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Portugal Imports / Old pastries

Artesia, CA, United States Review updated:
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I was born in New Jersey where they have a lot of traditonal Portuguese bakeries. I heard about a Portuguese bakery in LA called Natas Pastries so I looked online. I drove to this small grocery store/bakery in Artesia thinking I was going to have pasteis de nata, my favorite. The store name is Portugal Imports, I was confused but I had some pastries they called queijadas de nata, they were stale and you could tell they had been sitting there for a while.
Shame on Portugal Imports! Just stick to selling sodas, desserts are an art specially the true Portuguese ones!

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  25th of Oct, 2007
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Portugal Imports - Customer Misleading
United States

I called Portugal Imports from a link on the internet to ask if they had natas, pastries I had at work, they were delicious. The lady I talked too confirmed that they had it. I sent someone there and these things were not at all what I had and were definitely not natas. I then called the operator and got the store, Natas Pastries. Portugal Imports is a fraud by trying to impersonate someone they are not!
  28th of Nov, 2007
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Shame on you! for making such acusation about the pastries from Portugal Imports. I am personally a patron that visits Portugal Imports almost every day and I buy their queijadas, patries, and other products all the time.
In regards to their partries being stale, they bake their pastries fresh every day and as a matter of fact if you don't call ahead of time and order them by 12:00PM they are all gone.
Portugal imports is a staple in the community of Artesia and the surrounding cities. Portugal Imports has been embraced by the portuguese community of the area and by many others that visit the store for their fresh pastries and products traditional to that of home.
  28th of Nov, 2007
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Are you retarted? Next time check out the clue department and then you might be of use to someone. Take your head out of your ###, and next time check where you are going before you get in your car. You say "true Portuguese," but the true portuguese help one another and don't make slanderous remarks such as not having fresh pastries. People like you make me ashamed of my heritage, but I was born in Portugal and I know that people from Portugal aren't like that. Good luck with your life, you'll need it.
  28th of Nov, 2007
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Hi Steven, if you had a clue you'd shut up before writing such a ridiculous statement. First of all, there is only one true type of natas. They are called pasteis de Belem and they are made in only one store located in Lisbon. Everything else is, in other words, fraud. Natas pastries makes it in their own style. Portugal imports make it in their own style. The fact is that everyoneone else besides the store in Lisbon has their own style. If you don't believe me then you can reseach it yourself, but I'm counting on you not researching it because a person that makes an ### out of themselves normally just runs away when confronted with the facts. Have a good day.
  30th of Nov, 2007
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Are you Portuguese or you just read that somewhere on the internet?Pasteis de Belem is the original store and place in Lisbon, where they first started, but all over Portugal you can find pasteis de nata in any bakery. Natas Pastries follows the traditional recipe of pasteis de nata. Portugal Imports does not have pasteis de nata, they sell queijadas de nata, a completely different pastry. Natas Pastries make it the original and traditional recipe. Portugal Imports does not. They have Azorian pastries which are completely different, not the same. It is not about style, it's about the recipe. You seem confused, just go to both places, try them and get back to me! Have a nice day!
  14th of Dec, 2007
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People, People, People, pastries??? is this what the world has come to is fighting over pastries???

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