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After watching commercials on a local access TV network, I saw what seamed to be a PROFESSINAL diet clinic that would assist me in loosing those stubborn extra pounds around my middle. So I booked my appointment and was stoked that I would recieve a "detailed doctor supervised diet plan, on-site medication and support", I had no qualms about going. I was starting to look forward to hitting the beach and wearing my summer shorts. One week later, after following mapquests simple directions, I pull up to a run down-looking stipmall with black out tinted windows and an overall hesitant feeling. This was far different from the commercial. Hoping the inside would warrant some ease, I go in and its just as bad... a small shotty office with no one up front to greet me, the phone was ringing off the hook and the best part tho, was the sex toy catalog on the magazine table... seriously. I still signed in hoping it would get better, and determined not to have wasted a day off of work, gas money and a vision of me in my new summer bathing suit. Within 15 min I was sitting in a back room being weighed, measured and given a list of services they offered. I asked when I would see the doctor because I had some health questions, he was NOT IN THE BUILDING! And the new policy is that, medication or supplements were no longer given at the facilty "as of last week", so I would have to find a pharmacy that carries them. You think they would have mentioned that when I made my appointment!! $ 85 dollars later, my detailed diet plan was a 3 page xerox of basic foods and there generic calorie counts (not all were correct), do no activity that would make me gain muscle weight, hold my questions to the next appointment and The dr. would call in my prescripton to my local pharmacy so it would be there when I get home. I drove back to town very disspointed and not suprisingly the pharmacy hadn't recived a anything for me. I called the facility and they told me that it would be a 24 hours wait for the doctor to call in the prescription!! They hung up on me at that point, stopped awnsering the phones and since they already had my money... I had to wait it out. 20 hrs later my prescription was there and I have yet to recieve a return call from them. I was so aggravated by the situation that it never even occured to me, how did you get I prescription if the doctor never even saw me?? ???

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  • Re
      19th of Apr, 2010

    I had called to make an appointment, and just by the way the girl talked I decided not to go! Thanks for letting me know what a visit would have been like!!!

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  • Lo
      13th of Sep, 2010

    I have had a great time at pounds and inches I lost 45 lbs, and my husband lost 65. I'm not sure what meds they dnt give out but we recieve all of our meds there. Dr. Sturdavant is not always there as for most doctors at weight loss clinic but he 's a great doctor and I have seen him several times.

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  • Gu
      6th of Oct, 2010

    I just lost 28 lbs on HCG and I would never go on another diet again. Thanks DR. STURDAVANT- YOU HAVE HELPED ME TREMENDOUSLY

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  • Hc
      24th of Jan, 2011

    I would like to point out that this complaint DOES NOT refer to a Pounds And Inches Away (PAIA), but actually some other weight loss establishment with a similar name. PAIA, with the headquarters located in St Louis, MO., does not have any company stores or franchise stores in the state where this complaint is referring to. I can not speak for the company in which this complaint is referencing, but I can speak for Pounds And Inches Away...the atmosphere described in this complaint simply does not exist at PAIA. PAIA has a level of support and a knowledge of the protocl that is second to none. The only reason I am even bothering with writing this is because when I refer people to PAIA and they do a search, they come across this complaint and think it refers to PAIA, which it does not. PAIA offers homeopathic (non prescription) grade HCG. A prescritption for HCG is not necessary. I have completed 3 rounds of the HCG protocol using PAIA's system and have lost 90 pounds total. Simply put...IT WORKS...check out their web for your time

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  • Po
      2nd of Feb, 2011

    I had called POUNDS & INCHES in early January to make an appointment. The receptionist who answered the phone was very pleasant and informative. I scheduled an appointment to start the HCG program for the following day. When I walked into their new office in GULFPORT, it was very clean and smelt of fresh fruits (they had candles lit, I guess). (Their new office is well furnished and looks very modern. I love it!) The receptionist I had talked to on the phone greeted me at the window, very pleasant girl. It took me about 10 minutes to fill out my HCG paperwork, and as soon as I was finished, I was ushered to one of their back rooms by the Medical Assistant. She was very sweet as well. The MA made me feel right at home. She answered my initial questions and she even made small talk which made me feel important instead of just another patient. After she weighed me, the Director came in an broke down the HCG program so I fully understood what would be going on for the following 12 weeks. The whole visit lasted about 30-45 minutes, but that was because I asked so many questions during the consultation. This is my 4th week on the HCG and I have lost 36 pounds!!! My husband is starting the program with me next week. POUNDS AND INCHES IS MY HERO!!! Please don't let 1 visit in their old office in Long Beach get to you. They have all NEW staff and a new office on Courthouse Road which looks fabulous.

