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If you had a mechanical problem in your home, for example the water heater is leaking . You call a plumber and he comes and fixes the problem. Within two weeks, the water heater is leaking again. You call the same plumber back again and tell him he did not fix your problem right and you have a leak again just as bad as when you first called him.
He comes to your home and fixes the problem a second time and presents you with a bill for work which was not done correctly the first time. Do you not say anything and pay him for fixing a problem twice which should have only been once???

This is the situation I have here with Prattville Baptist Health ER. On May 8, 2011, I brought my wife to the ER due to having a high blood glucose level that was responding opposite to insulin injections in that her glucose level was rising in response to insulin. Her glucose level was over 400 and would not go down. Prattville ER gave her an IV and it regulated her glucose level. The doctor said she was dehydrated and that is what was causing the high glucose level. It did not sound right to me, but I did not argue with the doctor and I was happy that my wife was much better.
The fix however only lasted for about 4 or 5 days and my wife glucose levels began to do the same thing as before I had brought her to the ER. I made sure she had plenty of water and was hydrated, but this did not help the problem. She kept getting worse until on May 22, 2011, I brought her back to the ER and told them that she was in there two weeks ago and they had not diagnosed the problem correctly and that she was having the same problems and I did not want them to just give her an IV and send her home. I stated that the doctors had to find out what my wife’s problem was because they did not do so last time I was there.

The Prattville ER had done their job correctly the second time and found my wife to have a gallstone blocking a bile duct leading to her pancreas. This was causing acute pancreatitis which was causing the high blood glucose levels and reverse response to insulin.

Prattville ER, however is wanting to charge me IN FULL for their mis-diagnosis, lack of professionalism, malpractice and putting my wife’s life in danger. Something is very wrong with this picture. I paid on May 8th my $150.00 copay plus the ER Doctor to come to near $200. I paid again on May 22nd the same $200. Prattville ER has padded their bill and they are charging an additional $151 for service on May 8th. I have had more problems dealing with Pratville ER. I have had past problems of overbilling and erroneous debts sent to collection agencies, double billing and now adding a local attorney to be their debt collector. I will never go back to Prattville Baptist Hospital for anything anymore. I will go to Baptist South. I have necver had these sort of things happen with other hospitals in the area, and I have been to them all.

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  • Di
      4th of Jul, 2012

    Ten years later I see they are still operating the same way. I would not send my worst enemy to that hole. My Medicare card and drivers license were also stolen there and later used for someone to fraudulently obtain medical care at the same hospital and they had the audacity to send me the bill!

    Your wife is much safer being treated at a real hospital by real doctors. The one who "treated" me was a quack with many complaints and suspensions against his license. Go elsewhere. It isn't worth your life.

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  • Ba
      4th of Apr, 2016

    Prattville Baptist Hospital is the sorriest most pathetic excuse for a hospital I have ever seen, take advice from someone who knows do NOT go to that hospital if you value your life at all cause they will let you die or give you something that you don't need that will kill you or diagnose you wrong & send you home to die, if you want to live stay far away from that hospital!

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