Pitney Bowes / pre-paid postage refund

Re Dec 15, 2015

After many problem filled years we returned our Pitney Bowes postage meter. This was a frustrating chore but we secured a "return kit" and wrote a cover letter requesting the return of nearly 1K of prepaid postage (the reason it got so high was PB's constant demands to "add postage" in order to make the machine function). We verified the safe return in June/2015 and waited for our money. Nothing. In November we were told that a special refund form was required (but not mentioned in the "return kit"). This form was submitted on November 24th. 2015 via verified fax. Each time we ask about our refund, we are told that it is "in process" and will be mailed in "10-15 business days". They are friendly and vague. We never move past these assurances and still have no refund after 6 months. It is inconvenient not having a postage meter but we all agree that licking stamps is preferable to dealing with PB. These shenanigans must work to PB's advantage but it is hard to imagine treating customers like this as your daily mission.

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