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Portland Torque Products Inc / automotive transmission repair

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DO NOT USE THEIR SERVICE. COMPLETE RIPOFF. They will fix your tranny and it will fail within 90 days and you will end up paying for the repair again because their warranty is very misleading. Their business model is to get your tranny to come back in multiple times to repair the initial problem. Don't take my word, read the reviews. They should be out of business. Initial cost $3500 ($1000 to pull tranny, $2300 for repair and $350 to ship). Lost reverse in my BMW within 30 days. To fix it, need to spend $1000 to pull tranny off, $350 to ship and they will charge about 1/2 or 1250 to repair (they pay $50/hr for labor when the prevailing rate is $100/hr)...who pays the difference you do! So total cost to repair tranny will be $6000 with no guarantees they will get it fixed correctly. I don't believe based on all the bad reviews they know what hell they are doing. Btw, they quoted me 3 weeks to complete the job, it took 8 weeks with me calling them daily to send. Never heard so many excuses...pitiful. You are a fool if you send them any money.

  • Updated by Portland Torque vigilante, Sep 13, 2017

    Keeping a daily log here until Portland Torque decides to conduct themselves with integrity and act on what they promised to do...fix my transmission without defects. They continue not to respond to multiple requests for all work completed documentation. They have provided ZERO documentation so I really don't know what they did and if the Dyno test was ever run since the rebuilt transmission vibrates my car and lost reverse gear. (see previous reviews). This company is a disgrace to the industry and cares only about the $, screw repeat customers which I suspect they have very few. Frankly I will blog daily until they reimburse me for their shoddy work.

    Would you do business with this company when they promise, don't deliver. lie to you, and not communicate (the OM, Elizabeth Moore, is the anti-customer service manager) and will deflect, mislead, and frankly promise you the world and fails to deliver? Awful.

    Here's the owner response with out ever talking to me...

    If you do not wish to return your transmission to us for repairs under the terms of the warranty there is nothing we can do for you. It appears that you have already posted negative reviews.
    Dave Neville
    Portland Torque Products, Inc.
    3039 NW Yeon Ave
    Portland, OR 97210

    Classic avoidance tactic by the owner when he doesn't want to face reality of their poor workmanship. Doesn't have the backbone to talk to me. He knows he is at fault and will hide behind his warranty as stated below. Coward, incompetent, lacks total integrity as a human being and business owner. I will pray for him and his employees.

    I am hopeful that if they choose not to do the right thing and reimburse me, any potential customer vetting this company will read all the negative reviews and choose another company to repair their faulty transmission. The public need to be warned!!

    9-12: $3700 and repaired BMW tranny failed after 90 days and they want me to pay again the $1350 freight charge to reship and have mechanic pull my tranny...again! We all know the transmission repair industry is shady but these folks at Portland Torque are incompetent, unresponsive, unethical and frankly the State AG should investigate them. Btw, are the good reviews on this site generated by employees or were they paid to make the comments? Impossible to believe they were satisfied. Here's why, these good reviews it appears are from used car dealers that are selling cars with Portland Rebuilt tranny's!!! Read the reviews from individuals, no positive reviews from individuals! The truth is in the reviews you just have to read them carefully which I am embarrassed to say I didn't see them when I bought their services. Lesson Learned!

    I had to look the owners name up to contact him because Elizabeth Moore would not give to me...she said she was the boss and got very upset I was asking. They have never provided any work related documentation on what they bad but I asked...requesting documentation now as I think I figured out their business strategy. Keep initial prices below market rate combined good looking warranty, then provide shoddy work and the customer can't use warranty because the consumer cant afford to pay the $1350 AGAIN to have the tranny removed and shipped. You tell me?

    How have they stayed in business for 7 years. It's because the whole transmission repair business is blanketed in secrets how to repair transmissions. Tranny are the 2nd most complex piece of equipment is your car yet the industry is run by sharks like this company.So if you have had a bad experience with this Portland Torque Products Inc. in Portland Oregon, please post your experience(s). I want them to be held accountable. I consider myself to be a reasonable person at 60 years old, but they are completely unreasonable and I want the consumer to know the truth. Beware DONT USE...PORTLAND TORQUE PRODUCTS... More to come:-)

Sep 12, 2017
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  • Ra
      15th of Jul, 2018
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    I couldn't agree more...RUN away from this company !!! I paid over $3500 for them to rebuild the transmission in my 2006 Range Rover. They didn't have my transmission in stock so I paid my local mechanic to remove it, paid to have it shipped from Alabama to Oregon and then back to me, and paid again to have it reinstalled. Was told it would take 2-3 weeks for them to rebuild and return but actually took 8 weeks. It ran OK for about a month, then it would not go into gear. I called and emailed Elizabeth and Dave several times, was told it sounded like a pressure problem and they sent me a small rubber seal which my mechanic installed but did not fix the problem. I told Elizabeth I was going to take it to a local transmission specialist, she nor Dave ever mentioned that I needed a Warranty Repair from PTP before I could get it fixed under their warranty. The transmission shop told me the pump was bad and that it looked like the original pump - not a new or even repaired one, AND the transmission pan was full of metal shavings. He couldn't believe that PTP ever even took the transmission apart !!! Cost me another $2, 500 and am being told by PTP that because I didn't get their approval (Even though we talked and/or emailed several times and they never mentioned I needed written approval for repairs) they will not honor their warranty. I will write as many bad reviews on as many sites as I can...DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY

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