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I finally received a letter from Pre-Paid Services, Inc. (PPSLI) stating that my personal information documents had been shredded as I had requested over a year ago. I had requested that my personal information be retrieved from the PPLSI associate. They had original refused to assist me in this matter and stated I could not use PPLSI services to assist me in retrieving the information.

I believe the only reason the PPLSI retrieved or stated they had shredded my personal information was I had contacted the law firm that represents PPLSI in Kansas. The law firm was unsympathetic about my request to secure my personal information from a PPLSI sales person. The law firm stated that they had nothing to do with terms of the plans.

I still believe PPLSI is a very dishonest company. They didn't give any details about how personal information was retrieved from their former salesman. They former sales person is my neighbor and has a long history of legal problems including violent behavior.

They economics of PPLSI are poor. If a person saves $25.00 a month for legal services for several years, the average person would have significant saving for many legal questions. I believe because of the slow speed and upgrades required for major legal issues—PPLSI is money wasted!!!

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  • Do
      Feb 05, 2009

    Hello, I am sorry you were ripped off too. I am a victim as well. In 06 everything in my life came to a head. My former rich Bishop with his power had me investigated and paid off my ex so called friends and he had been secretly performing espionage on me. My former co worker said he is friends with the Bishop and his wife. I had been a member of Prepaid Legal for years. I never sold the product. I use it. I had my own private attorney that was given to me by a former professor on a list of attorney sheets. It gets so scary. I was a Missionary at that Bishop's church. He controlled the parishioners by monitoring their behavior. He also knows the police department. I would call Prepaid Legal daily. This excoworker would listen in and forward the information to the Bishop. When I worked with the coworker he enjoyed telling everyone how I complained of the harrassment. These people on the job laughed because this man. Placed me on a porn cite. My private attorney would not help me with none of this not even to the retaliation of a doctor's husband came in front of my house as a threat so I would not take her downtown for a deposition. My private life has been displayed over the internet and in the former university and in people's home. I forward all information over to the former president of the union. Mr. Jaime Glick and Mr. Jordan worked with the former Bishop and it appears the current one in defaming my character. I have a false mental clinical misdiagnosis given to me by a former therapist I was seeing for the hostile work environment. I have been propositioned for $100, 000 dollars by the former dean of the university. I dated a man from the job who promised marriage. Years past and he never did so. He has been supplying all the above with information. My own relatives are acting suspicious. My own mother lifted my keys a year ago and confessed that she stole them and through them in the yard. I had been nervous for years thinking someone would come in and I changed the locks. My own family appears to have been paid off by this Bishop. The new Bishop is keeping tabs on me. I said in my house in front of the married boyfriend of eight years. New Bishop instead of you watching me. You marry me. When I got to church. He said he can't do that because a person that came out of a bad relationship would talk about him the other guy all the time. I have been framed in so many ways. My excop sister and older sister and my brother who just got out of jail of 15 years and brother with too many women genes. Have been monitoring me as well. They never supported me. Prepaid Legal appears to have plotted in a hotel scam against me. I went to a hotel in 06 to take a Final. I was monitored there. My picture ended up on a porn cite. Prepaid Legal attorneys called me at the hotel. I could not make calls going out however they could come in. I speak candidly from my living room. The job coordinator from my former university said she don't sit in her living room in her panties talking about people. The school is about eight miles away. I am a prisoner of my own home. Prepaid Legal prepared my will and partnered with the private attorney and doctor and former president of the union etc. also with the cult church. They all came up with a plot that I badgered a married man to take off his clothes and begged him to marry me. My excop sister said how could I get my boyfriend to take off his clothes of eight years. She stole a picture out of my house. My mother stole my keys. My ex friends were jelous of me and had been watching me for years. His friends are the cops. I have been framed as a clinical mental misdiagnosis person. I didn't want to turn the page that my family helped with this decision ten years ago to have me placed in an asylum. I told Prepaid Legal this. They still would not reinstate me. The married man had me to call Prepaid Legal to see if they would do divorces. My home is being monitored so they gave the married man a way out. He said he just met a nice lady. I thought Prepaid Legal was a good product. My family no body would buy the product. I am still sane thank God. How can I sue them for their collaboration effort in bringing trying to bring me down. How is it I communicated for years and now Prepaid Legal said I did not communicated with them. The excoworker was angry that my private attorney won my occupational case. When that church I was going to plotted on me by having people to come to my job and place Bible scriptures that was not uplifting and would cause a rise out of me. I realize what they were doing. They did not want me to have any support from no one. They enjoyed me cry at home.

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  • Pp
      Apr 03, 2009

    The economics of PPL are strong and you are the one who used poor judgement. Here you are telling us that you neighbor is scandalous but you signed up for PPL with him? It doesnt sound like you are making very important decisions in your life. On top of that you are requesting that PPL give you your information back? You should think before you speak. They have your info in a database like everyone else does out there. When you got your drivers license did you ask the state back for your info? If you get health insurance you dont go to Blue Cross after you cancel and say "I want my SS# back and all of my private info". If you buy a home do you ask them back for the information you provided to get them home? How about your cell phone provider? Your tax preparer? Your utility companies? Your doctors office, dental office, chiropractor, etc.? Get your head out of your ### pal.

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  • Mv
      Jul 21, 2009

    PPl=MLM=chargebacks=Sad Story. Dont know what all the commotion is about. Do your homework on PPL and check the financials before you get into anything like this. Can you say Bernard Madoff !!

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  • Re
      Jun 10, 2011

    Vincent Orange said all that stuff going on at your house. Why would you run for office. You mean to tell me the campaign of finance heavy weights intrude upon your privacy and have dirty cops to keep you down.

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