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Pomeranian puppy / genetic defects

North Platte, NE, United States Review updated:
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I purchased a pom puppy from Cheryl & Carrie Boettger. I was told the puppy was 12 wks od when she was 8wks; told she weighed 15oz the evening before she was shipped. Paperwork that came attached to the crate is not accurate. No well check up paperwork attached. My vet weighed her in at 1lb 40z the day after she arrived. She was a very picky eater. She also is not the dog I purchased. The worst of all this is she is sick. She had an echo done and she has pulmonary stenosis. I can either have an angioplasty done, if not she will be short of breath, fainting spells and eventually sudden death. The only option from the "breeder" (who know says she is not the breeder) is that she will send me another dog and keep this one. Like I can trust that the next will be healthy. She will not give me my money back nor help with the vet bills. I have reported her to the Nebraska Attorney General and my credit card company. I will take legal action if need be. For now, my little Martini is doing well.


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  23rd of Oct, 2008
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I purchased 2 Poms from this breeder. I viewed the facility. Her Poms are beautiful and well cared for. I am sorry your puppy had a possible genetic problem. If you have the same warranty I have, which is 2 years...it is very clear that the puppy can be returned and a replacement pup. I am a long time breed of national champion horses, and no matter how good my bloodlines and genetics are...on a rare occasion, I have had a foal with a defect not normally seen in my bloodlines.

As an attorney, I can inform you that most breeders have contracts that spell out clearly that the dog can be returned, no vet bills will be paid, and the recouse is a new puppy. I can assure you that if you are concerned about the health of this puppy and it is covered by the warranty, tha you can and will get a healthly pup.

Sorta confused as to how you speak so fondly of your puppy. You seem to really like the puppy. So it appears that you got a very nice puppy but might have a defect that can most likely be wored out, but you chose to complain, when the contract is very clear.

  14th of Jan, 2009
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I sold the puppy in the above complaint!! Not sure what is wrong with the little girl. I do know my vet did a complete wellness check right before shipping and she didn't find anything wrong with her. My vet has even gone as far as to talk to the lady's vet on the phone. Both her vet and mine agreed togive the heart defect time!! My vet doesn't know how she missed the defect!! My puppies are all covered with a 2 year genetic health guarantee so there is no hurry!! The vet that has spoken to mine didn't act like anymore test where needed at this time.

I am sorry if the puppy does have health issues. I would never have sold the puppy to her if that was the case. I agreed to take the puppy back and send her a new puppy of equal value. I even went as far as to say I would have a different vet to the vet check on the new puppy if she was concerned on that. She told me the puppy couldn't be shipped because of her heart. I have family that lives close that was driving to visit my Dad. They agreed to pick up the puppy and bring her back and then I would shipped the new puppy. That didn't make her happy either. She wouldn't have any part in that.

As for the age that was a misunderstand and I am sorry!! My bestfriend was sick at the time dying of cancer and I could have said 12 weeks. If so I again am sorry. But don' t remember that at all.

As for the size I was not at home when she asked about the size again I don't remember telling her a size. I wasn't around the paperwork when we talked that night prior to shipping. So there is no way I would have had the weight with me. But still she was small and is still tiny!! But another situation where she is saying something I really don't believe I said.

I always talked to her. I answered all her emails. I have said again and again I was sorry and felt bad!! But there was no option that would work!!

Please I do have references that will back me on the quality of my puppies.

If anyone has any questions about this complaint or my babies please feel free to email.

