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Plymouth Michigan Post Office / Lousy service - delivery, box mail & counter

1 Plymouth, MI, United States Review updated:

The Plymouth Michigan Post Office (48170) has to be one of the worst in this country!!! If it were a private, 'for profit' entity it would have closed its doors a long time ago.

For TWENTY YEARS I've had to deal with Counter Clerks with bad attitudes (not all but enough to be significant), really really really slow mail deliver, really really long lines just about any time of every day, ineffective post masters, etc etc etc. Even my home carrier admitted that he has a hard time reading numbers; 'they all look the same' (his exact words).

Due to the really LOUSY (mis) delivery on my route (and verbal threats by my carrier when I complained) I pay $$$$ for a PO Box. Advertised by the USPS as a quicker and safer way to receive mail - yeah right!! If my mail isn't sorted into the wrong box then I'm getting someone else's mail. It shouldn't take 27 days for a #10 business sized envelope to be mailed from Florida to Michigan. The same day I finally received that letter (actually a business invoice with payment from a customer) an envelope was delivered to me that was mailed 7 days prior from a nearby town (10 miles away). The common denominator in the slow delivery of these two items - the PLYMOUTH MICHIGAN POST OFFICE!!!

In the past I have experienced harassment and mail tampering by USPS Postal Employees. The POOM (Post Office Operations Manager), the Post Master and other local Admin were of no help until I contacted someone from the head office of the Great Lakes Region. He came from Chicago especially to address my problems. Amazing how my mail service improved overnight!!! Trackable packages that were being received by the Penniman Station @ 10am and were not being put into my box until late afternoon now suddenly were being delivered in a timely manner.

Lately again, I've noticed a downslide of even-worse-then-normally-bad service to the point that I'm not being notified of the receipt of larger packages, bad mail sorting as explained above but today was a winner; for some reason my key wouldn't open my PO Box. Tomorrow I'm filing a complaint with the City Police - this is B.S.!!! I asked both counter clerks (including the recipient/cause of my most recent complaints) why the box wouldn't open and neither could answer why - no past due fees, etc. Interesting - I'm going back as soon as they open in the a.m. - we'll see what I find. I'm also contacting the Great Lakes Region office again tomorrow. Enough is enough!!! In this perfectly lousy economy I NEED to receive my mail and now have to put up with the lousy service & retaliatory actions by lazy, stupid postal employees.

*** When I did receive someone else's mail last week I took the opportunity to contact them. The person I spoke with was not surprised that several pieces of her mail was mis-sorted into my box; she's experienced a lot of mail delivery problems - packages never delivered to her and returned to sender, very very slow delivery, items never received, etc. And when she spoke to the Post Master she was told the same thing he told me 'NO ONE ELSE IS COMPLAINING'. Ha ha ha ha ha - then why is the main post office voice mail always full?!?!

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  • Pl
      2nd of Aug, 2010
    +2 Votes

    Completely Agree.
    I mail 20 packages per week on average and was told by the guy at the counter that I had to start going somewhere else because I hold up the line.
    It's funny because the people behind the counter are paid hourly I am assuming so what does it matter to them?
    I'm all for boycotting the Plymouth Post Office.


  • Pl
      29th of Feb, 2012
    +2 Votes

    AGAIN, screwed over by the Plymouth Post Office.

    This time trying to ship 2 packages to Guernsey Channel Islands in UK. I checked everything online at before hand; size, weight, cost, etc. Shipping a 62 lb box that was 18" x 18" x 18". Drove to the post office in town, carried both HEAVY boxes from parking area up the 8 steps through the double doors and to the counter. And think of this, I'm a female and the box is almost half my body weight - it just about killed me to get them this far.

    I've had problems in the past with AL, one of the regular clerks there but he was working alone and I had no choice. So AL, tells me that the boxes are too big to be shipped!!! WTH?!?!? I tell him that I've called 800-ASK-USPS AND checked the size/weight online and the limits I found were 108". THREE TIMES I ask him to double check and he continues to insist the size limit is 79". So I drag the TWO HEAVY 62 lb boxes back outside, down the steps and back into my car.

    Get home, go back to again and check again. Yep, size limit for combined length and girth is 108". Call 800-ASK-USPS again and they confirm the combined length and girth for shipping to the Guernsey Channel Islands in UK is 108".

    Call a complain on the Plymouth Michigan Post Office employees AGAIN. Not that it does any good. They are mostly all incompetent. No wonder the Post Office loses BILLIONS of dollars every year; incompetent union employees like AL.

  • Di
      15th of Nov, 2012
    0 Votes

    I've skipped over a lot of the same problems from the past but time to post again.

    Saturday, Nov 10 there's a card in my P.O. Box indicating a package too big for my box. Its dated October 29 which is odd, because I've picked up mail at least twice since then. I turn in the card at the counter and am given a package with elections material I had been waiting for; bumper stickers and a yard sign for my candidate. But the election already took place.

    Now the package is noted with the date October 29. I'm thinking the clerk who puts the cards in PO Boxes & sorts the mail probably put it in the wrong box. Likely the case since mail mis-sorting happens often. I'll have to call the people with the PO Box underneath mine and see if she got it first.

    Jason @ the Plymouth Post Office contacted me in response to my complaint filed at 800-ASK-USP. He really didn't have a clue how the oversize package notification process worked. The recipient is supposed to be notified when the package arrives and a reminder card given after 5 business days. Since the package wasn't marked with a 2nd date we can probably ASSume the postal clerk didn't follow the rules by providing a 2nd reminder after the first post card was initially put in the wrong P.O. Box.

    Business as usual. What reminded me to make this post? A news headline that the USPS lost a record $16 BILLION this past year.

  • Ka
      13th of Mar, 2013
    +1 Votes

    I was at the post office today on Beck road buying stamps. I couldn't help but notice the flag outside was so bad. It was torn and really ratty looking. I'm a big flag flyer, and I take pride in our US Flag. Of all the places, this is the last place that I would have thought of that they would just let Old Glory die. Please take some pride in our country, after all you are the United States Post Office!!!

  • Tm
      7th of Dec, 2018
    0 Votes

    Same issues. I've been in the 48170 for over 33 yrs. now. I've had good and bad mailmen. The one I have now, (named Joe) is the worst. When I get a substitute when Joe is on vacation I get my mail around 12:30 in the afternoon. When Joe is delivering I get it sometimes after 5pm. I don't think this should be acceptable. Lately I have been following up on tracking of packages and the seller says delivery should be on a certain date and most times it comes the day after but occasionally it comes up to 3 days after. What's with this? Is it actually Joe or is it the post office where he is employed? I tried to call the complaint office of the U.S. postal service dept. waiting time is over an hour on the phone. Lol. I just can't be around this crappy service and they keep raising the price of using the postal service in America.
    "Through sleet, rain or snow, the mail shall go through". Really?

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