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I made a purchase from PORT CITY COIN AND JEWELRY. They were supposed to Mail my purchase to me. When I contacted them about my purchase they told me it was mailed that "I needed to be patient". After several more days when I contacted them again, I was cursed out. I was called a cheat, crook, liar and cursed then posted this slander on the internet. I have never been treated this way by a merchant. This tells me that they never mailed my purchase. Why else would they take such a defensive stand right off, instead of concern or make an attempt to try and help the customer like any honest business would want to do.

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  • Po
      Jul 15, 2009

    This customer was refunded his $8 by Port City Coin and Jewelry even though he failed to buy insurance. I believe this customer got his three $2 bills! IT SEEMS LIKE A TYPICIAL EBAY SCAM, I DID NOT GET THE ITEM SCAM!
    Port City Coin and Jewelry refunded his $8 asap because I knew he got bills and was scamming us!
    Yes I called him a theif, loser and ### because it is 100% true!

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  • Po
      Jul 21, 2009

    MCKOY went as far to file a complaint to The BBB. and it was throw-out since MCkoy had no reason to file a complaint other then he is a cry baby! We refunded McKoy his $8 and EBAY wipped out my negitive comment however it seems to me he is a drama queen! There was NO need for you to post this complaint McKoy now you are slandering Port City maybe I will talk to my lawyer this week about your comments about Port City.

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  • Te
      Jul 25, 2009

    Occam's Razor: Most obvious answer is most likely correct.

    The US Post Office is pathetic. They've been at fault every time that I failed to get something mailed to me. It usually shows up several weeks late and or gets returned to sender because some Post Office clerk had an attitude that day.

    solution: don't use USPS, but if you must, get insurance and a tracking #.

    I've dealt with Allan IRL and find him to be honest and an easygoing guy.

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