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Prestige Mustang


Rip off

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Prestige Mustang
United States
Beware of this company, as im now finding out they have been a hassle to deal with for years.. I recently ordered a cobra engine with a supercharge, it took these people atleast 3 weeks to ship an item they were to suppose to already have in stock... on the end of the 3rd week this guy name todd called & said, that your Mark 1 Engine is on its way.. I immediately said no! My receipt says a cobra engine, i refused the mark 1 engine he shipped. I asked for a refund, the only advice i got from them was to resell it on craigslist.com.. Im not in the business of buying & selling. They paid to have the engine shipped back to them. As of today they have my money plus they kept the engine... be Very careful this company Prestige Mustang Will Rip U Off!!
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N  1st of Apr, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I agree, they can be quite rude and unprofessional. I would not recommend the risk of dealing with this company.
D  16th of Apr, 2010 by    +1 Votes
His Dad placed the order & he paid since Dad had no credit card. We told Dad that an 03-04 Cobra engine/drive train setup would be $10K-$12K he said wow too much $$, we suggested he go with an ‘02 Cobra/Mach One engine setup since it would be plug & play compatible with his car and would be just $4, 350 including shipping to LA (If anybody was wondering about the power of this engine check the article in MM/Fast Fords drag racing shootout between an 03-04 Cobra & a Mach 1. The Mach spanks the Cobra!) http://www.musclemustangfastfords.com/events/mmfp_0708_ford_mustang_mach_1_cobra We faxed copies of ALL paperwork to this guy to sign so there would be no misunderstanding. The order was placed 9/17/09 the motor was shipped 9/28/09 Dad called us on 9/29/09 to say he had found an engine local for less $$ so cancel his order! We told him no, we had already shipped it so if he did not want it his options were limited: 1) resell it on ebay or craigslist & try to turn a profit 2) Pay the freight to return it & be refunded less a 25% restocking fee… no brainer right? The customer refused the freight at the dock on 9/30/09 we got charged $125 storage for 1 day! They refused to pay to send the engine back & the dock in LA was going to destroy it! We went ahead & paid for the return freight & held it in our warehouse thinking they would eventually come to their senses & either pay freight or come & pick up the engine. We tried to talk to him and he got smart & said we should keep it & he was going to get his $$ back from his credit card company…whatever! We begin to charge $25 per day storage on this unit. Almost three months later we get a chargeback where he LIES and says his credit card was stolen & used without his knowledge! We faxed the documents he signed to the credit card company & they agreed that the attempted chargeback was fraudulent & gave us our money back. We heard VISA is considering charging this guy with attempted interstate credit card fraud….a felony…bitter anyone? His Dad called us 2/16/10 to see “what could be done about the situation” We told him that it was simple, he needed to pay the storage & come & get his property! This never happened and after more than six months passed the storage fees exceeded the amount charged for the engine. We did NOTHING wrong they forfeited their property to storage fees. Anyway, if you actually have a brain & know how to use it & need mustang parts just give us a call toll free and join our thousands of satisfied customers! Buy good guaranteed used mustang parts! Save money so you can afford to buy more stuff for your Stang! www.prestigemustang.com 1-866-45-STANG 404-294-4869
N  2nd of Feb, 2012 by    0 Votes

