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I purchased a Golden Retriver from Picabo Goldens in 2012 and it quickly became a horror story. At 6 months he stopped growing. At 2 he was diagnosed with dwarfism, failing kidneys, heart malformation and brain atrophy. He passed away shortly after his third birthday. The many specialists who treated him were unanimous: no one had every seen a dog with so many congenital malformations and diseases. In spite of the impeccable lineage Barbara Govan guarantees at Picabo Goldens, her breeding is shady and totally dishonest. The experts I spoke to through this ordeal said it was unlikely that such a sick dog was born from the parents with great pedigrees that B.Govan claimed. He probably came from somewhere else completely. She belongs in the puppy mill category. As an individual B. Govan turned out to be totally unethical, shamefully showing no interest in my dog's ailments. She of course never sent the refund she said she would, although she did write it in a letter to my lawyer. I am still waiting for her to face up to her responsibility.

Dec 13, 2015
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  • Ah
      Feb 03, 2016

    Picabo Golden and its shady practices has changed names! Barbara Govan is now selling goldens under the kennel name of Timber Golden Retrievers and using her daughters name, Taylor Rose. The Kennel's original name was Golden Dreams Golden Retrievers (back in 1979 before she changed it to Picabo and now to Timber. Three name changes = red flag.

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  • Pi
      Nov 28, 2016

    AUTHOR: Barbata Govan - (USA)

    SUBMITTED: Monday, November 28, 2016
    First it's important to note the person weighting the complaint is not the true name her name is Annie Dussant Who resides in the city of NY Ms Dussant flew to me in NC to pick her pup up because her daughter was going abroad Ms Dussant did not pick the pup I wanted and she fit with but someone else's pup being my daughters I have advised I will refund her deposit and I would take the pup back and give her another pup she refused. Then she took to different venues to make me look bad I stand behind every pup I sell but that wasn't good enough. The pup was sold on a written contract and I would be glad to provide it so all can see My name has not changed except when I changed from gldndrms to picabo. I have people that can provide references as they have had my dogs I have been breeding over 40 years now I know what I'm doing Please Annie grow up you're name is not Nancy so stop hiding and face the truth. I love my dogs more than anyone and would stop breeding if I felt they weren't healthy. If anyone wants to call please feel free I have nothing to hide Annie, do you?

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  • Ug
      Jan 10, 2017

    I have a PICABO golden and he has been a picture of health.

    The person complaining is driving me nuts bc her complaint is cluttering the wonderful dogs barbara breeds. I do not know any more than what was posted about the dog with health issues. I do see red flags in how the dog health issues were explained and am not sure the blame is "fair" Goldens can have congenital issues - known. My family had a golden w severe heart issues, return to the breeder early, or deal with your choice of keeping the animal.

    I love my dog and he is in great health. I will reccomend the PICABO to my family - bc that is how healthy and good temperament my golden is.

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  • Fu
      Feb 13, 2017

    Barbara's reaction to this complaint speaks for itself. First, it's full of lies. I know the individual's daughter and she does not live abroad. The real reason "Annue" travelled to pick up the dog: Barbara had said she would be in the tri-state area at the time of pick-up and then she kept postponing her trip up. "Annue" was thus forced to travel to puppy mill 101 to get her dog. Once there, she did not change her mind and take another puppy as Barbara suggests. Instead, she picked up the puppy that had always been "recommended" for her and pictures that Barbara sent pre pick-up can prove this. Second, what kind of respectable dog breeder let alone human treats puppies like trading cards. "Take back her pup and give her another one"?!?! Come on Barbara, you are the one who should "grow up" (great sign of respect for your clients by the way) and realize that dogs are not interchangeable stuffed animals. Third, the facts speak for themselves and Barbara's refusal to acknowledge the tragedy speaks to her incredibly low character. This puppy died young, after deteriorating very quickly and painfully. A good breeder would at least have expressed her sympathies. Barbara never did, and instead smears her victims online. Buy from her at your peril.

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  • Ch
      Dec 27, 2017

    I purchased a puppy from Picabo goldens -Barbara Govan in 2010, Litter was born June 15 2010. We picked her up in Monroe NJ because I believe she was moving to NC from NJ at that time and I am from NJ. My dog, a female named Daisy was a beautiful sweet loving dog who just this past June 1, 2017 died of lymphoma. It was heartbreaking because she was such a huge part of our family. There is no health guarentee on any breed with any lines of heritage. Daisy was a healthy puppy with no other health issues. I don't blame Barbara I blame all Golden Retriever breeders who over breed their dogs for the purpose to make money.!! These dogs are so loving and kind and loyal and the best family dogs that Breeders have gone wild just breeding any golden to any golden to have a litter. My Daisy was way to young to die -just shy of 7 years old. I miss her terribly. Maybe Barbara could have found better lines to breed I don't know maybe she did her best I don't know that either but I do know I will always have a golden but I will do my best to find one from healthy lines but I still know there is no guarantee of health from any breeder !

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