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I entered my son into a six month trial period for a local karate class. At the end of the trial, the instructor told us we had a choice to either quit or sign a 3 year agreement. My son was doing well, but he was only six, so I didn't want to sign him for three years of course. I negotiated with the instructor to do a month to month and had him put an expiration date of one month from the date of signature on the agreement.

Two years later, after we decided to try something else, I started getting collection calls for my monthly payments that I stopped making. I faxed the collection company my agreement showing it expired two years ago, and we were on a month to month. In fact their copy of the agreement had a hand written cross out and date change that the instructor wrote on. They said the intent was for me to finish the program regardless of the expiration date and regardless of the instructor change on the agreement.

I am now being sued for the remaining $1800 left that I would have paid if my son finished the program.

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  • Ke
      Nov 23, 2011
    Premier Martial Arts - Contract
    Premier Martial Arts
    221 Strawberry Oaks Drive
    Orange City
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    Company wants you to sign up with a credit card and when you want to go month to month, trick you intio signing a one year contract. If you do not pay by the first of the month, they turn it over to collections for the full year amount.
    Deceptive to say the least. Similar practice to the gyms.

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  • Ja
      Apr 06, 2012

    wow!!! sounds like a local competitor trying to sabotage an amazing school!!! This place is awesome! We drive 45 minutes to get there because of how much we love it. This person sounds very negative and an attitude like that gets you no where in life!!

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