothers is lower middle class white women with no college education.

    Ivy League Mother

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  • Mi
      19th of Jun, 2009


    My name is Carrie Crawford, and I am the owner of Starfire Pageants, Inc. I live in Seattle, Washington, and started the Pretty Little Princess Pageant 16 years ago. I am not Pageantmom...nor is she me or one of my employees. If you'd like to contact me to verify the validity of this posting, my email address is [protected]

    I think the Internet can be a valuable resource to gather information on well, just about everything. Blogs can be helpful too, but the problem with them is, that anyone can pretend to be anything. Competitors, disgruntled employees, or even angry ex husbands can destroy a companies reputation with very little effort. All it takes is a few nasty comments and you can be out of business. I think it's wonderful to have a forum to express your opinion, but unfortunately, it's impossible to know the motivation behind what you're reading. I would like to take just a moment to share my thoughts about my company with you.

    I am very proud of the Pretty Little Princess Pageant. I have poured my heart and soul into this company over the is so much more than a job to me. When I first started out, I had a 3 year old daughter who was into the whole Princess thing. She loved to wear pretty dresses and perform for anyone who would pay attention to her. I entered her into a local pageant, just so she could have the experience of it all, and it was so disappointing. There were no decorations and my child didn't a prize of any sort. She left in tears. I thought to myself "I could do this...and I could do it so much better." I have always been quite entrepreneurial and was excited about the challenge of developing something that was so close to my heart. I wrote all the words. I took all the pictures. I didn't want it to be like the pageant my daughter was in. I wanted a place where little girls could look like little girls and just feel sweet and special, without all the makeup and fake teeth and hair. Most importantly...I wanted everyone to win a prize.

    I'm sure anyone who comes to the pageant and sees us selling tickets and t shirts, they think we're making money hand over fist. What most people don't realize, is that even though we may have 200 contestants, our average return on or direct mail is less than .5%, which means, to get those 200 contestants, we had to mail over 50, 000 applications. The application does state that the $20 is an application fee, and all the other fees are listed on our website, which is the next place people usually go after they receive the app and want to know more about us. The fees are also listed on our outgoing phone message. Most people who have done a pageant before know the fees (and ours are considerably less than many) and if they've never done one before, they usually call us with several questions. If ever anyone sends in the $20 application fee and decides not to participate, for whatever reason, the $20 is fully refundable, no questions asked.

    Everyone has their opinion of pageants and I accepted long ago that you can't please all the people all the time. I use to take every complaint personally, but I try not to do that anymore, because I know that there are some things that are beyond my control. I also know, with every fiber of my being, that I do the very best that I can to produce a pageant that is affordable, that is beautiful, and is a positive experience for the children and their families. I am a single mother. I am not rich. I care about this company and my mind is always racing, trying to think of new ways to make it better. This is more than just a job to's a huge part of my life.

    If you think pageants are a waste of time like Ivy League Mother, then you definitely shouldn't enter one. I know they're not for everybody. But if you have a little girl who loves to play dress up and be on stage, and you can afford to give her this special experience, my hope is that you would really enjoy it.

    Thank you for taking the time to hear me out. I hope that if you decide to participate in a pageant, whether it's ours, or someone else's, that you have a wonderful time with your daughter. It won't be long before she thinks Princesses are for babies...and wants to pierce her nose and dye her hair black:-)

    Carrie Crawford

    PS To the person who pretended they were me on the phone at the last pageant, and canceled the order for the all the girls flowers...shame on you. I guess your mother never taught you to play nice.

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  • Li
      23rd of Jun, 2009

    These pageants are just outdated. With the passage of time, (2 or more years max) there will be no more to enter. So take it easy!

    My little girls did these in the 80's and I don't think I have seen one around here in more than 3 years now. They used to be every weekend at any given hotel or mall!! Times have changed! THANK GOD! It has gotten really out of control, I agree.

    Linda C.

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  • 2g
      30th of Jun, 2009

    I just happen to see this site by chance, and my daughter was in the pretty little princess pageant about five years ago. We do not enter pageants all the time. She simply loved tp play dress up and pretend all the time. We decided to let her be a princess for a day and thankfully starfire set themselves apart from other pageants. We truly had awonderful time, there was no competition just simple fun. It was very organized and well decorated, my daughter was so happy. Her family came to watch her she couldnt be more proud. I really think innocent things like this pageant, has helped my daughter have the personality and self-esteem she has now. She gets straight A's, she 's very confident and she is still a little girl at heart. I truly hope thing's like this don't go away. It's day's like these that our daughter's will remember forever. About the cost, of course it's going to be little exspensive I'm sure it takes a lot of hard work and preperation, not only that it's not free to plan an event like. I'm an event planner and can relate. You know I should think about starting my own so that things like this don't disapear. Look, if it's not for you that's okay, Im sure it's not for everyone...I just think it's very sad to be so cruel to someone you don't even know. I'm sure the owner of Starfire has only good intentions-her pageants show! Thank you!

