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Pomsky Club of America

Posted: Jan 28, 2013 by    


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Pomsky Club of AMERICA
United States
This website is nothing but a smear campaign. They are not a recognized breed club and most of us are praying to God they never are. They have been spamming our online community with these smear ads all over. Us good reputable breeders are tired of it! Stop your ranting, especially if you care about your breed at all. All you are doing is making a bad name for yourself and other breeders. The Pom community is fed up with your mean and useless rants. You do not behave this way if you are an ethical breeder. Please stay away from these people, God only knows who they will smear next.
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A  28th of Jan, 2013 by     Best Advice +6 Votes
Agreed, this Patricia Baran on facebook is posting this crap everywhere. Asking people to be weary of this person when the people we should watch out for are those that spam our websites with links like this! I am going to tell you now, no good breeder would do such things. Not to mention they have over posted this stuff everywhere. Between this Patricia and Pomsky Club of America it has gotten really annoying. I keep reporting it to facebook and deleting it from the facebook I admistrate but I have had it with these people. I went to click to write them letter by going to their site and their home page is full with this smear crap! That there says a lot about the PCA and their members.
A  28th of Jan, 2013 by    +2 Votes
Thank you Elga this spamming all over our webs on facebook needs to stop. This is just a bunch of childish people trying to save face while defacing another. They look so much worse than this woman at this point that they keep nagging about! Stop your spamming could not have said it better! Stay away from these childish breeders!
N  29th of Jan, 2013 by    -5 Votes
I am not a pomsky breeder or a pom breeder or a breeder of any kind. I was scammed by AZ Pomskies. I was the very first perso nto ever give her a deposit and never got a dog or my money back. I have all the emails & paperwork to prove this as with about 140 others. this is not a smear campaign but a way of letting the public know. I do rescues and have for over 12 years. I lvoe all dogs but I am against anyone taking advantage of people who are trusting. Yes there is a lawsuit against AZ Pomskies and yes it has been reported to the FBI to look into her dealings. She wanted me to sign a gag order to get my money back. No one should have to keep quiet about a horrible experience or person. There is no falsification here & I have all the paperwork to indeeed prove the allegations being made. Again I am not any kind of a breeder just someone who was taken by this Tabitha woman along with the many others that are coming forward. If anyone wants proof please let me know & I will supply it. But as for nto telling the public I will & I hope others will so no one loses money to her.
A  29th of Jan, 2013 by    +4 Votes
There is not 140 others we all know who we are and have seen the list. cheryl you are a liar. Again we have seen your posts and the letter that you were offered your money back. We all belong to the waiting list forum, that this breeder was ever so kind to create for us. Again people this is the same lady, she was offered her money back and asked to not slander NOT A GAG order. If this person was telling the truth they would have signed and taken their cash back, then talked all they wanted as it would not have been slander!