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  • Dr
      28th of Feb, 2011

    I would beware of any diet that puts you on 500 calories a day. Your body just goes into starvation mode, which actually SLOWS DOWN your metabolism. If you really want to lose weight, try following a diet based on the "glycemic index" that diabetics use. Low glycemic foods help regulate your blood sugar, which supplies a steady level in your blood throughout the "ups and downs", so you don't feel hungry. And make a committment to start exercising, even if it's just walking. Muscle can burn from 70- 120 times more calories than fat, pound for pound.
    This HCG diet is a basic scam to take your money. If you lose a lot of weight, then start eating "normally", you will pack it right back on--and even more.
    So even IF this diet works, it's because you are starving, not due to the HCG. You will feel tired all the time and end up gaining the weight BACK.
    Still wanna try it? Go ahead, but you can't even guarantee that you are getting the real thing. Plus, you probably don't even know how much to take--or NOT take. If you take medications or have medical problems it would not be a wise thing to do. *******If you can't get the approval of your doctor you probably shouldn't be taking anything. ******
    I wouldn't even doubt that some of the posts on this very site are from people who claim "success" are fake posts to try to convince you otherwise.

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  • Ha
      18th of Apr, 2011

    Obviously, dreamcatcher doesn't understand the science behind the HCG protocol and diet. Your blood is constantly saturated with food while on the HCG because you are burning your own fat stores... that is abnormal fat, not normal fat and muscle. I am not hungry on the 500 calorie diet and often just skip meals. I have energy and do not look drawn and unhealthy. I have lost 19 pounds in 21 days on HCG and only 19 days of the 500 calorie diet. My body is finally getting back to its' shape. I know several people who have done the protocol with great success and maintained it. The original complaint is for some business in Long Beach which obviously had a rough start. There is no prescription for the homeopathic HCG.

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  • Cw
      30th of May, 2011

    I wonder - dreamcatcher - have you ever had a weight problem? Typically the people who put down HCG are either people who believe the obese can just quit eating or eat healthy and lose weight. My opinion - Don't knock it if you haven't tried it or researched it extensively. Even the MD's who have stated that it is a placebo effect haven't researched extensively or at all. I am a nurse that comes from a very medical family. I am not stupid enough to try something without extensive research.
    There is no diet program that I haven't tried in my 59 years of never ending struggle (inherited) with weight.
    Simple fact - HCG is working for me. Not only have I lost 12 lbs in 12 days, my skin is not as dry as it was and my body is reshaping. I am not losing fat in just places like all other diets - but all over, even in my hips and thighs which have always been heavy. I was perfectly willing to believe this might be placebo effect, but good skin and even distribution of fat loss does not come from placebo effect.
    As far as gaining the weight back. It is well known that you must - no matter what program you are on - do a maintenance to reset your "set-point." Your body will make every effort to regain the weight you lost. It is a natural survival mechanism. If you don't follow a rigid maintenance program on this or any other program and learn to eat healthy, you will most certainly gain the weight back. The honest HCG programs out there will make this very clear right from the start.
    Oh - and by the way, the really honest HCG programs will tell you to walk or do yoga/tai chi. Then on maintenance you can begin more strenuous exercise. Do your homework before you file a complaint - or at least try the plan!!!

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  • Ig
      28th of Jun, 2013

    The company that this person is complaining about has NO AFFILIATION with Pounds and Inches Away. The description of the facility given in this complain had ZERO similarities to Pounds and Inches Away. A prescription is NOT required or necessary for homeopathic HCG. I joined Pounds and Inches Away 8 months ago and I was given a outstanding amount of the HCG hormone in a liquid form. The staff educated me on the appropriate foods to eat and avoid. They were VERY knowledgeable about their product and very kind and helpful. I was still skeptical because I have tried so many types of dieting sources with no success. Within one week, literally, I was down 7lbs while still following every detail of the diet. I didn't feel weak, less energy or tired, mind you I have low blood sugar but eating fruits on this diet helped stabilize my sugar. Within a month I was at my goal of 130lbs, I started this diet at 175lbs. On tis diet NO exercise is required, in fact they do not want you to exercise because it will interfere with the HCG process. Me having no self discipline, this diet would be perfect! I am now in the maintenance stage where I am maintaining my sexy figure. I am proud to tell everyone I gave birth to two children while laying on the beach in my bikini. My husband lost 85lbs on this awesome diet! I would recommend Pounds and Inches Away to everyone and anyone. Side note: The Pounds and Inches Away location I joined was in Novi, Michigan off of Haggerty Rd. Start your new life and join today!

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