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Photoblocker Spray / Surprisingly effective

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I can't believe ppl complain about photoblocker spray. The product works! I have been using the product for two years flashed twice during that time (when I drove through a yellow once...and when I made a legal right turn while red on the second )...but have not received a ticket. I mean, why would Denver Police and Fox31 News test the product (nothing in it for them) and say "surprisingly effective!"? I think some ppl just complain eventhough they didn't get a ticket while using the product.

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  7th of Dec, 2006
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I would bet the reason why Fox 31 and the Denver Police reported it did not work was authorities and the media are in cohuts together. Law enforcement authorities and smaller governmental entities see speed and red light cameras as an important new source of revenue. Authorities, and there are so many flavors of authority today it boggles the mind, seem intent on tracking our every move – online and in the real world of brick, mortar and asphalt. But does the news report that no. They report in order for "the people" to be "targeted" by the government for whatever use they see fit they best not use Phantomplate's product.

  17th of Dec, 2006
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What do you mean Fox 31 and the Denver police said it did not work??
They said it did work and that news reporter said to get the spray because it was vary effective.
I live in NY and they banned the spray here because it worked so well on the toll way.
There have been many news stories saying it works, but if the camera does not use a flash then it wont work,
so know what is used in your area before you buy it.

  13th of Mar, 2007
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The stuff does work, i use Photostopper it is a bit better and made in Canada, but like the Photostopper the Denver Police said it did work, the most likely wish they never said that but it is to late, In Calgary i use the covers from with the spray

  10th of Oct, 2009
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photoblocker doesn't work, buy it and get a ticket for yourself for the proof. I have a nice night time photo of my car that was sent to my house for free.($50 dollar ticket) Photoblocker made my plates easier to read for the camera. Save your money, its a scam. Not sure how they get away with all name dropping for there product.

  2nd of Jul, 2010
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I applied Photoblocker according to instructions and received a nice $156.00 speeding ticket in the mail. Conditions were a bit rainy, overcast, and the flash did go off when it took the picture. They asked me to fax the ticket to them and would investigate, and then get back to me which of course they haven't . It's been over a week and now i can't even get through to customer service. Nice scam.
Calgary, AB

  11th of Aug, 2011
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just check the company website and decide for yourself. Several police and investigative news agencies have tested it. sure its not 100% effective. If it was it would cost $1000/can. IT ONLY WORKS AGAINST CAMERAS WITH FLASH. and that is the majority of cameras hate people who ### when they get a ticket for blowing through tool booth. its not designed for that.

  6th of Dec, 2012
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  9th of May, 2014
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Bought the photo blocker then applied it properly as I'm car mechanic / bodywork then decided to put it to test. Foul me! as a week later I got a fine through the post from my local speeding camera with the flash!!!??? ### how could they legally fool people through marketing??? and get away with it!!

  1st of May, 2017
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As I write my $150 check out. Used the whole can Photoblocker on one plate producing the glossiest plate you every saw and still got a red light ticket. Don't waste your money.

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