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Prepaid Legal / Scam

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Let me first explain that the problem that I am experiencing has to do with the recruiting process and not the company. I have not heard ill things about the services, except for one individual who did not read the fine print.

I was introduced to Pre-paid Legal by a friend and I should have know something was fishy when the large headed man stated that I would be a millionaire and his suit was three times too big. Since my friend was so excited, I figured what the heck.

I was then taken to these meetings with strange individuals who looked at me as if I did not belong. These people appeared struggling and desperate for money. I just was interested in seeing how this would work as a business ventrue because I was always into enterprenership.

The meetings were highly intense and it seemed rather zomby-like how the people in the crowd followed the great leader who makes all of this money and quit his job. If you had a job, you were teased because you worked for someone else.

I was also looked down upon because I would not holler, 'Shark, Shark!' and was told that I was not being a good team member.

I was forced to go on trips on hot busses and if I decided that I did not want to go, I was treated like I had a Scarlet Letter. I was expected to call off my job for meetings that were suppose to help my business boom. When I didn't, I was once again frowned on. How dare I go to work and miss this great opportunity.

The team that was suppose to be there for me was no longer around.

My upline was not returning calls and pretty much left me out in the cold. I thought since we were both the same age and had similar professions that he would be more supportive. Instead he turned his back on me and gossiped because I would not attend the meetings as regularly as he did. I soon found out that he was sleeping with his downline and was stealing people from me that I had introduced the business to.

Here I am thinking that the leader or executive director has money since he says he has been doing this for awhile. I was in awe to see for myself that he was driving a car that was in the mid 90's and his house was in a neighborhood that the fed ex man would not even go near. This was true of many of the leaders.

To make a long story short, this has been a mess. I do not need this drama and I sure wasn't expecting this. I was lied to and knew that this was a scam, but I wanted to believe it so bad that I just went with the flow.

Don't be fooled. Millionaires most of the time are not created over night. The people who claimed to have sooo much money are middle class and have houses that are of equal or lessor value to the average person.

How do I know? Because for PBR's I was at these 'uplines' houses. Most of them lived in areas that I would not want to live in and their houses were not furnished as well as the average person. I am saying this to say THEY AREN'T MAKING THAT MUCH MONEY!

These people target those who are less educated and looking for a short cut. Don't let them insult your intelligence with their combacks of 'having your own business' JUST RUN THE OTHER WAY WHEN YOU SEE 'EM...THEIR AFTER YOUR WALLET.

They say they care about you when you bring in your people, but I DARE you to not make any sales, your upline will drop you in a split second.

Basically, if you like the services keep them. The services itself seem beneficial, yet when that sales guy or girl talks about recruiting you don't fall for it. You will be asked to basically sign your life away. You will get all your friends in some garbage that is too hard to get them out of. I was even told that I had to pay for one of my recruits to go on a trip. Needless to say, that was the day that I kindly left.


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  • La
      21st of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    What your "FRIEND" did has nothing to do with PrePaid Legal. He would've done the same thing to you be it with
    Mary Kay, Avon, Monavie, Shop at Home or any other Business Adventure you would've signed up with him. Everything you have said about PrePaid Legal is not true. PrePaid is an EXTREMELY HONEST company led by an examplary Christian man, Mr. Stohecipher.

    PrePaid Legal has over 100 millionaries out of there hundreds of thousands of Independent Associates. I have never been told that I would be a millionaire by year 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. In fact to become a millionaire in this company you have to work REALLY HARD, Pre Paid Legal is not a "get rich quick scheme" in any way. It is a legitimate business experience that like any other business takes a heck of a lot of hard work and time to accomplish success. It sure beats a 9-5 setting any day.

    I don't think you were one of those that really believed in the "CAUSE'" of providing "JUSTICE FOR ALL" in America a reality. I am on a mission to provide millions of people in America a legitimate solution to most of their everyday legal problems for $26 a month. GO FIGURE! PrePaid Legal is GOD SENT and has helped MILLIONS!!! We are backed up by MANY HIGH RANKING GOVERNEMENT/STATE OFFICIALS and ATTORNEY GENERALS!

    get your facts straight before stating all these LIES!!!

  • Rw
      16th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    thank you lali for that comment i could not have said it better myself and as for what you and ya friend went thru it only tells me you didnt have a good support system and i am sorry for that.i am on team fortune international and the leadership is great the support is great and i like the fact that im in business for myself and not by myself and if members of that team did you and ya friend like that then they dont need to be a part of prepaidlegal and being you say the service is good then someone is making some good money and u should get back on the money train but with a different team and as for the bad housing well everyone thats making good money in prepaidlegal doesnt mean there good with money so if you spend it just as fast as u get it where the hell are you going?