Prestige Mustang - Rip-off/Bad Retailer
Used Ford Mustang Parts
United States

WARNING! This company sells used parts, not always in good condition, and not always the correct part. They do not offer refunds!!! Avoid !!!
A  2nd of Feb, 2012 by    +1 Votes
I personally agree with the complaintant. I wish I found this complaint, before I ordered from them. This retailer sells used, poor condition parts, even incorrect parts, and does not offer a refund. He also keeps credit card info on file, and charges to it, without your permission!! Avoid...avoid...avoid !!!
D  3rd of Feb, 2012 by    -1 Votes
"BurnedCustomer" (who is actually Mr. Michael Pitts Of Woolwich TWP NJ - if you decide to agree with a credit card fraudster on an online complaint forum against a legitimate business then why not identify yourself?) wants his parts for free. He placed an initial $40 order for used deck-lid shocks and was not happy with them when they arrived (even though they were in perfect working order) so even though there are no refunds on used parts we made a concession and told him to return them to us for a parts credit. He later emailed us to order a console cubby piece He was told via email that it was $25 for the part which would be eligible for his parts credit and he would be charged $15 for shipping on his Visa card which was on file due to his previous order with us. This was done and when the part arrived he said it was not correct for his car and he returned it . There are 2 cubby styles used in Mustangs of his particular vintage so we acknowledged this and we sent him the correct part immediately and he then stated that he had already sourced this part elsewhere and even though he was planning on keeping the part he did not ok us to charge his visa card for the $15 shipping and therefore now he wanted free parts and $55 back! We told him there is no way to refund him any money on replacement parts that were sent on credit for returned parts! He has continued to call and harass our staff multiple times! We even sent him a written response with copies of emails sent and received explaining all of this in great detail and that was still not enough for him. He is angry now because he recently launched a written BBB complaint against our business and the BBB found his complaint to be UTTERLY without merit and has totally DISMISSED it! He has the merchandise, we have been paid for it and while we certainly do wish him well in all his future endeavors we have nonetheless asked him to kindly never contact or harass our staff again as we have no desire to ever do business with him in the future. We are the worlds largest Mustang only parts recycler and we have been in business almost 30 years and although we have thousands of satisfied Mustang customers worldwide, sometimes we run across one person that just can't be made happy no matter what we try to do, and that is certainly the case with this guy. If you need quality used Mustang parts at a fair price and you have a brain and know how to use it give us a call or check out our virtual Mustang Salvage Yard online: www.prestigemustang.com 1-866-45-STANG (78264) or 770-207-PONY (7669)
A  4th of Feb, 2012 by    +1 Votes
Interesting that this company, which is runned by Mr Todd Wellborn, monitors this website. They must know that their business is truly a scam to cheat honest consumers out of their hard-earned money. Let's punch some wholes in their supposed story. The initial order was for authentic Ford/Motorcraft parts, as specifically requested. The lift struts that arrived were aftermarket AND leaking (this is his definition of perfect working order). If this "merchant" really knew his Mustangs, then he would know exactly which storage pocket goes with a '93 GT, as stated when order was taken. When the order for the storage pocket was placed, Mr Wellborn was informed that the $40 credit would be used. There was no mention that shipping was not eligible, and CERTAINLY no mention that an additional charge would be placed against the credit card. No credit card information was exchanged, nor authorized. Not only is this FRAUD, but it is THEFT as well. Let's also toss in, giving out personal information, from his comment above. Merchant agreed to accept return shipment of storage pocket, but made no mention that another pocket would be shipped out. An authentic OEM part was ascertained for less than Mr Wellborn quoted for a used one, to get the job completed. A week later an envelope was delivered that contained an email transcript printed out, with $15 S&H circled...that was it...that was their explanation? A day later an unaxpected box was delivered. The "company" was contacted the following day. The 2 calls (over an 8 month span), asked politely if the matter could be cleared up. The first response, "WHATEVER!" and hang up from Mr. Wellborn himself The second, the representative said she would speak with Mr. Wellborn, and call back. Here's a surprise...no callback! That sure is a mature way to run a company. This guy is so off-the-mark, he doesn't even know what the purpose of the BBB is. He thinks the BBB is a hired gun to bully him. He's under the impression that the BBB dismissed the complaint. What an idiot! It's not their place to "dismiss". They determine whether they can help resolve the issue. If they cannot, they inform the parties involved, and keep a record of it. Mr Wellborn doesn't mention that there are multiple complaints filed with the BBB as well as this site. Instead, he takes the "I'm the victim" approach. He mentions that he's not in the business to give out free parts...well people...BEWARE! He's in the business to make FREE MONEY for himself! Steer clear...there are much BIGGER...HONEST companies that can get you the Mustang parts you need. Give Fox Mustang Resto a search to start with.
A  16th of Jul, 2012 by    0 Votes
I ordered a couple fenders from Prestige Mustang for my 92 GT convertible and one fender does not fit properly (is slightly shorter than the other in length and too long at the bottom behind the wheel to fit properly, and has a slight kink in the metal probably from the removal process from the donor car). The car was at the shop for most of last summer for work and then in storage for the winter until June 2012 so I didn't get a chance to follow up with Todd on an email I sent him in July 2011. The fellow doing the work is meticulous and perfectionist and knows what he is doing in aligning the body parts. Todd first said the fender was fine and my car was screwed up from an accident (my OEM fender fit fine and was removed due to rust - no accident), then he said I'm SOL because the fenders cannot be "different" from other fenders and that I waited too long to contact him or chase my email to him that he never responded too. I agree that I took a long time to chase him down on my first email but the point is I did and forwarded the original sent email to him with date stamp. Based on the feedback I've seen, I am pretty sure he would have said I was SOL even if I did make contact with him last July - more likely he IGNORED my first email versus not seeing it (eg. junk mail) because one they ship they appear to wash their hands of you...nice. Richard M.
A  16th of Jul, 2012 by    +1 Votes
Hey Richard, beware, I'm sure you'll see a comment from him on this thread. Most likely, they shipped you a late 80's fender. Since the early models came with 15" wheels, the fender is going to be slightly different than your '92, with 16" wheels. All we can do, is keep on adding to this thread, and hope others heed our warnings.
D  1st of Jul, 2013 by    -1 Votes
I just purchased a set of rare, hard to find, white/black interior set for my 94 Mustang GT Convertible. Todd and his staff were very friendly, quick to respond to my phone calls, and proided great customer service. Clearly they are doing something right, because the phone was ringing off the hook with eager customers wanting to purchase parts for their Mustangs! They provided me with exactly what I was looking for at a fair price and agreed to ensure everything is cleaned up before shipping. I look forward to purchasing additional parts and accessories from Todd & Prestige Mustang, I can finally get what I need from one location!
D  20th of May, 2015 by    +1 Votes
Very unprofessional company. Nasty to their customers. I refuse to do business with them ... EVER!
A  15th of Sep, 2015 by    0 Votes
Several months ago I made a terrible mistake ( I purchased Mustang parts from Prestige Mustang). I've recovered some of my monies. I'm in the process of filing a civil claim against these scam artists. I'll post the audio/video after the case is dissolve. I'm seeking damages from the company and individuals who wondered outside their bylaws. People who wonder into businesses deserve respect and protect against unfair/illegal practices. in closing with so many complaints there should be a class action suit and revoke of business license.

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