  17th of Mar, 2009
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I do love my baby. I would NEVER have a tiny, 9 wk old puppy shipped for the distance of Nebraska to Buffalo New York again. This puppy could have died as she did not eat or drink the whole way. That hamburger and rice were 12 hrs. old an untouched. She didn't even eat dogfood when I received her (as I was told). The issues are, THE WRONG DOG was sent, the births and weights are not publicized and I have a dog with pulmonary stenosis. It is most probable that I will find my baby dead within 2 or 3 yrs! This IS a serious heart condition. It is not just an average murmur. There is more to what the seller explains. She out of the blue remembered she had family visiting near my area. I did say they could pick up the dog (she can not travel via plane) but they needed to have a cashier's check or moneyorder for the cost of the dog and vet bills or I would keep the dog and would eat the shipping as I would have paid that anyway had I purchased the dog. The seller said she would resell my dog then send me another puppy. I will in no way accept another dog from this woman. My vet also advised me not to accept the 2nd dog this woman offered as I could have another sick animal on my hands. BEWARE ask for more pics and make sure they are current pictures. Get ages and weights in writing. If you can not do business because you are distracted, then you shouldn't be selling live animals. I did not see a guarantee until after I received my dog. Insist on a well check up report before you pay, as I never received one.
  23rd of Mar, 2009
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I purchased a Pom from her to only have our puppy come to me very sick. Shs also said she would be 3.5 lb and our pup isn't even an adult and is over 6.5 lbs! I love my pup but I feel like Cheryl shouldn't be telling people her pups are healthy and small... obviously neither are true since this is one of several complaints I've heard.
  30th of Mar, 2009
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I bought a puppy from this "breeder/sales person", "micro triple black coat, extreme baby doll face". The dog is now 4 months old. I would think they would call to see how and if the pup made it...nada. He is very healthy, but I am sure it's not the same dog in the pic. I obviously paid on the high side for him to be a tiny, black purse dog. He is now 12lbs. and growing and turning grey. I blame myself for not checking the breeder out and buying online...
  14th of Apr, 2009
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I too purchased a pomeranian from this breeder and am EXTREMELY disappointed! She didn't answer hardly any of my questions when I told her that I had never had a dog before. The puppy came to me S-I-C-K, but she said since her "vet" checked her out and gave an ok, IM S-O-L. My puppy DIED 4 days later!! I am in the process of taking legal action. DO NOT BUY A DOG FROM THIS FRAUDULENT BREEDER!! She is a broker for a puppy mill! I can't believe it!
  15th of Apr, 2009
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The issue, Michelle is that I don't trust her to get another dog. You are a lawyer, surely you should praise me for not being a fool. It doesn't matter that you say you purchased 2 of her dogs and they are fine. I am not making any of this up. She did NOT send me the dog I purchased, I would never spend $1, 000 plus $224 for shipping for a dog without papers that don't mean anything, and I surely don't know how her vet missed the moderately severe fluxating patellas and the moderate to severe pulmonary stenosis. Yes, the age and weight did matter as that would be a consideration on her adult size. I am not a breeder and that is obvious to me. If I wanted an average color pom, I could have gotten one in my area. I bought this dog solely for size and color. It was advertised as a wolf sable. Cheryl never said the dog was not grey as the pic showed.
  22nd of Apr, 2009
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First Mammaluv, sinatra why don't you call or email me. It is funny you hide behind a screen name!!! Somatra a 4 month old puppy that weighs 12 pounds I would love to see the proof from a vet and pictures. If that is the case I will be more then willing to replace him for you and you pay the shipping. So email me. It is funny you don't email or call me with the problem. At this point I don't know who you are and if you even have a puppy of mine. Give us a call. I am more then willing to make it right.

Mammaluv also why don't you call. Why do you post and not even call to say you have a problem is that right!!! I also have no idea and feel it is very unfair you post and have no proof to back what you are saying.