  • Oz
      17th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I agree with both the previous comments. Unfortunately your experience in Pre-Paid Legal was based on your associations and not on the product or our company. I also apologize that your experience was so horrible. I myself have been in this business for years and have made tens of thousands of dollars - part time. I have met many honorable and upstanding individuals who I consider my friends and mentors. I have also come into contact with individuals who did not share my same morals or goals. What I realized is that regardless of anyone else's actions, this is still a business. My business. And since we are in business for OURSELVES then we get to choose who we associate with and don't. All the information that you need to run your business is available through our company not your upline or your sponsor. There are many people who are making millions. There are even more who are making 100s of thousands. And even more making an extra $500-$5000 a month which helps them them to improve their own quality of life. I urge you to look again at our company and to look past the limitations of your friend.

  • Bl
      27th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Your experience with Pre-paid legal was almost the exact opposite with that of my own. I am nineteen years old and i do make the money i need to go to college and i have only been an associate for three months. It has done very well by my side and looks only brighter for me. I'm sorry if things did not work out for you the way they should have. Personally i put alot of time and effort into Pre-paid, and it has only surpassed me with it's benifits. Lynne martin has played a huge role in my success and she has been there with me throughout the whole process and is still there to help me. This is not a quick and easy way to make money it takes time and effort just as all things in life do if you want to succeed. I am not some big CEO or accociate i am just a very thankfull person and i owe it all to Pre paid. Please i encourage you to take a second look

  • Sh
      8th of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    It never fails to amaze me that when people go for an opportunity and they don’t get rich quick, they jump online and say it is a scam. How shameful. I am not going to go into detail, but I am a single mother of two in Cleveland, Ohio. I was recruited by a wonderful GOD fearing woman out of North Carolina, TWO years ago. I sold my first membership TWO months ago. But for those two years of being an active associate, with NO productivity, My WONDERFUL success coach, became my friend. Yes, I seen an opportunity, that’s why I signed up in the first place, but I didn’t have the drive and determination, nor was my "Y" a top priority, so I did nothing.

    I worked fulltime and was content with my paycheck to paycheck lifestyle, but deep inside I wanted more. Nevertheless, my coach stayed in touch. She did NOT pressure me, or diss me. She simply reminded me that I was already plugged into the system and once I was serious, she would be here to help me. And she held that promise. In May I called her and said I was ready. She challenged me and said if I proved to her I was ready to work, she would come 500 miles to help me personally. I sold 16 memberships and recruited 5 people in May, while she held my hand. In June, she was here for 3 days to help me and my team get off the ground. Now that is support.

    As far as the meetings, in Cleveland, these people are great. I am not even on their team and in NONE of their "downline" so them helping me is right from the heart. I am on team Pinnacle and here it is TNV. But we are ALL ONE FAMILY and they have been gracious enough to welcome me with open arms as if I were their own. And as bad as I want to quit my J-O-B they constantly remind me that I have to BUILD my business first, and that it WONT happen overnight.

    Yes there are Millionaires, six-figure ring earners, and well off people. And yes we all have the SAME opportunities. Its all about YOU! I’m sorry you had a bad experience, but please blame yourself or the "bad" leaders (which wouldn’t be leaders) for you not being successful. But please don’t say it is a scam because its NOT. And for those who are searching and researching the opportunity. Please research credible sources. Those who have no interest in the company. Money, Forbes, BBB, Fortune, just to name a few, they don’t get paid to write reviews! Don’t listen to the people who say they DON’T want a get rich quick scheme, but quick when they find out work is involved and they won’t get rich or even make 6 figures overnight. Listen to the many of THOUSANDS who make what they need to make to make them comfortable whether its 500 or 5k a month. It is very possible to make whatever you want to make, but it takes time, hard work, and determination.

    Good Luck, and God Bless!

  • Ma
      5th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    For all of you selling this product! I have 20 yrs legal experience and sold this product to many friends. I had heard some bad stories, but like most with some experience in the legal field, listened lightly. and then I needed the product - something very minor - not criminal, not family law - nothing requiring a specialty! I contacted the law firm in CA - was told how right I was and that my landlord had violated just about every major law. He encouraged me to write a letter and attempt to settle it and then followed up with" and if they dont respond, we will write them a letter. Well, it went on for months, no response - and then when I recontacted the firm - all they did was try to back out of their prior advice! And told me that if I wanted to write them a letter telling them what to say, they would send one. NOW THEY ARE REFERRING TO IT AS A BROKER SERVICE. THAT IS FREE ON THE INTERNET and I'm looking for other unhappy members. My contract describes a prepaid legal plan with details on services - all the firm wants to do is refer to the Title V provision which is the "get a 25% discount rate" Stop selling this to your friends or potential friends - there is no legal service here, just a referral service. You are only making money off of your friends and this company relies on it! And to close - the letter only provoked the landlord more! I watch numerous sites daily in an effort to identify individuals drawn into legal action only to be dumped or pushed off to a high billing referral service! Thats how I know PREPAID LEGAL OF OKLAHOMA!

