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Pimp My Kicks (PMK)


Took our money, promised delivery, no responses

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Contact information:
Pimp My Kicks (PMK)
5474 Omega Ave 44146
Bedford, Ohio
United States
Phone: 440-945-6852
Ordered special designed/painted sneakers in early December 2011. These were a Christmas gift my son purchased for his girlfriend. Three times he called and each time as given a different ship date none of which was fulfilled. They took his $200.00 right up front though. Due to no order being received and my son getting a run around, this is where I became involved. I called and left a message and got no response. I sent an email and got a response apologizing for the delay and my issues and they asked about a t-shirt size for my son. I responded requesting a specific date that I could expect our order and they finally provided me one after offering numerous excuses why we didn't have the order. I also asked for a tracking number and was promised that when they shipped, PMK would supply a tracking number. It is not February 21 one day after my promised delivery. My emails are being ignored, I left another message and have not had any response. No tracking number, no order but they have our $200.00 They are supposedly associated with MTV and have a contract with Nickelodeon. Looks like I will have to escalate this to someone else including the BBB. In a nutshell, they took my son's money and have not even come close to delivering anything other than excuses. In this day and age of social networking, getting the word out about a company who operates like this certainly will hurt their business and maybe put them out of business. I strongly suggest not doing any business with these people.
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A  22nd of Feb, 2012 by    0 Votes
Same thing happened to me. My emails are being ignored. I want to spread the word that this company is scamming people because i ordered mine in August and still haven't seen my shoes. I don't want other people to get scammed and i want the site taken down if they are blatantly taking money from people and not providing the goods that are being purchased.

They offered me excuses why i haven't got the shoe also, and it is complete rubbish. I agree with you about spreading the word. People shouldn't be able to get away with doing this in this day and age.
A  22nd of Feb, 2012 by    +1 Votes
I have filed a complaint with the BBB in Cleveland and suggest you do the same. They (PMK), told me they were members of the BBB however that is not the case. They had one other complaint regarding delivery of their product. People who are experiencing this need to seek every avenue to bring this to a larger scale and get the word out. I have left 3 messages and have not had a response.
I will also be looking into Small Claims Court in the Cleveland area (PMK is located in Bedford Ohio, not too long of a drive for me), and I will be contacting any consumer protection agencies in their area along with print, radio, and television in that area.
At least I did get a couple of emails with promises of a date along with a promise they would provide me a tracking number as I had asked for so I could confirm they had in fact shipped my order. After their second email to me, that's when the communications ceased as I followed up asking for a refund when the promised delivery date came and went.

I am not sure what small claims court law is in Ohio but here in Michigan one can sue someone for up to $1500.00 which allows them to recover their costs. I will gladly take a day or two off if required to go to court. My time, mileage, the cost of filing a suit, etc. should all be recoverable, however I am going to confirm that is the case in Ohio. I simply will not let this go and if you know of anyone else experiencing problems with this, suggest these things to them. If nothing else, you can file a complaint on line with the BBB and it takes only a few moments to do so. The address for PMK is 5474 Omega Ave., Bedford, OH 44146. Document everything you do, times you call, save your emails, etc.

