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We purchased a barcode scanner.
After it was found that the scanner did not work with our software we tried to return it.
Even though the website says returns are allowed and we are willing to pay a restocking fee they are refusing our package.

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  • It
      Aug 30, 2012

    I have purchased 3 cash drawers from Point Of Sale Warehouse, the guy I usually deal with is Mike. The drawers were that they had sent to me were wrong, so, Mike agreed to take them back and issue a credit for those drawers. I had shipped those cash drawers back to Point Of Sale Warehouse. in November / December of 2011. And I still did not get a credit for them... I kept calling them Mike would promise to take care of it, but it never happened. I think it is not a reliable or honest company and I would advise people not to do business with them. There are plenty of other companies which carry the same products and have a better customer service. Consumers have rights and my rights as a customer have not been honored by these people in this company.
    Shop elsewhere.Thanks for reading this.

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  • Lj
      Oct 02, 2012

    Personnel is rude (the girl is such a ### she could work for the TSA). I also spoke with Mike. He's not rude, but zealous. I tried to pay with credit card from the US and he had this weird attitude as if I was ordering prohibited substances or something weird! Come on, man, you sell printers, you are not James Bond! I bought from them because price is cheap, but really, I am not sure it is worth it! I filed a complaint against them for MC because they were requiring way much corroborative ID info than what is normally reasonable or even allowed by the Merchant Agreement or privacy laws. They thought I was calling from something like Nigeria! They could have looked it up and seen that I am calling from a legit phone in a legit place in Canada. As a libertarian, I really hate their "prove me you're clean" attitude. I understand if I was applying to the RCMP's Top Secret clearance, but, come on, I am just buying a freakin' printer!

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  • Qs
      May 06, 2013

    Thanks for your comments. I own an electronic store in Queens NY and my friend who owns a hair salon on Astoria Blvd recommended POS Warehouse but after these comments, I will shop somewhere else.
    QSpy Inc

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  • On
      Feb 26, 2014

    I was mislead by mike apparent owner of this company. Told me it was a great system to use as a pos. He seemed nice on the phone... buyer beware! I brought items back after just over a week unopened. He said no I cannot return it although prior to this he said it was returnable. Before this At the warehouse they shorted me a box I was about to pull away and last minute decided to check than counted and realized I was shorted. Big fuss finally got it and left. Addresses and phone numbers do not add up. Address posted is different than on the site. Mike is what he calls himself. Iam not sure that is even his real name. He is never there seems like its some sort of scam.

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  • Ha
      Apr 01, 2014

    Worst customer service ever. Never have I been spoken to in such a manner as this supposed professional company.

    Product was fine but this company needs some training on how to deal with customers. Will go out of my way to discourage anyone going through the frustration and insulting manner in which these people conduct themselves.

    Save yourself the displeasure and shop elsewhere.

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  • Iv
      Jun 10, 2014

    I bought several receipt printers, cash drawers and barcode scanner from Mike in December or 2013. One of the Receipt printers came with a serial interface although I ordered it with a USB interface. I've called him about 10 times and every time he says I should have it by Thursday. I have to pay for it, but I'm ok with that just as long as I get one.
    Well it's been over 6 months now, June 2014, and I still don't have it. If I call him again he'll just say I should have it by Thursday again which he's been saying for 6 months.
    I am not purchasing another thing from him. This is the worst customer service I have ever seen.
    He doesn't stock the items he sells, he just collects the money and has them drop shipped from the suppliers, that's why he won't accept returns.

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  • Md
      Jul 02, 2014

    The customer service with this company is horrible! They sent us the wrong products, scanners that we urgently needed. Then Mike said he would rush the right scanners but we didn't get them until a week later. He charged us for both shipments. I sent back the wrong ones. Mike promised to pay for the shipping cost for THEIR mistake. Not only did he not pay for the shipping but he credited us for the RIGHT scanners in the CHEAPER amount.. Not once did he apologize and was constantly rude. Even when I sent an e-mail just now to complain, he replied with "we are closing your account as per your request", from his IPAD. This is the only e-mail he ever replied to and he only replied out of spite. Terrible experience! We would definitely pay a little more moving forward to order POS products from a more reputable company!!