CSC I know you!!! First did you not bury the puppy before we even knew she was gone!!! Your vet won't even back you that the puppy died. They told my vet that they hadn't seen the puppy since the first day. They had told you to bring her in for follow up nothing. So as far as everyone is concerned your puppy is still alive there is no proof to back what you are saying. I told you I would replace her even if it wasn't my fault I felt sorry for you but then you bury it!! Then the airlines they will back me you tried to get money from them claiming they dropped the puppy and did brain damage. When they told you that you couldn't get money from them without proof you go after me funny!!! Take me to court !!! I have spoken to the people that took care of the puppy in the layover in Houston and your airport they said the puppy was fine. Then to say we didn't answer your questions!!! That is plain crazy we are the ones that called and checked on her. I told you if you posted I would get you for slander your post is a lie. I bet you didn't tell your husband you where getting one and know what toget the money back from me so you don't have to pay.
  22nd of Apr, 2009
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I posted that before you said not to post anything... check the dates. If anyone wants a reference, contact me and I'll tell you the real story- not the ficticious lie that these girls are posting about. As for you, girls I gave the stiuation to God, so you are no longer my problem, you're His to deal with because He takes care of things much better than I ever could. Anyway, they're sweet women, y'all- can't you tell by their response?

Be blessed, everyone! Do you're research before buying a puppy as I learned the hard way and I pray you're dogs are healthy and happy all the days of their lives :)
  22nd of Apr, 2009
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To the lady with Martini. I have read several of your posts all over the internet and must question why would you buy a dog in June 2008 and wait several months to make such a debate about it. You claim you have taken legal action, if so your lawyer would be advising you to keep fingers from typing as it can acutally be detramental to your own case.

I have two beautifully healthy and loving Poms purchased from Cheryl. Both are AKC registered, both are happy, healthy and the BEST dogs I've ever owned. See I have 4 Poms total (Sinatra, Bishop, Davis and BaCall). Sinatra and Bishop were bought from a local breeder. Both have luxating patellas, tear duct abnormalities, and my 'micro' pom named Bishop had a HUGE open fontanal. When I went to my vet of 3years he advised he was defective (keep in mind this is NOT a dog from Cheryl but a dog from a local BREEDER in FLORIDA, but I won't list her name cause I'm not here to bash her) and that with the open fontanal he could have seizers, learning disabilities and could eventually die. I decided as a smart consumer to get a 2nd opinion from an unbiased doctor who I was referred to by a neighbor. The 2nd vet confirmed he did have an open fontanal but he'd likely live a normal happy life. With the fontonal there is always the risk because his brain is exposed to BFT (blunt force trama) even playing with the other dogs. Oh and my oldest, Sinatra he has agression issues (food, toys, leash, and dogs who are not part of my pack). He's now on meds to calm him down!

Now Cheryls dogs are 100% healthy compared to my issues with my 1st two dogs; however, even with runny eyes, luxating patellas and a HUGE open fontanal all my dogs are amazing...they are great. Just think when you had your daughter did you ask the doctor if she had anything wrong with her, if she did would you want a refund from your husband. I know this is extreme but you are being extreme. Yes you claim the dog has a heart murmer and your OWN vet diagnosed it at a level II then you ran to an ER at NOON on a Thursday and a totally different vet said it was a IV Murmer. Who is right your own vet at the Small Derby Clinic or the ER. Did you include your personal vet in your 'legal action' since he too mis diagnosed your Martini?

On initial reading your post seemed to have merit but as I wrote things down things began to make less and less sense. Do I think Martini has a murmer maybe so, too bad you can't post legitimate vet records for everybody to see, then we'd know the truth? Besides did you really research the breed before buying? A wolf sable is just that a sable with gray colorings. The sables simply mean there is some black in the fur which around 4 - 8 months can change to solid orange, red, etc. There are no guarantees when you buy a dog. Somebody said they bought a black one from Cheryl and now it has gray. My Davis is solid black but he has gray around his mouth. I previously raised two Schiperkees and at 6 months both of them started graying - it's a known trait with black dogs. My tri colored Pom from Cheryl has freckles shoudl I return her because they didn't say she had freckles?
Oh lets talk about that contract. That's your fault for not properly researching. When you decided to spend X amount on your Martini you should have asked if there was a guaranttee, If you received a 'yes' on the phone then as an adult willing to spend X on a dog you should have asked for a copy to be faxed or emailed to you. When I bought my dogs from Cheryl I asked if I could see a copy and she told me to look at her website but she also emailed me a copy of it. Yeah, I was smart and asked what it covered so I knew my recourse if there was a problem. You had a dog shipped to you from Nebraska that was 1 lb 4 oz, this is done ALL the time and it's safe to do. Your dog didn't eat, neither did mine when they came - it's called STRESS. My two poms from the local breeder didn't eat either and they didn't have but a 20 minute car ride. Even better my local poms had the runs and 1 had worms who had been given worm shots and a clean bill of health from a local 'clinic' used by the breeder.