I have to check with my credit card company and if possible after all this time I will dispute the charges. I don't want the damn shoes any longer, hell, they were a Christmas gift. I just want my money refunded. Good luck and get the word out. Use facebook, twitter, other complaint boards, etc. as I suspect there are others with these issues besides us.
N  23rd of Feb, 2012 by    +1 Votes
We have much to talk about. I have been scammed as well, I ordered a pair of customs June last year and still haven't received them. I've been told numerous times "your shoes will be here next week etc" but it was all lies. The worst thing is, I was WARNED that PMK is a scam, by Aesha Iverson and Richard Brown- the REAL (and now former) members of PMK. Andre Scott and AJ Ballard are a bunch of lying scammers. I even have photo evidence as to how far Andre and AJ have gone to make their 'company' look legit.
TAKE THEM DOWN. I'm from Australia and I paid a hefty sum of 490 US Dollars for my customs which will never arrive. I want my damn money back.
A  23rd of Feb, 2012 by    +1 Votes
I have filed a complaint with the BBB as earlier stated. I will be contacting the Attorney General's Office in Ohio to file a complaint as well. Also will be sending notes to TV, radio, and newspapers in the Cleveland area. I finally did hear back from the "financial" department. They told me to file a dispute with PayPal and my credit card company which is now in process because they do not give refunds. They also told me it takes about 8 months to design and complete a single pair of "custom" sneakers. Additionally they told me they have huge orders and are extremely busy...I have all of this in writing. I also found them to be rude and unwilling to work with me in their replies. I have been extremely reasonable and patient with them yet they exhibit no desire to bring closure to this issue. I have received countless excuses and was told that their counsel was saving all my emails. I'm glad their counsel is doing just that as I have their promises in writing and what I have sent has been nothing more than a statement of the facts. I also have the original communications between my son and Andre Scott in writing that he would have his order by Christmas. There are consumer protection laws that are tools for us to use when we are being mistreated, mislead, and not receiving the things we have paid for. I intend to use every single one of them to my advantage. I even tried to explain to them that refunding my $200.00 would be simple, easy, ethical, and the right thing to do as escalating this further would only cost them more in other ways. They just don't care, just don't get it, or both. I can't say they are a scam or not but so far, nothing has been handled properly on their end. I have never had an experience like this with a company before. I did mention that I am aware of other customers having these same issues, they sternly wrote that I need to get my facts straight and that there is a customer in Australia who got his order and is not happy with them and is spreading lies...can't say if that is so or not, however the wording and intent of their statement lacked professionalism and ethics. Believe me, I will not stop even when I have my $200.00 back. It is not wrong to go after a company with "facts", as facts are truth. The best part of all of this is they put things in writing that they haven't backed up. I am sure they will enjoy an investigation into their business practices from the Attorney Generals office and possibly other consumer protection agencies. I would suggest any other people out there do their homework no matter where you are located and use the information to get your orders or problems solved.
A  24th of Feb, 2012 by    0 Votes
I made my complaint with the BBB a few day ago. I suggest if your emails are being ignored by Pimp My Kicks you should also file a complaint. After I filed one i received an email from PMK saying that i was being unfair and the shoes were almost complete. I thought i might be the only one and that i was being unfair, but i can see this has happened to others as well. Please let me know of any advancements you two have made on this matter. I am also from Australia and i don't want others to get treated this way.
A  24th of Feb, 2012 by    0 Votes
I had just received a reply from AJ Ballard, only after having sent a VERY nasty email to him (with coarse language etc). He threatened to me "I guess it sounds like you don't want your shoes, we'll just put them for sale on the site". Then today I received another reply from him saying "Sorry for not notifying you that your shoes got sent to the wrong place. With that settled, what address should I send them to?"
I have given him my address, and made it VERY clear that if my shoes were not arriving and if I did not receive a shipping number ASAP, I would be very displeased with him to say the least. If I don't get my shoes or a proper reply from them in about 2-3 weeks time (because I'm a nice and patient person), you can definitely write PMK off as a total scam.
N  24th of Feb, 2012 by    -1 Votes
Folks - it is very clear that if you are not getting your shoes and getting excuses - you can keep waiting on getting your shoes. We were told in an email that a custom shoe can take 8 months to complete. This is quite different than when my son placed his order in mid November and he was promised delivery before Christmas. Every time he called he was given a different date of delivery. When I asked for a specific date they gave me one but when that date came and went I called them only to be ignored. Never once until I started bugging them did they say it took 8 months for an order.
I went to my bank-credit card company and will have my money back today. My bank and PayPal will be going after PMK for the money but at least I will have my money back. PayPal has a 45 day period to file a dispute so if it is past that time, contact your bank or credit card company. Yesterday I sent an email to a TV station in Cleveland as sometimes they have consumer advocate departments that can get the word out. Today I am filing a complaint with the Attorney Generals Office. Just google Attorney General Ohio USA and you will find the links to make a complaint.
PMK claims they are super busy but it appears to me that if you are a small customer - a single order - they are in no hurry to take care of you and do nothing more than supply excuses. I was told that my sneakers were almost done then they spilled paint on them so had to start over. Then they gave me a delivery date of Feb 20 and when my shoes didnt show up and I contacted them - they ignored me over and over.
I have documented every single conversation, noted the dates and times I have left messages and have never been called back, have saved all my emails, everything. When my bank/credit card company saw my documentation they immediately began the process of giving my my money back and then as I said, they will work with PayPal to get the money back from the company.
The more people who start complaining and bringing this to everyones attention, the better chance we have of stopping these unethical business practices.
Dont give up on your efforts and let them take your money and not give you your product. I have written proof they do nothing but make excuses and offer lies. They told me they are members of the BBB and they are not - that is a lie plain and simple. Pester the hell out of them - use your legal resources - your bank - your credit card company - everything available to you.
Good luck and spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, anything else you have to use.
N  24th of Feb, 2012 by    -1 Votes
If you need any kind of Documentation, i have also kept my emails and paypal receipts for the record. Im not sure that will help, but just want to offer it up in order to try and do what i can. I will be going to my bank when it opens again and try and get my money back. I have spread the word as much as i can at this point and just hope everything works out for everyone at this stage.
A  28th of Feb, 2012 by    0 Votes
I have no idea how I'm getting my money back. Paypal will not help as the transaction was made over half a year ago, plus I live in Australia. Help someone?
A  29th of Feb, 2012 by    -1 Votes
The same thing happened to me! I too ordered shoes as a Christmas gift and did not receive them on time. My story differs slightly. The shoes FINALLY arrived, but they were no where near the custom design I had requested. And let me tell you, it was the simplest design possible. I could have created them myself it was that easy, but like yourselves I wanted a professional quality product. I ordered the shoes from another company and had them shipped to PMK to customize. Now I can't even return them to the original company because they're destroyed. I am disputing the credit card charge, but they aren't making it easy. All I am looking for is a refund for the design because it is nowhere near what I ordered. What can I do to help? I'm happy to submit a statement.
N  4th of Mar, 2012 by    0 Votes
I'm currently in contact with AJ Ballard, who is a sneaker artist at PMK. He tells me he is willing to refund everyone their money but the process is taking some time due to us making complaints about them being potential scammers to Paypal. He not only offered to refund my money, but still said he was going to ship out my shoes. I will call him and we'll see if everything goes well.
D  5th of Mar, 2012 by    0 Votes
After a phone call with AJ yesterday, I think I can write him and PMK off as non scammers. It seems that a lot of crap just went down with their company last year and they are only starting to recover from the effects. Paypal has closed their account which is why the refunding processes have been screwed up, and why our orders have not been shipped to us because they've lost our addresses. However, they are starting to pick it up again and are back on their feet, so just leave AJ an email and he should be getting back to you. I'm expecting my kicks to be shipped to me in about 10 days, I have his word on it.
N  7th of Mar, 2012 by    0 Votes
I'm sorry but you won't receive the shoes. I've had MANY conversations with AJ and Jean (supposedly their VP of finance) where they promised me similar things and explained the issues with their company. If you do ever get the shoes, they won't be the way you ordered them. They are refusing to refund my money. I even went to the bank to dispute the charge and they are putting up a fight there too. Trust me, they have no intentions of following through on their "word". They are definitely scammers.
N  8th of Mar, 2012 by    0 Votes
Sorry, but I have to agree with Clarkson23. There word means nothing at this point, as they have said that countless times to me. I tried to dispute it with my bank but after a few days they said there was nothing they could do for me. I would like to know if they do send the shoes to you and how the quality of them is. At this point i won't be getting my money back from them, or the shoes i ordered. It baffles me how they can STILL be a 'business' and continue to take new orders from customers.
A  8th of Mar, 2012 by    0 Votes
We presented our records (emails & notes), to our bank to dispute the charges from PMK. Our bank had us sign some papers and then handled it from there. A bit over a week later we had money deposited back into our account.

