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First of all, they are registered with better business bureau but have a bad rating. Searching on their company name online comes up with bad reviews claiming what they’re doing is fraud. Http: / / local. / info - [protected] - premier - market - solutions - llc - kissimmee

They created a site called the online business bureau which sounds like the better business bureau. . . So don't fall for this scam!

This is the sample email that was sent to us. . .

******************** email starts **************************
It was a pleasure to speak with you today about the sale of your timeshare property.
I appreciate your time and want to thank you for giving us an opportunity to introduce our services. I have your information and am preparing some outstanding options for your review. If you need to clarify or confirm any information, please give me a call at anytime. We help so many people with their time - share marketing and i am confident that we can help you as well.

Premier market solutions specializes in attracting the most buyers and renters to our interactive website, which with its advanced capabilities will help you to sell or rent your timeshare. Our powerful and potent strategies include, but are not limited to top rated website development / marketing team, direct mail, telemarketing campaigns, email marketing, print advertising, and employment of highly trained timeshare professionals passionate about the business of timeshare sales. We are not a broker and there will not be any closing cost programs with us. Our core value is to satisfy customer needs and we will enthusiastically work for your business!

Once your property information is accepted you will begin to get offers automatically sent to you. You will start to enjoy an opportunity to sell or rent your property at the price you want!

Price layout:
1195, with 6 month money back guarantee

• property pictures with full property description
• posting on our network of fifty websites
• internet search engine placement (Google, yahoo, msn, ask)
• web property presentation
• direct mail marketing campaign
• direct telemarketing campaign
• publishing in vacation and travel magazine
You can download additional information on our selling procedure at http: / / www. You can also view our rating
Http: / / www. / companyrating. Cfm?Company_id=1840158
Check out our contract www. / terms
Premier market solutions look forward to finding a plan or program that works for you!
******************** email ends **************************

Domain name:

Registrant contact:
Rr holding
Rick rahim ()

9893 georgetown pike
Suite $605
Great falls, va 22066

Administrative contact:
Rr holding
Rick rahim ([protected]
+1. [protected]
Fax: +1. [protected]
9893 georgetown pike
Suite $605
Great falls, va 22066

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  • Re
      Aug 27, 2011

    Unfortunately for the person or competing company attempting to make a frivolous complaint, the Online Business Bureau and the company in question are in no way affiliated. A little research would show that. I am sure that when you brought home a C in one of your classes your parents were ecstatic, as you obviously are not an A student (judging only on your deep research and powers of perception). A C rating on a company who does not pay the Better Business Bureau to upgrade their rating is not so bad, especially when the company has gone out of its way to resolve every one of the 22 complaints posted against it. Those complaints I feel are relatively low with a company that has had over 20, 000 clients.
    Dear Mr. Bad information
    Please click on the link below and review this 20/20 story about the BBB then make a decision as to what you think you know or how you will ultimately either help someone or not.
    Thank you
    Satisfied Customer and Web Researcher

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  • Ro
      Aug 08, 2012

    When we start dealing with Premier, we expected them to be just another scam. We have fallen for several others that sounded good, but they only took our upfront money and gave us nothing in return. We were skeptical about being taken again as we waited for our first offer. Premier is the first timeshare rental company that we can trust, and it took finally receiving our first check to establish that. We appreciate the checks we receive for rentals. Thank you. We know we would be scrambling to use our points if it weren't for Premier Market Solutions. We will be glad to continue to work with you.
    Rodney S.
    Account # [protected]
    Listing # 5267958

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