Now this Cheryl and PCA members are posting this stupid suit link everywhere, spamming everyone. Even going as far as contacting people off the page of AZ Pomskies facebook. They have some issues, some of us our talking about taking action against them for this alarming behavior. Stop your lies. PCA members are full of drama and lies!
A  29th of Jan, 2013 by    +3 Votes
I am very tired of them cropping these links and posts all over facebook. It appears someone can't take competition. Please look out for these Apex Pomskies people and their PCA they are just haters. Don't believe me or anyone else on here check out their home page or their facebook they have trashed it with this crap. I do not know this AZ Pomskies person but if she has celebs as they say, I think if they were unhappy they would go after her but since she is still standing I am gonna call the B.S Flag on this one. Not to mention Celebs are not dumb they do their homework before throwing cash at people. These people are just sad they can't keep up with the AZ Pomskies. Get a real job and cry else where. No one is ever going to take you serious once they check your website out and see you don't sell dogs, you spread trash by bashing people all over.
A  29th of Jan, 2013 by    0 Votes
Pomskies have not been sold that long ma'am to be 140 people in the hole. Dear God the crap and lies just keep going. I hope this person does well just to put you and the others who cannot behave like adults and keep your business matters and personal separate. If this person had scammed 140 people they would already be in big trouble. By the way look up class action suit and learn some dang law as you can now make a class action suit upon one person. Plus you and your fake 140 would have to have hard proof to hand over and I doubt you do because they do not exist. Learn the law and stop your whining. Apex Pomskies who founded PCA can't be more of a scammer than anyone else. They do not sell dogs, I have not see one sold yet only lies and hate posts from them people! Don't believe me check out their website. There is nothing but hate posts no dogs for sale. We are so sorry we ever liked their page on facebook the drama does not end with these people.
N  29th of Jan, 2013 by    0 Votes
Cheryl You are as troubled as this PCA people FBI, that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. It has to be reported to police this 100 plus times first. Then we would be able to look it up online under criminal records which I tried. I am a P.I and would gladly help if there was any truth but I looked this person up in our data base. As I said if there were truth I would help you but these are all lies your spilling and you should worry about this person suing you. As for these dang pomsky people as to why I came here in the first place stop trashing our site, we show our dogs and we will did not take you seriously to begin with but after you large amount of spam you are a joke in our community!
N  31st of Jan, 2013 by    -1 Votes
I have all my paperwork & emails from tabetha. I have no reason to lie. As for the list of names with the exact number i got that from her past partners all of them. Look all I careabout is that I didnt get a dog or my money & I can prove all that. Husky love or petemoss you are welcome to contact me .the paper work from tabetha It stated and I quote " no slanderous or negative comments are permitted by either party including but not restricted to verbal, written, social networking, and.or any public means of communication" That is a gag order PETEMOSS. Because Tabetha showed you it must be true right. Well it was also supposed to be from her lawyer & her x partner helped her type it up. It also states "seller will make three attempts to fulfill the buyers pomskie order after 8/13/12 if I forfeited my deposit "& she made no attempts. Do not speak of what you do not know. She will not give me her lawyers name or address for the legal paperwork to go to & I asked in several emails.So now it will go to her to take to them. Want to see them also Petemoss. Do not speak of what you only have half astory on cause now you are slandering me and I can sue you also. Let it go. This is between tabetha me & our lawyers. So you can slander me but I cant speak of what I have proof of. Email me I will send you all the papers & show proof. Lets get the whole truth out there. I do animal rescues have for 12 yrs. I liked the pomsky & still do & if tabetha is doing right now then i am glad . All I can give you is the FBI link that we were told to use to file a complaint against her.They said once the complaints were received as an internet scam they would review it. Whether any one else has utelized it I can not tell you. Am I sueing yes I am. I was suppoed to get a dog & didnt. Not sure what tabetha showed you but I can not be ordered to sign a gag order to get my money. Look I havent even been on FB in a week other than for 2 hrs on I believe it was sunday. I was not allowed to post until tomorrow for not saying nice things about AZ Pomskies. Look at my wall you will see that. So if you are all still getting mail or spam or email it is not from me. I am so over all this. I dont understand how I am the horrible person for wanting my money back. I am entitled to that. As for her x partners perhaps they have issues with her I do not know about but I am not affiliated with them. If you feel you need to sue me for speaking the truth about my experience then go ahead. contact me I will give you my info & my lawyers. Would it really have been so hard for her to honor our contract or just refund my deposit? If it happened to any of you, you would be pissed to
D  18th of Jul, 2013 by    -2 Votes
Interesting that all the negative comments about the PCA are from accounts created within 2 days of each other. Clearly the person they are speaking out against has way too much time on her hands and is making all these fake identities. If you have something to say speak up and say it under your own name. There is no reason all these random people would care about this. Anyone who cannot see through this charade deserves to be scammed by her.
A  18th of Jul, 2013 by    0 Votes
ugh no sorry this got so many hits because they posted crap everywhere and that is what happens people get curious and research. all of these people breed mutts anyways and are paying for dogs they can find in shelters! plus purebred breeders are upset at anyone who would ruin these two beautiful breeds.
N  19th of Jul, 2013 by    0 Votes
When you comment on this if their looking at dog or breeders this goes to the top of the active posts. I suggest if this is you anon and it appears this is about you by reading your comment, you let it go. People will only notice this when it is active.
N  17th of Sep, 2013 by    +1 Votes
They have way more dogs than they should. The PCA says on their website how many dogs of breeding age they should have, their own rules mind you and yet the one breeder apex lists on her own site how many she really has. All you need to do is thumb through her comments and see she has way too many dogs and broke her own rules. We talked to them about breeding and joining the PCA but after much conversation and realization they can't keep their own rules. Someone explain to me how you have a breed club when the breed is not set in stone Nor considered a real breed yet. It sounds like everyone involved in this mess are immature children and I mean everyone! Also unethical and clueless people who when we asked by the way to visit their facility said no, so you can't see their kennel or the dog from PCA breeder either! Red Flag!
N  8th of Oct, 2013 by    +2 Votes
People who breed this breed are just looking for money. I also read apparently by their own mouth on their facebook page they rehome and have rehomed many huskies! they state they didn't have the right personality are you kidding me, rehome dogs left and right! No dog deserves that, I hope this pomsky breed go's away. their statement alone about rehoming all the dogs states what kind of person they are and how their dogs are just money machines. awful! Please buy from purebred breeder with years of health certifications to back their breed or rescue the dogs this awful lady has sent away!
N  10th of Oct, 2013 by    0 Votes
Truth is I don't agree with this breed either but this is kind of mean. No one would want to be treated this way. I mean I won't go into details but this lady even has all the Pomeranian breeders bashing her. There talking about how they hope their dogs die and so on. We need to just let this die are unkind words are not going to fix what we don't like. There is even a radical lady on the one forum talking about how she tricked this lady into buying a sterile dog, this is pure madness! Let's just leave everyone alone, I think they get it purebred people don't like them.
A  21st of Oct, 2013 by    0 Votes
Pomsky Club of America HAHA (there is no breed, so this club itself is ridiculous, it's a bad hybrid ) should be ashamed of themselves for spewing with God's nature!!! Part of the quick buck pomsky abomination.
N  21st of Oct, 2013 by    0 Votes
Why is everything repeating itself! Glitch!
This lady claims to have vets backing her up but I am waiting for references for them will update if this ever happens but we all know it won't. This is a money hungry woman taking advantage of good people. I hope they never come to Australia. Please check out her facebook we've all had a good time catching her lose track of what she said yesterday! I have this many dogs but I am giving this one away but I have this female and this female that is due soon, we can all add lady with that and all the dogs you have had that's more than your supposed four! She apparently thinks we are idiots too
N  21st of Oct, 2013 by    0 Votes
Proof is in the pudding friends of ours is cutting out our personal information to a screen shot as we don't have the ability to do that on our old computer. We have a screen shot will be sharing from two different kennels associated with the Pomsky Club of America stating they have certain prices as that is the clause because they are in the club. That is called price fixing and is against the law! Please stand by my friend from our forum will be posting this tomorrow he said. This way everyone can see this is all about the money!