I still have not had any response from the BBB but of course they are waiting for a response from PMK. I have heard from a local TV station in Cleveland, a consumer advocate person and have give her all the information. If you want to send her an email to explain what has happened to you, her name is Maureen Kyle and her email address:


I will still be following up with the complaint to the Attorney General's office in Ohio. If any one of you takes their word for it, I am sorry to hear that as I had nothing but promises made. When a company makes promises and then doesn't deliver, that is fraud, plain and simple. It isn't our problem that the company had issues, things happen. For any company to ignore their customers, treat them with disrespect, make empty promises, etc., their word means absolutely nothing.

I wouldn't go so far as to say they are scammers, however they are not a solid, integrity based company and care little about their customers. I have no clue why it would take 8 months to create one single pair of custom sneakers. That makes no sense what so ever. I would almost be they focus on their large orders and squeeze in the little ones where they may.

I also think that when someone complains, if they ignore them long enough, that customer will eventually go away. I can and have proven that they did exactly that with me, ignored me over and over and made untrue statements, etc. I have it in writing.

So if someone has Shawn's, Laura's, Andre's, AJ's word on it, you may be getting fooled and not even realize it. I even requested that Andre contact me personally as I would have thought that being the CEO if the company, he would care deeply about making sure the company reputation was above reproach. Of course, anyone can say anything but then they have to back it up.

I do not wish to see PMK go out of business, only wish they would do what they say they will do, however if they can't do business properly, with integrity, etc., then they deserve to go out of business.

