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Br Dec 13, 2015
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My Labradoodle was injured by another dog. He was bitten by his eye and required stitches. The store manager said she reviewed the video and it was my dog, s fault. She also refused to allow. Me to review the video saying it was property. I don, t think it is unreasonable to view this tape. If my dog was at fault, I can accept that, however Labradoodles are bred for their sweet disposition and non aggression. When the daycare called my husband they said he was in a scrap and scratched. Turns out not to be true when the dog is seen by the vet. This incident occured on 12-10-15 at 1:10 pm. As a pet owner, it is not unreasonable to view this tape, since that is being denied, I have no other conclusion to reach, but that the manager is mistaken. Additionally, if my puppy was being inappropriate, isn, t it the yard duty personnel, s responsibility to intervene before a bite happens? I am only asking to see proof of what happened to my puppy. No reasonable person would disagree with that request.

Pooch Hotel
Pooch Hotel

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