This explains it a little bit, the link above but don't just read ask a lawyer and seek legal advice it is illegal to price fix.
A  24th of Oct, 2013 by    0 Votes
This is copy and pasted from Lakeshore Pomskies one of the two breeders to post the price fixing. The direct screen shot is coming soon. Until then though you can read below and check it out yourself.

Tammy Lynn Usackposted toLakeshore Pomskies

October 14 near Proctor, MN via mobile.

Do you have a web page ? Just looking at trying to find a breeder in mn if possible... I live in Duluth ... How much do you sell your pomskies for?

Lakeshore Pomskies We don't have a website yet. We are just starting out with this and are working with the Pomsky Club of America to be registered breeders. Since we will be registered with the club we will be selling our pups for the same pricing as the other breeders, roughly $1800 to $2800 depending on the puppy. We are in Iowa about 5 hours from Duluth. I love Duluth, we used to go there every summer when I was younger. My husband and I are taking the kids to Duluth and Grand Marais in June. We are hopping to have a litter of Pomskies from Myah late this winter or early spring. We are actually in the process of talking to a husky Breeder, that shows her dogs also, about getting a female from her that is an adult and would be ready to breed this fall. Hopes this helps. I will be keeping everyone updated on here on our possible new addition and when we will be doing the breedings.

October 14 at 5:03pm
D  24th of Feb, 2014 by    0 Votes
I think all you stupid "pomsky" breeders are scammers! $3500 for a MUTT is the most idiotic price for a dog that isn't full bred! All because you say there "hybrid or designer" dogs doesn't mean you should be able to price your MUTTs for more then $150 no matter if the parents were full breds because mutts are dogs that arnt full bred not just dogs that have more then two different types of breeds in them! So all you guys are scammers and should get your dogs taken away cause your no better then the horrible puppy mills that over price mutts! And FYI your extremely stupid because it's cheaper to just get a female husky and male Pomeranian that are full bred don't even cost that much! So don't try to make it seem like "pomskies" are rare cause it's easier and cheaper to buy and breed full bred huskies and Pomeranians to get your own pomsky puppy then buy from ### hole frauds like you!
A  23rd of Mar, 2014 by    0 Votes
The people who run this ### hole just buy and sale. They own way too many dogs. Once a dog delivers they get rid of it.just like it was nothing.these dogs are nothing but dollar signs to these people all you have o do is watch their Facebook page to see it.

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