My story is now with the TV station near to them and I did mention the feedback I have gotten at this site. I encourage you to write Maureen Kyle and tell her your story. Companies simply should not be allowed to do these things and get away with it at our expense.
N  9th of Mar, 2012 by    0 Votes
How does a company lose addresses? How many excuses can a company make while stringing out customers BEFORE the customer realizes they aren't getting anything other than a run around?

This company can tell you anything and everything but if they don't deliver on their promises, it is nothing more than garbage. WORDS ARE CHEAP!

If this company has had some issues, it is not the fault of the customer. This company is one who obviously doesn't know how to run a business, prints all kinds of statements about excellent customer service, then when they fail to fulfill their own mission statemtent, they treat the customers who are complaining rudely and give different and increased excuses.


I am fortunate that I got my money back thanks to my thorough documentation and record keeping and my bank. When a company puts something in writing, it amounts to a contract, period. In my case, they gave me a specific date and when it came and went with no sneakers, they continued to ignore me.

I wish all of you good luck and strongly encourage you to keep doing what is right to protect yourselves from being ripped off.
D  11th of Mar, 2012 by    +1 Votes
So let's see we have one guy who has been contacted and shoes are being sent. Then we have two bitter clients that got thier money back and still seek vengeance one in which has already recieved her shoes! And then you have the one guy who doesn't respond at all to Facebook messages and email and he gave us a wrong number! Sounds like you guys are the scammers! All except for David. At least he was man enough to give us a call and hash it out!

Chris you were given all call and denied that you were the one who posted this and that's just lame! And mike what you are doing is pathetic! Our legal team is all over this and all of your statements have been recorded! Thank you for being so open! Mike you claimed on one site that you haven't recieved your shoes since 2008! I didnt get to PMK until feb 2011! You couldn't have discussed anything with me or Andre! We weren't at PMK yet!

Please be very careful how you choose to respond to this, seeing that things have been taken to the next level.


P.S. Scammers don't give cash back and use false names to conduct business. Obviously you guys havent much wisdom in the true meaning of the word SCAM.
N  11th of Mar, 2012 by    0 Votes
I did not state on any website anything about not receiving them since 2008. I began my purchasing process in August 2011 with Andre Scott and I still have not received my sneakers. Simple as that. I have not received any email replies from the company either. The only thing I could do was to take it further in order to get my money back, which I still have not received.
D  11th of Mar, 2012 by    0 Votes
How can you recieve anything if you do not reply to our multiple attempts to contact you which has been documented Recently? You haven't been trying to resolve this. You would prefer to hide behind complaints boards and "act" like we haven't tried to reach out at all! Yes We do have a lot of Corporate Contracts, and because this is a custom business, we take that extra time to make sure that we handle our individual sales with the same care. Chris, I don't care how ridiculous 8months sounds to you, it's called high demand! It's very easy to lose a address when PayPal closes the account because of people like Clarkson, sends us a shoe that already has artwork on the side and wanted a logo over that! We are the professionals and that's why we used the space that was available and placed the art there. And because she didn't like her design she calls PayPal and reverses the payment! Well when that happens, PayPal closes the account and does not give the account holder access, and we were unable to touch any money from that account! PayPal is the scammer in this case because they do not return money after 45 days so they say, but they definitely haven't given anything to us either! So you r attempts to contact channel 5 and the Attorney General only make you look bad as a customer who already recieved money back and just want to kick up dust!

This only makes our reality show get more ratings and takes us to heights unreached by other custom sneaker companies! We have documentation of our licensed trademark by MTV, so any attempt to say we aren't just shows your lack of due diligence and your inability to obtain private agreements. Do you really think we could use thier logo on the top of our web page illegally?

We sincerely apologize for the multiple situations reported here, as it deals with each individual, every resolve is different, but necessary. We would like to invite you to join us on our way to the top, by being those who were willing to work through the rough patch, which plays a significant role and turning point for us, as it pertains to our goal of becoming better, bigger, and stronger at what we do. This is a opportunity for resolve and exposure. This is only for those willing to work out a unresolved matter and for those who haven't recieved thier MONEY back! We are changing the way we are doing things and we have grown tremendously since our start. We hope that you join us on our quest to become the first company to transition from customs to actual shoe brand. Yes... We make shoes now! We will announce what channel we will be on moving in to summer. Stay tuned and thank you for listening,

AJ Ballard
President/Creative Director
N  12th of Mar, 2012 by    0 Votes
AJ - I am not quite sure how to respond to this as I am quite confused by two very different toned posts by you. Let me say this though, this will be my last post at this site however there are some FACTS which you obviously are not aware of or have chosen to ignore.