I guess what I'm trying to say is you failed to educate yourself before buying and that's your own fault not the fault of Cheryl and Carrie. You love your Martinis so move on and focus your attention on educating yourself with ways to CURE her disease. I would be careful posting all these comments about Cheryl and Carrie as it is a form of defamation and can have legal consequences. If you truly do have a legal action remember she can use everything you say on all these complaint boards against you. If your case has TRUE 100% merit then maybe there is not an issue, but if there is any false information that you are posting all over the internet then 'buyer beware' because then you have something to worry about other than Martini's 'health conditions.'
  22nd of Apr, 2009
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I just had to post saying that Cheryl agreed to give me another puppy. It is out of humility and I believe that she is trying to make things right, so just had to throw that our there :) Thanks girls~
  23rd of Apr, 2009
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I agreed to a replacement puppy that was never the issue. I agreed to a replacement even she keep the puppy she had and I send another one. She wanted me to pay vet bills that I never okayed. After her normal vet and my vet talked they told her to take the puppy back at 6 months and check to see what was happening with her heart. They where hoping it would get better. Her normal vet is the one that said is was a grade 2 and my vet didn't find a murmur after looking at her twice. They felt she should set back relax and see what happened after all she was covered with my 2 year genetic health guarantee. Then another vet was supposely brought in. I to this day haven't spoken to him/or her. My vet hasn't either. I just know she wanted over $1000 worth of vet bills and wanted money back on the puppy. At one time she wanted the full amount for the puppy and those horrible vet bills then I believe it was 1/2 the purchase price and the vet bills. The thing here is her vet and my vet had told her to wait!! I never once agreed to pay any vet bills let alone vet bills I didn't know where occuring.

To be honest I don't think I could ever make her happy. She is just that kind of person. I have emails where we where getting along fine and then she would start up on something.

