Pizza Hutalmost 2 hour delivery

Ma Dec 01, 2018 Metairie, LA

On [protected] . I had to called my local Pizza Hut Store asking why is it taking over 1 1/2 wait time for an pizza delivery order? The store phone personal was rude. I was told that Pizza Hut drivers did not show up at work today. If I had called in and placed an order on the phone. I would be told on the phone 2 hour or more delivery time . Nerveless, I placed this order online(3181201173058001312029933) eta delivery time fully marked in red 30 to 45 minutes on the website. 1 large pizza and 1 order of 6 pieces wings for $30.00 dollars. After an 1hr and 45 minutes later. I did received an dry and cold pizza. Pizza Hut driver never given me my receipt. As an consumer. This not acceptable. Poor service all the way around. Please note Pizza Corp. I paid for your product and your delivery charges. I am not never happy with either. Thank you for your time and understanding.

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