My original complaint was the fact that all I received were excuses and different shipping dates for my sons order. NEVER was the time frame of 8 months supplied to him or myself during our attempts to get a solid answer. The mention of 8 months came well after the promised date of my order delivery and failure to receive my order as promised. FACT - I have all of this in writing from people in your company, excuses, promises, etc. FACT - I gave your company more than ample opportunity to respond and do the right thing.

If you go back through all of my communications and read them carefully and thoroughly, I was in fact quite patient and understanding, however I was also ignored, treated rudely, lied to, etc., need I go on? As an example, one of your people, Shawn, stated you have a contract with the BBB. That is a bold lie as when I went to the BBB, I found you were not members. The fact is that you have yet to reply or respond to the complaint I filed with the BBB. Furthermore there was another complaint on there regarding the same issue I complained about. THAT IS A FACT.

Your website makes claims of unparalleled, excellent customer service. I don't know what you consider good customer service to be, however when a customer makes numerous attempts to get some answers and your company ignores them, that sir is not good customer service, NOT EVEN CLOSE.

I do not know what Chris you spoke with but I can assure you it was not me. Phone records can and will easily prove that and I stand on that truth, plain and simple. I caution you about making false statements. I have NEVER HEARD ONE WORD FROM ANYONE IN YOUR COMPANY VIA A PHONE CALL, PERIOD.

You did not refund my money but quite the opposite. Your representative told me to go back to my bank or paypal because you don't give refunds. That is exactly what I did and there was nothing you were willing to do to talk about my order. I left at least 3 messages with no return calls, I even asked to have Andre Scott contact me directly to talk about this in one of my emails. The FACTS are that you ignored numerous emails from me, made promises then didn't deliver, AND no one, not once made any attempt to contact me via phone. Furthermore when my son inquired about his order (that was promised to be received by Christmas IN WRITING), he was given different delivery dates, but not one, NOT ONE SINGLE TIME, did anyone mention 8 months. That was an excuse I heard in a rude reply from Laura when I was asking for my refund.

I have never stated you were scammers but have been very clear about the FACTS of you do business very poorly, AND that your customer service was less than acceptable.

Why were so many emails of mine ignored? Why were so many excuses made? Why were my phone messages never returned (you have ALL of my contact information and I can ASSURE you, it was and is correct)? Why did you folks give me a solid delivery date, then not deliver, then when I began asking for a refund, why was I ignored even further?

No one on this board has questioned your contracts with MTV or Nickelodeon, so why even mention that in your post?

I strongly suggest you look at my communication history and you will find I have been more than fair and patient with you folks.

I am not sure what country you are from however in the USA we have something called consumer protection laws. These laws are in place to protect us from companies who are unable or unwilling to do business in the correct way. These tools are available to consumers to help protect us. I could care less about how I look as I have stated facts and facts only. I can look bad all day long and it won't bother me one bit because everything I have written is based on facts and facts alone.

Despite the fact that I had to go through what I went through to get my money back, I feel it is my duty and it certainly is my right to warn others before they too run into the same difficulties I did. Freedom of speech is a beautiful thing AND all I have done is state the facts, which as I have pointed out often, I have in writing from representatives of PMK. I don't want to kick up dust but after my experience with you, other people need to know what they might be getting into when dealing with PMK.

If you look back through all of my communications, read them carefully and closely, you will clearly see I was reasonable in my initial attempts to work with you. I cannot attest to what is going on with the other people on this complaint board as I am not a part of their issues, however some of their statements sound very similar to the things I went through.

If you really want to fix things AJ I strongly suggest you get your house in order, follow some sort of process, provide the customer service you tout in your mission statement, focus your efforts on running a business that keeps customers happy instead of spending time ignoring people, creating these posts, etc. I mentioned that in some of my communications earlier but it seems maybe you didn't read them or missed those comments.

I am not sure why you go on the attack toward PayPal. They are a very large company and have stringent requirements. They only shut out a company if they don't meet those requirements which is definitely a motivator for a company to do what it right 100% of the time. A single person complaining can't cause a company trouble, it takes more than that and if PayPal has somehow shut you out, that isn't the fault of the consumer.

I truly appreciate the fact you have apologized and I wish you well, however if you continue treating people the way you have and pointing fingers at others instead of taking ownership and accountability for what has transpired, I fear you will not have any success as time goes forward.

All of us have to be accountable and take ownership of what we do, so you have a wonderful opportunity to right the wrongs AJ and I would like to think you will grab this opportunity with gusto.

If you go back and read my communications, you will see where I mentioned the bad publicity, the negative press, etc. could all be avoided if you folks just did the right thing from the start.

Now it's entirely up to you and PMK as to how this goes forward. Thank you.

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