So I hope this explains the whole transaction with Tracee. I do believe her baby has some degree of a heart murmur how much or severe that I don't know. I am also sorry my vet missed it. When I shipped her I was told she was 100 percent. There was no reason for me to believe different. That is why it is so hard for me to understand why she is so mad at me. My vet she still has trouble believing she did. miss it.. The other ladies one is Mammaluv. I have no idea who she is. If she has even bought a puppy from me. I have asked her to contact me by email and hasn't. She can call also. The Sinatra I also have no idea. But the claim of a 12 pound puppy at 4 months is hard to believe. Also again give me a call or email me. I don't ignore calls. Carrie or myself will be more then happy to talk to you.
  25th of Apr, 2009
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Good for you ratpack. You happened to get ok dogs. Bottom line, my previous vet did not sell me the defective dog, Cheryl did. I don't care what you think. This isn't as petty as a freckle showing up years after receiving her. I did not get the dog I purchased from the pic and she is sick to boot. Cheryl did not give me numerous options, just one, a replacement dog or keep this one and she will send another. Hello, that is 2 options. I wonder what breed she will be selling next or what name she will go under. I don't have to worry about slander as long as I am truthful.
  25th of Apr, 2009
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Cheryl, I really don't think you earned the right to mention god in your post. Did you ever think he sent ME to stop you. I am sure he has a plan for you.
  25th of Apr, 2009
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Trasee - You are correct I did get wonderful dogs and I'm grateful for that, but hey I also have two 'defective' dogs from a prior breeder. It is not my place to slander somebody on the internet because of poor breeding or poor genes. Its up to consumers. Listing the facts one thing, not providing ALL the information is another. I never said your VET sold you the dog, what I said was YOUR own personal vet from Derby Small Clinic diagnosed Martini with a grade II murmer but then when you took him to an ER doctor they diagnosed him with a IV grade murmer. My point was merely your OWN vet made a mistake. So if your own personal vet made an error do you NOT think it's possible for Cheryl/Carrie'svet to have not noticed the murmer? Perhaps as a pup prior to shipping it was not detectable? I am not a vet nor will I claim to be one, my point was two vets you saw diagnosed differently. Ironically I have an email to Carrie/Cheryl dated 7/22 and it was titled Wolf Sable. I wish I still had the photo but the attachment will not pull up. I had wanted him but I believe it was you that had either just bought him or were in discussions with Cheryl/Carrie to buy him. I wonder if I had bought him and he had been diagnosed with a murmer if I'd be as upset as you. I feel based on the contract they gave you fair options you argue you didn't get the contract till the dog was shipped - simply said you should have asked for a copy and read it before giving any money. And you don't talk about Martini now, yes he is sick and sadly in time he will pass or you will have to put him down; however, aside from the stress and anxiety you are causing yourself HOW IS THE DOG. Is he happy is he living a normal life? Has he brought you and your daughter happiness? And keep in mind they offered you a replacement. You had TWO choices, ship him back for a replacement or keep Martini and get another one free of charge. I'm sorry but as an animal lover I would have opted for #2. I know you're concern was shipping the dog back but if you were unattached emotionally (as you sometimes make it sound) then your problems would have been solved; however, I firmly believe you fell in love with this dog problems and all - the same way we do when we have children who are born sick or we discover at 60 our parents are dying of cancer. Please like I said before focus your energy in talking with others who have dogs with murmers perhaps YOUR CALLING is trying to find a cure. If Carrie/Cheryl sell 25 puppies a year (I don't know how many they sell) and only 10% have problems that's only 2 - 3 people...that's a low percentage. I'm sure you are just one of the unfortunate ones who received a dog with a 'condition' that's not curable, but there are ways to allow yourself some happiness. Do you NOT think the dog feels your negative energy from a pack leader? I'm sure he does and do you not think that stress and anxiety causes him stress and anxiety. I've owned 7 dogs in my life and currently have 4 dogs, 1 cat and two parrots - I have to be very stable or my animals would stress with me causing me more anxiety. Take a step back, relax and realize some of the blame is on YOU as the consumer who didn't read or ask for a contract before exchanging money. You were given choices non of which you feel are adequate. And what if Cheryl/Carrie offered you all or some of the vet bills it would still not be good enough. The contract does not state they will pay for vet bills. I am not trying to be rude just logical as I'm unemotional about this situation unlike yourself and Carrie/Cheryl.
  25th of Apr, 2009
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I wanted to post adn say that my problem with the girls has been totally resolved! They sent me another puppy, who is a precious little sweetheart! I got him off the plane yesterday and already we had him at the park running around and playing! we also trained him on some commands already! Thanks for resolving the issue ladies. You didn't even have proof of the death of my puppy, yet you went out of your way and sent another little angel at your own cost. I am grateful!
  25th of Apr, 2009
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CSC - hello. I would love to see your little one grow up. My Davis and BaCall have been so much fun over the past almost 2 years (Davis will be 2 in May and Bacall turned 1 in December). I hope one day I can convince my husband to let me get a 5th. I say 4 was my limit but there is just something about Poms and the Poms that Cheryl and Carrie raise truly have the BEST dispostiions. I have several ladies I work with who purchased poms from breeders in Georgia, Florida and California. All are AKC registered but are truly not up to ACK standards. Cheryl and Carries Poms turn out so beautiful as they grow up, wish I could post a picture of my babies on here just to prove this point. But I'm so happy you got a healthy baby and I'm sorry you had issues with the other puppy. Best of luckwtih your new edition.
  3rd of May, 2009
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My 1st vet found a problem. The echo from the emergency vet showed 5 out of 6. Martini was just in for a well check up and is 5.5 lbs and the diagnosis will not change. It won't get better. In fact, my vet said just make her happy. She won't have long. It is hard for me to deal with that. I could find her anytime. Do you have any idea what that's like. Of course it is not like a child you gave birth to with birth defects. That's not a choice. This woman chose to send me a sick dog. Still haven't seen that "well check up" the day before she was shipped. My baby does not feel stress from me. She doesn't know she isn't the one that I bought. Of course we love her, we have had her for almost 10 months. By Cheryl's own admission on a post, she had sold hundreds in 2006 so I am sure it's more like a thousand by now. The point that there are any sick puppies shipped by Cheryl is too many. If these dogs are checked out by a vet, these things should be found and Cheryl should let the buyer know. Is anybody hearing it is severe. I will find her dead. Cheryl said she would resell her. Glad you are happy CSC. If you wanted another puppy from this woman I wish you all the luck, although I don't think she would send you another sick dog. The breeder on my apri is Sally Hosier. She is not USDA registered. There was another name that I found but have not seen proof so I will not post until I am sure. Anybody who is considering buying a pup from Cheryl, just please read all the postings you find. Check CB Kennels and My Precious Poms. Just be informed as I was not. I would not have purchased a pup from her had I read the postings first.
  10th of May, 2009
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I took both BaCall in and Davis this Friday for their annual checkups. They received a FULL checkup to include a CBC, Fecal test (not just a float), checked patellas, ears, eyes, neurological, and they came out with a 100% clean bill of health. Both Davis and Bacall are from different parents, and when I purchased both I asked for photos of the sire and ### ... Chery/Carrie provided me photos and believe it or not there are many similarities in Davis in his parents as well as BaCalls.