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  • Dm
      Aug 18, 2014

    I'm trying to purchase Zebra, direct thermal labels, anyone have suggestions for a better place in Canada to buy them?

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  • Bu
      Nov 07, 2014

    These guys are a Mickey Mouse operation and total scam artists. Do not purchase anything from them. They are rude and will do anything to take your money and then be done with you. I asked for a quote on a list of printers & cash drawers and they immediately used my credit card from a previous order a year ago and processed the order without my authorization. When I tried to send it back they basically told me to #%¥£ off. I will never deal with these guys again.

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  • Td
      Jan 22, 2015

    Thank you for all the reviews. I will not purchase a thing from this company!

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  • Tm
      Apr 13, 2015

    What a horrible company to deal with. Purchased a receipt printer that needed some tech support to set up. They told me to call the manufacturer. Laughed at me, told me to go [censored] myself and was told to increase my medication. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY, YOU WILL REGRET IT QUICKLY. I REPEAT, DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY

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  • Za
      Jul 07, 2015

    Called these guys about a small printer. First he sends me to another company that fulfills his orders, leading me to believe he would be there to sell me the product. When I arrive they have no idea who I am, but were very nice and tried to help me out. After about half an hour on the phone with him and ordering it over the phone he places an order with them and they give me the package.

    I notice that pos-warehouse has over charged me by about $10. Not a huge deal, but I call back to get this refunded. They admit their mistake, but instead of refunding me the difference, they charge me the full correct price of the printer. Now I'm out the cost of over two printers.

    I call back about this mistake and I am told they will look into it and call me back, then he hangs up. After a few hours I haven't heard from him and call back. The man is becoming rude with me on the phone. Apparently he has sent me an email about the refund, which got caught in my spam. So I have this email saying he's refunded me, but no actual refund.

    So I tell him I'll keep an eye on my credit card statement and get back to him if I don't see anything. This is when he loses it. Saying if I don't see anything I need to take it up with Visa (it was a mastercard transaction) and that if I don't believe him I can take it up with my doctor because I clearly need help. Then he hangs up.

    Well, that was yesterday. I called my credit card and they are ready to proceed with a fraudulent charge dispute, but to give it a week to make sure it isn't just working its way through the system. Fair enough.

    So I call back today, very politely and just ask what the status is, because I still haven't seen a notification. The guy asks me if I got the email about the refund, which I did. Then says again that I've got to take it up with Visa. Then he starts going off about being on trial and how I think I've caught him in some big lie and won't believe anything he says. How I probably think he raped and murdered someone and how I need help. I reiterate that I just want to clarify the details of the refund, because he keeps saying Visa but it was on Mastercard. He keeps going and going an then abruptly hangs up again...

    So. Maybe I am getting a refund. Maybe I'm not. But 100% I'm getting some very awful and hilariously weird customer service.

    I would not recommend this place to anyone.

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  • Cs
      Sep 15, 2015

    I bought something from them and soon after my credit card info was stolen and was fraudulently used for $9000. (The are located in the similar areas that most of the fraudulent activities were taken place on my card). My credit card company thought they were also a fraud and didn't confirm with me before they charged back the amount and asked the company to provide evidence to support the dispute. Instead of fulfill their part to clarify the misunderstanding, Mike, the manager, called me 9 am and accused me being a fraud and threatened to take me to the court. I was not aware of what's going on so I told him my credit card was stolen after the purchase made at their website and there might be some misunderstanding there during the investigation and I promised to contact my bank to reverse the charge. Mike called me 5 times that day and send me emails telling me they demand the money immediately even after I told him my bank has opened the case and will reverse the charge, but will take up to 10-15 business days. He continued to email me and call me and refuse to acknowledge anything that I have said.

    If you don't want our credit info to be stolen and don't want to be harassed, stay away from it!

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