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I would have to strongly disagree with the above complaint filed by Kevin. I have used this companies educational tools and it works and is still working very well for me. Kevin you seem to have a lot to say about how bad everything was, but why didnt you use the business tools that were provided? Seems to be a lot of finger pointing and I also noticed that you have done this type of complaining on multiple sites. Not Cool buddy! Its starting to make me think that you have a problem not Platinum. This company has an A rating with the BBB, so maybe you should have actually used the educational tools instead of complaining.

Although I used this companies services over 6 months ago, I just hate to see people using the Internet like a bathroom wall.
Kevin, I think you really need to get some help, stop with the negative postings and live life my friend.

Good Day

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  • Ke
      26th of Mar, 2013
    Platinum Institute - Income Tax Claim
    Power Seller College
    975 E. Wood oak Lane
    Salt Lake City, 84117
    United States
    Phone: 888-222-1143 ext 200

    A while a go I joined a online home business with Platinum Institute for $ 6, 835.00. Later on I finally had them settle for a refund of my money. After my income tax I only got back an extra $997.00 return on my 2011 income tax. Now in 2013 the IRS has just told me that my claim from Platinum Institute was no good because it was not a real college. Now I need to return the $997.00 to the IRS and I don't have the extra money. I have emailed Platinum Institute three times and so far they are ignoring me. They need to give me the rest of a refund of $997.00 so I can pay back the IRS.

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  • Je
      9th of Dec, 2013

    The company is a total scam from the beginning just google Nicholas Johnson Utah or Jeff Nielson Utah. They have had 6-7 different company names all doing the exact same thing SCAMMING PEOPLE WITH COACHING! These 2 owners have been convicted of several felonies, they are actual criminals! look at the photos of mugshots below and write your Attorney Generals office and file a complaint about these guys and the scams they are doing, other wise it will never end. Below is there personal info you can include in the complaint so you can get a refund.
    SANDY UTAH 94094

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