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  • Mo
      11th of Jul, 2009

    WOW!!! I don't know what to say.. I recieved the from in the mail and read the whole thing. I must agree that no where on the form does it say that there is an additional fee for the pagent. I later found out there was when I recieved the packet to enter my twins in the pagent. I will pay the fee because this will be a one time thing for them, but not because of the fees, but based on the way that grown women would speak to each other regarding this subject. I hope that this is not the kind of atmosphere that our kids are around when participating in such a pagent where it is suppose to be fun and entertaining. This is proof of why the children of today are so negative towards ech other. Grown women, who are mothers none the less, can't carry on a civil conversation with out attacking anothers intelligence. This is crazy.

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  • Na
      11th of Jul, 2009

    Good luck with your twins at the event.

    Be prepared, it is CASH for "Daddy" (and any one else you are encouraged to invite) are $15.
    Program books CASH only are $15. Little kid tickets are just $5 (cash only again).

    You will also be suckered into purchasing tee shirts, tiaras, sceptors, candy, pop and popcorn. All cash to the pageant ladies.

    This is not a bash towards any person or persons, just a mom who got suckered in "one fee at a time" like the others...

    Oh! They DO give a "free video pass". The way they word it is so we assume that in years past, they charged to video tape. What a bargain right? We get to video tape our own kid for free? We all thought that was a classic line in their literature. It was obviously a stunt at using the word "free" one time. Water is free.

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  • Mu
      12th of Jul, 2009

    umm I got the form about two months ago and it says on the form about the fees, in tiny print. also the website says that too ;). Like I was always taught, before you sign anything read the fine print, even if it is tiny tiny.. I still have the flyer and I am looking at it right now and it says that there is an additional fee.

    and no I don't work for them. I did sign up my daughter. Nothing is free anymore, sadly. I am doing because it because I think it would be fun for my toddler.

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  • Be
      12th of Jul, 2009

    These pageants are a desecration of girlhood and a parody of womanhood.

    The pageant operators and the stage mothers are all part of the same reprehensible system. They feed on each other and they deserve each other. Oh yeah, too bad about the little girls.

    Shame on all of you!

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  • Mr
      24th of Jul, 2009

    You must be new to Pageantry. You can pay application and entry fees up to $2, 500 consider yourself lucky, you did a low cost pageant. I'm mean I would jump at a $20 pageant. You can definitely count on additional costs, it's a given in pageantry. Sometimes there are optionals you want to do, such as photogenic, talent, casual wear, swimsuit, fitness, etc., then definitely wardrobe can go sky high, hotel stay (depending on the length of the pageant, some can last a week), travel cost, accessories, possibly a gift for the New Queen, a donation of some kinkd, like toys for tots. Admission to the pageant, program book (Sponsor fee). It all does add up, but you should have done your homework and asked all these questions first before you were certain you knew what the $20 covered before you sent in the $20. When doing pageants, at all ages, as there are Adult pageants as well, in which I particiapte and know what is required. Consider it a leaerning experience. Don't let one "miscommunication" keep you from all the great pageants out there, but be prepared to shell out some cash!

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  • Pr
      27th of Jul, 2009

    I entered my three year old in the pageant you just had a t he Marriott in Atlanta on July 26, 2009...It wasn't a good experience ... there were a lot of moms there that obviously take their kids to every freaking pageant there is anywhere...and will spend any amount of money...this is sad...because to call there kids beautiful is really a stretch...that's why they have to do this thing and "buy them a title"...I took my baby there because she wanted to be a princess for a day, that's all...I'm not complaining about the fees or anything like this ...there were a lot of pretty little girls at the pageants...but the winners were not all that hot...sorry...I talked to a lot of mom's afterward and then got an understanding of what was really going on...that title is obviously for sale!!! this little girl on the front cover of the glossy magazine that they hand out for example had 32 ads on the inside of the book all courtesy of her parents and relatives...Get a life this really necessary??? The whole thing was just a great big dissappointment and has nothing to do with me being bitter or anything like that...this was our first and last pageant for sure...she cried for hours after the thing was over with and is still all heartbroken today...they gave away a "prettiest hair" thing to a child with a frizzy little ponytail...all we could do was look at each others...all these titles were obviously for sale (adds, accessories, etc) and it was blatent...SHAME ON YOU MISS CARRIE or whoever you are...

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