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Premier Renovations & Construction - Bruce Barner / Don't get scammed by this person!

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Premier Renovations & Construction - Atlanta, GA

This July (2007) I hired Bruce Barner of Premier Renovations & Constructions, Atlanta, from ServiceMagic website for the renovation of my house. His profile said he was a member of Better Business Bureau and he offered me left over marble from another job at a very low rate and I immediately fell for the fraud.

Even before we had finalized and signed the contract he talked me into giving him $ 4000.00 to order materials. Without bothering to get a permit, for which he had charged me, he started on some demolition work, resulting in stop work order from the city and a delay in getting the permit). For the next three weeks he kept making excuses on why the material he had supposedly ordered had not arrived yet, then asked me for another $ 5000.00. When I asked him to deliver the previous material and meet me to sign a legal contract before I paid him further, he promptly disappeared and stopped responding to my numerous e-mails, phone calls and certified letters. In the meantime, without my knowledge, he dumped a huge amount of possibly hazardous construction waste from his other construction projects in my property.

I contacted his references, Better Business Bureau and his advertisers to pressurize him to contact me. I finally received an e-mail full of false allegations that tried to shift the blame of his non-performance on me" that I had breached the contract (that was never finalized or signed) by not paying him 40% upfront, stolen his material, had not respond to his multiple calls, that he would be more than happy to finish work if I paid him another $5000.00. Despite my anger and frustration at these white lies, I urged him to meet me again in the presence of a mediator to try settling this case peacefully. Guess, what? No response again. The deadline I had given him to respond is way past. That one e-mail was simply a weak attempt to not look dishonest to his advertisers and clients who I had contacted.

It is now almost a month and a half since I paid this crook for material that was never delivered. He has left my house horribly damaged with no windows, no cabinet doors, a hole in a roof, water damage from storms, a demolished wall, damaged plumbing and wiring and a dump of other people's construction waste in the backyard, while defrauding me of $ 4000.00 that I had acquired as a loan. The office number [protected] and the fax he provided me do not seem to work. I have now found that he had also lied about being a member of the Better Business Bureau. Not only was he not a member but had actually an unsatisfactory record and listed under multiple addresses and a different firm - Renaissance Renovations & Construction, LLC that according to BBB, seemed to have closed business. My only recourse now is to take legal action against this fraud; although I don't know how long it will be when I will finally be able to get my money back, if I can get it back at all.

I have learnt my lesson the hard way by allowing my self to be duped and posting my experience in the hope that other people will not be scammed by this deceitful person or his company.

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  • T
      3rd of Mar, 2008
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    You need to contact your licensing board first of all so he will be forced to finish his work and he could be fined or his license revoked. Do something so other people don't fall for this trap.

  • Ja
      29th of Mar, 2008
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    i agree with this because i worked for this man. We agreed that he would pay me and my co-worker( 2 very competent carpenters) 16/hr. We worked for 3 full weeks and after harrassing him he finally paid us 150.00$ each. He still owes us 1400.00 each.Carpenters beware this guy he's a rip-off artist.

  • Br
      27th of May, 2008
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    Mr T.

    First of all, get all the facts before commenting on someone's (complainant's fraudulant statements. And you can contact me directly at for the other half of the story.
    It's easy to jump on the bandwagon and make detrimental comments about a person or business without having all the facts. Unfortunately there are very few facts in the statement made by this complainant.
    Did you ever think that the complainant just wanted to get a lower price on the work after she initiated the contract, and tried to get out of it by failing to make the required deposit. At which time a stop work order was placed on her project. Then she wanted to ERASE the 1st contract and make a NEW contract, at a much lower price.
    But she didn't put that part in the COMPLAINT, DID SHE SIR???? Did she mention that her uncle attempted to bribe us into giving her free upgrades on her project, and lowering the contract price by offering us imaginary commercial motel carpet installation jobs?
    Send me an e-mail, give me your name and address so I can incude you in the law suit, since you are giving her legal advice. Are you licensed and insured, and do you have a law degree? All that advice you give will come in handy in court.
    (If you only knew how many eroneous comments are in this complaint it would make you so dizzzzzzzyyy, you would never see straight again.)
    Please forward any realistic and truthful comments to my e-mail, after having all the facts. I will answer them in the order they are received.
    What angers me is the fact that any old nobody can ramble on about someone without any consequence. You know the old saying, 'you can run but you can't hide.'
    The only way I knew this complaint was filed was from one of my client's who saw it and could not believe it. In fact, I can't believe it either.

    Bruce Barner

  • Br
      15th of Jun, 2008
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    The individual filing the original comment is our ex-client, who became disgruntled after sher refused to pay her initial deposit in full. She became upset and even angry when a "stop work order" was issued on her project due to a "failure to pay" . Our company performed services and provided materials in excess of $6, 700.00 when she had only put down a $4, 000.00 deposit.
    The client then wanted to re-negotiate the contract down to a lower price after work had been performed and specail order materials ordered. It's very difficult to install 'champaigne taste materials on a beer budget'.
    As far as the false accusations of the 'Hazardous Waste Materials' in Priya Jakhmola's comments, she needs to speak with her Uncle 'Jay' about that. He is the one that wants to make remodeling installations using sub-standard contractors, and in direct violation of building inspection department codes.
    After my meeting with the building inspections department, they suggested that I not get involved in this project due to numerous previous complaints against the home owners and their attempt to cover up not correct their home repairs. The client, Priya Jakhmola, even withheld information from our company about previous complaints that the City of Doraville Building Inspection Department had on their remodeling projects.
    It's a sad day when anyone can go online and say anything they want without repersussions. Its time for contractors to take clients to court when they make false allegations in an attempt to disrupt and destroy their reputable business.
    Priya, see you in court.

    In reference to the two individuals that commented on Priyas complaint. They are Jamie Calhoun and Jason Houchins, ex-employees that were terminated due to their heavy alcohol drinking problems. In fact they still owe the company a deposit they were paid and never completed the work they did.
    Not to discredit they severely, they did show up for work, when they wanted to, and in whatever condition they could. Do a thorough background check on both of them before even thinking about hiring them for any type of work. See if you can count all their DUI's on one hand or two.

    Bruce Barner

  • Pr
      14th of Jul, 2008
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    This person is used to lying and cheating and now trying the same to save his reputation. The stop work order was due to the fact that he started work on the house without taking a permit. He disappeared with $ 4000, stole all my appliances, windows and doors and I never received any material or any work for the deposit at all. Sure, let's go to the court and settle this. You should be put in jail for what you did to me.

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