Planet Mobility / unreliable service

1 United States

I ordered a wheelchair lift for $3700.00 in December 2008. My credit card was charged shortly after that date. I was originally told delivery should take 4 weeks. In January 2009 I called to check on delivery and at that time I was told delivery would take 8 weeks. In Febuary when the lift still had not been delivered I called again and was told I would have to speak to Mike Woods. When I called Mr. Woods he assured me that I would have the lift within the next week or two. When the lift again did not I arrive I called Mr. Woods again. Each time I called he would guarentee delivery within the next week. I spoke with Mr. Woods at least 4 times yet the lift never arrived. One time I was given a traking number but when I called the shipping company no such traking number existed. I finally got the number of the company that actually manufactures the lift. I was told by them that planet mobility was way behind on their payments to the company and they would not ship out any futher lifts until they received payment in advance from planet mobilty. When I called Mike Woods again and threated to have my lawyer get involved, I finally received my lift 4 months after I ordered and payed for it.
I would NEVER do business with planet mobility again and would strongly advise everyone to stay for away from this company.


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