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this company also associated with fbl asssociates and noteworld services, scammed me out of 500. they lie and scam. beware of these people. i have been waiting for my monies to be returned they all are connected and scammers. they hang up on you tranfer to random vms. they are a huge cons

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  • Jo
      6th of Apr, 2010

    Before hiring any professional, especially over the Internet, do a Google search for their name or company name and the words scam, fraud or complaint to see if other people complained about them. My firm doesn't have internet complaints. We treat our clients with respect and do quality experienced professional tax & IRS work. Anyone interested in IRS advice and tax problem solutions, check out

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  • Ba
      4th of Jun, 2010

    yes i do agree this company is a big time fraud and scammers. Please be aware don't fall into their scams. They collected over one thousand dollars from me and over 1500 from sister. They are huge fraud.

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  • Je
      28th of Jun, 2010

    NoteWorld Servicing Center is one of the largest third-party payment servicers in the nation for seller finance notes and a leader in debt settlement payment servicing. In business for nearly 30 years, NoteWorld is committed to outstanding customer service, and offering the best products and services available to meet its customers’ needs. As a third-party payment servicer, NoteWorld is not responsible for negotiating settlements with your creditors because it is not a debt settlement company (DSC). NoteWorld processes payments according to the written contract entered into by you with your DSC and offers you, who chose to use a DSC, a payment option for the safe and secure handling of the money you voluntarily committed for the purpose of paying your debts.

    When a consumer contracts with a DSC for help paying down debt, they will also sign a agreement authorizing a separate payment servicing company (in this case, NoteWorld) to withdraw a specific sum of money from their bank account each month. This is a separate agreement that allows NoteWorld (or other payment servicing company) to make electronic withdrawals from the consumer’s bank account to satisfy the amounts payable under the terms of the contract with their DSC. NoteWorld follows the instructions stated in the NoteWorld contract and at no time acts without authorization from the consumer. By selecting NoteWorld for payment processing, consumers are assured their money is being handled by an objective third party who is not involved in negotiating settlements with creditors. NoteWorld provides its services to consumers for a nominal fee of not more than $12.50 per month. NoteWorld is not responsible for any fees charged by the DSC.

    If at any time a consumer no longer wants to use NoteWorld’s services, they may opt-out of the NoteWorld contract by notifying NoteWorld. When NoteWorld receives this notification, the consumer’s NoteWorld account is closed and all remaining funds, if any, held by NoteWorld are remitted back to the consumer within two (2) business days. Again, NoteWorld is not responsible for any fees charged by the DSC that the consumer separately agreed to pay. At all times, NoteWorld takes on the payment servicing obligations as an independent and objective company and does not act at the direction of the DSC.

    I hope this explanation has helped you to understand NoteWorld’s services and obligations. If you would like to contact us directly, we would be happy to address any specific concerns you might have about the way NoteWorld has handled your money or provide you with a full accounting of the monies received by you and disbursed on your behalf. For more information on NoteWorld, our licenses, policies, procedures or services, please visit our website at

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  • Sh
      17th of Dec, 2010

    I agree they are a scam they have taken me for $4, 208 and have only settled one account and that took them 13 months to do it. The account was 1, 045, they settled it for $800. I could have done that myself. I spoke to an attorney and he said if enough people were to sued this please reduce my debt then any lawyer will take the case. In the mean time he advised me to call The Michigan Attorney General and they can get them for fraud. So call your nearest attorney general and complain.

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