Trase I'm sorry this happened to you but people DO make mistakes. Yes, even doctors, highly trained doctors make mistakes. I had to rush one of my poms to the ER a few nights ago because he became suddenly lathergic, had a 105.1 temp (I took it) and called the vet. He said to rush him immediately due to his size (he's just 7 lbs) and his temp at 105.1. We got him there and after several blood samples, a urinalysis, and a toxicology test...he checked out perfect. 3 hours later his temp was down to 102.7 and he was his happy self. The doctor did not know WHAT could have happened, and this is a man with over 35 years experience. This is the same doctor who I was seeing when I bought this dog and I was told to give him back because he had an open fontanal, luxtating patellas, and leaking eyes. I CHOOSE to keep the dog, because I was afraid what would happen to him if I returned him to the breeder I didn't know if she tried to resell him if he would be given a good home, who would be careful which his open fontanal (this is where the skull does not close all the way and they can have seizures and other neurological problems). I guess what I'm trying to say as pet owners we have no guarantee when we buy a dog other than it has 4 legs, can see and hear. Some of the congenital defects are natural to specific breeds. For example do you know Poms can have collapsing treacheas? Yeah scary cause they can die from this, but sometimes is does not present itself until the dog is older in life. So back to my point...we buy pets hoping they are healthy, but we also assume the responsiblity when we get them. You WERE given choices all of which you refused.

I will now digress as like a candle it will flicker and eventually go out...I'm sure as sad as this sounds if/when your lil Martini passes away you will be back here posting because your emotional loss will be more than one can bare. Just know that I TOO live with a dog who could die, that being Bishop. I didn't ever come to this board to bash the breeder, there are ALWAYS two sides to the story. If people see your posts they can give the perception of being hasty and that is something to question.