  • Ti
      24th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    Pre paid legal is a rip off. They are great at taking your money, horrible at living up to the promises they make. I signed up, got several calls from people over the lastt few years of being a member that were put in and were putting me under them and that was to generate income for me. Never made one dime. Tried on several occasions to cancel the internet portion of this service that is an additional fee. It kept getting taken out of my account. The extra identity theft is a joke, as unknown to me until it was to late an estranged husband destroyed my credit and I was never notified of any strange activity or negative marks appearing on my credit. The bigger issues. I paid for this service for over 3 years. After 2 years my son needed someone to represent him when a police officer gave him a trespass ticket in a national forest. The police officer stated he was unaware where the boundry was. We paid for someone to GPS position it. He wasn't trespassing. Called prepaid legal and was told by the law firm that if he was not pleading guilty they could not help. If he plead guilty they would try to negotiate the fee. They offered their services for several hundreds of dollars an hour. I hired an independant attorney. After 3 years of paying for this service, I was in the middle of a divorce. Children now 18 so no custody issues. Houses separated, no issue there. Only issue with financial issues because my exhusband was refusing to separate the money after 23 years of marriage. Was told if it was a contested divorce or one that we couldn't come to a division of assets by ourselves then they couldn't help unless again I wanted to pay them hundreds of dollars an hour. I again hired a divorce attorney that has nothing to do with prepaid legal. After the divorce I found out my exhusband had been irresponsible with medical bills and other utities that were in my name and that I had been identity thefted a year and a half before. Due to this judgement notices were being taken to the home I hadpreviously shared with my husband and he didn't tell me. Several Judgements ensued and I didn't find out until I had a background check done for a job. By this time about 6, 000.00 in debt with unscrupulous attorney fee's has mounted to judgements in excess of 27, 000.00. Again trying one last time, I called prepaid legal to see if an attorney could help me settle for a more reasonable amount on these debts. This time I was told that all the fee's I was paid was just protection if I were getting sued and had an iron clad defense. That what I needed them for they wouldn't do. But after 3 or 4 years of paying into this service they would review a letter I wrote to the creditors. But they would not write it, or even mail it.
    I now have called to cancel. I haven't heard from the upline that signed me up who is still peddling this product since my 2 month in this. He seemed unfazed and said OK, didn't ask why and refered me to the corporate office. I have just spent several minutes just trying to cancel, only to be told they would email me a cancellation and if I didn't fill it out and return it they would continue to debit my checking account. I couldn't get anyone to send me a statment of what I have paid into this (about 50.00 per month for the majority of the time).
    I am glad I didn't lead any of my friends or people I met into this. It is a scam. Some will make money but it is off the backs of people who think this service will be there for them if they need it. In some cases they can probably help. But I don't believe in most cases. If you want the free will and trust service they offer, just go to the office supply store and get the software to write your own and don't waste your money on this.

  • Lu
      28th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    I barely am starting and I had a few bad experience but fortunately I have a great support system and a great team!

  • An
      26th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    It's so sad to see so many people be that negative about something so wonderful. The number one reason that people get frustrated and cancelled their membership is because they aren't smart enough to understand what the services actually do. It's such a shame to see people that ignorant and then have them bash something they don't understand. I personally know quite a few people that have saved thousands and a few that have saved quite a bit more with the legal plan. I have personally saved almost $1000 this year already. If you pay attention to what the products do and actually use them, you will be surprised. And smarter.

  • He
      23rd of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    I cancelled pre-paid legal in Feb 2010, and just found out today they have been milking my account dry ... In fact i now owe my back the sum 29.95 . They used my wavier i signed to do so, Strang how they pick and choose what part of a cancelled contract they used .. They have taken 270.00 out of my accout left me holding the bag . I want my money back ..

  • Pa
      30th of Dec, 2013
    0 Votes

    I despise prepaid legal in Florida. I do not know why the company keeps Glantz and Glantz on line. I cancelled my membership years ago, because of lack of response. But when I moved to Dallas, I joined again. The firm in Dallas was great. When I moved back to Florida, I needed their help. In the beginning Glantz and Glantz answered questions, but when I truly needed to start a litigation suit, they put me on the back burner. Not only did I waste four months, thinking that Glantz and Glantz was there for me, I wasted another solid month calling them every day. There pat response was, "I will have an attorney call." Well they called and left messages at 6:30 or later when the office was closed, we will call you back tomorrow. Yep, again late in the day, again. they called. Yes I did call, Yes I did leave messages. This outfit does not need prepaid legals clients, they must be busy enough. Do not waste your money in Florida.

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