pioneer communicationstake your money without telling you

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This is a telecommunication company that I use to call philippines. To use their services you have to give them your credit card number and they charge you right away for whatever amount you want for you to call phil example $20 for a certain minutes.

The problem is when you call philippines they charge you even if you havent spoken to anybody. So lets just say you called 3 times and you havent spoken to anybody ( didnt even hear the phone ring) they start to charge you already. And this is automatic because they have your credit card number already.

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  • Gl
      Jan 26, 2009

    I GAVE MY TELEPHONE NUMBER to a friend of mine in the philippines as what she says she want me as a referal person thats why i gave it to her my number.But, in the next morning she phoned me many many times so i answered it, i thought i was a emergency call from my family but ist not its from my friend selling me a phonecard.And, they want me to her phonecard so she can sign a contract in A PIONEER COMMUNICATION PHILIPPINES.But.i didnt give my credit card number or debit coz i thought to my self it was like a SCAM coz they keep calling me many many times everyday.So, i told her right away that i wouldnt bother to give my credit card coz am not sure of that company...MUST BE READ

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  • Pe
      Aug 18, 2011

    Twice I called up these guys and gave my credit card information to them, and twice I've been charged for something I didn't buy.
    Although I think it has something to do with their computers when they input the data, I'll never trust them again. Their systems seem to get hacked when information in inputted into it.

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