Best of luck with your Martini, enjoy the time you have with her, and as I said before educate yourself on the illness, and help others or seek help from those who have dogs with the same condition. Instead of hunting the internet to find out who is and who is not USDA registered put your time and energy into finding a cure and helping others. Martini would not want you wasting energy on a battle you have no control over, but he/she would rather know his/her owner is using her time wisely in finding or helping to cure the condition.
  28th of Jul, 2009
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To whom it may concern

I was shopping online for a replacement Pomeranian for the adult 2lb Service Dog I had just lost. I found this puppy for sale, all over the Internet, that seemed to fit my needs. The advertisements pointed to this
Web site = http://www.mypreciouspoms.cityax.com

Owned by
Cheryl Boettger aka Carrie Herbst
821 South Dewey
North Platte, Nebraska 69101
Phone = 308-534-1800
e-mail = ngtsgirl2005@yahoo.com

DBA “My Precious Poms” - aka - “CB Kenals”

The puppy she advertised for sale was described as:
Three-month-old Male Pomeranian, AKC, 8 ounces, very rare cream color, with a "baby doll face", and that he was healthy. Pictures of a puppy were also supplied. (I have copies of that advertisement) I told Carrie Herbst that I had recently lost a 2lb adult male Pomeranian who was my service dog and that I could not have a larger one dog because I have to hold him in my arms for him to perform his service to me. I have a doctor’s Prescription stating I display “positive results” from the service my dog can provide. Cheryl Boettger aka Carrie Herbst claimed that the puppy had been to her Veterinarian recently. She assured me that he was 8 oz. and 3 months old and healthy. (I have the e-mails) I decided to buy the puppy described in the ad. I contacted her and sealed the deal with a deposit of $450 using my credit card. (I have the card’s bill) I arranged transportation, cost of $100, and paid the balance of $1050 on “Pay Pal” as the records will reflect. After spending a total of over $1600 the puppy arrived at my home on July 13, 2009 looking nothing like the puppy I bought, he was the wrong color, size, weight, and features. The puppy was over two pounds and very ill with diarrhea and vomiting.

The minute I received him, I tried phoning her to ask, "What happened”, there was “obviously a mistake” had her employee sent the wrong dog in her absence? She did not answer. I sent her a “text message” asking the very same thing. I have the message and response where She stated that she would "take care of everything" as soon as she was able. She claimed that she was at the hospital with her father who had just had a heart attack that same day. I gave her the time and space to tend to her father and wished her well. I waited for her to contact me so we could work out the return of this misrepresented and totally inappropriate puppy. After several days she had made no attempt at contact. I finally called her to express my continued extreme dissatisfaction with the puppy. I tried to return the dog to the seller at my expense within those first few days, but she refused to accept delivery of the puppy. She did however say that she would resell the puppy and return the proceeds from the sale to me.

She lives in the adjoining state of Nebraska 450 miles away from my home in Rifle CO. It was very difficult to work out return transportation, as it is a 6 – 8 hour drive. Attempts at contact since then have produced little or no response & NO satisfaction. I went to her Web Site to see if she was reselling the puppy. I discovered the same advertisement for this puppy but now the price is only $500! The likely adult size and other claimed attributes of the advertised puppy are what made him so expensive. The ACTUAL puppy she is selling will be over three pounds at the time of sale and he has none of the other claimed attributes, he might be worth $300.

I feel that I am qualified to make these assessments because I have bought, raised, bred, and sold Pomeranians for many years. While it is true that the exact weight when full grown cannot be exactly predicted, the 3-month weight of any Pomeranian can be easily determined by anyone with scales. She claimed this puppy weighed 8 ounces at the time of the sale. Clearly this is a fabrication! It would be impossible for a qualified breeder to make such a mistake about the weight their puppies and even more difficult to believe that this person also “accidentally” got the color wrong as well as all of the other attributes quoted.

This person is a criminal. She has victimized many other people in the same way. There is a long history of similar complaints on the Internet. How will I ever recover my money?

I respectfully request your assistance prosecuting and or persecuting Cheryl Boettger aka Carrie Herbst for the fraud perpetrated on me, the one she is advertising now, and perhaps even prevent other future crimes she would attempt.

Thank You

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