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phonix managment / donny zinkin

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armuri managment inc.
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So... I go through training in the Middlesex, NJ office.. and was promised to be promoted out into my own office.. in which I was. The problem that lies here..is that your not told (once you get opened) is that your going to need a bank account with large amounts of money in it until your office is finally up and running. Now.. I don't doubt for a single minute that this business doesn't work..that has never been an issue in my mind..providing your Promoting Owner..which in my case..was Donny Zinken..tries to blow you out..even before you can really begin. It becomes pretty sad to know that he could send some of his people from Middlesex, NJ office..that will 'wink' 'wink' help you out with your office..only to discover that you must have been out sick the day that he taught the rest of the class his very skilled and crafted manipulation techniques..meaning.. 'go to Florida..go help me blow this sucker out of his office behind his back'! 'And remember... this is OUR little secret!'

I have to say that I'm actually very embarrased to call this man a Divisional..but must share the gory details with the general public.

At one time I had the utmost respect for this man..Donny Zinken.. I mean..being a Divisional and all.. I would have never in my wildest dreams expected not only him trying to blow out his own promotion (in Tampa, FL)..but when confronted on it.. used words, language and sentences on me that I myself would never even use on my worst enemy...oh..and by the way.. have I mentioned that Zinken is my worst enemy???

It's a promising pattern with these people.. YES..they are Genuine..they will open you up.. and YES..eventually will try to blow out too!..1..2 maybe 3 people (will blowout) from your office..depending on how many of you are running an office together (see.. 100% genuine)!

I just have to add.. like most.. I'm sure - that got to the point were I'm at..'trying' to run an office..and I'm sure like most..piss poor broke. I gave up my life for this Company. Moved myself out to Florida from New Jersey.. with a bottle and a dream..so far..the only thing by my side is the bottle.. I invested my life into this company..bottom line is it's just all about manipulation..who's the next 'sucker' to get the screw? If your not an a** kisser..you might as well let your bottles collect dust..and close your eyes and dream that this nightmare never happened!

So.. what I wasn't promised was to have all my merchandise taken away from my office..from what I understand that is illegal for this company... you are suppose to have merchandise 'free on consignment'..therefore this should warrant a lawsuit... when your merch is taken away.. how could you operate a business? I have a 2 yr. lease (in my name) no merchandise and a ton of bills to pay.. Please contact me if you have ever been in a similar position/situation with this company..or if you have ideas on how to help?? Please..please..please.. thank you!

Murat - [protected].


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D  25th of May, 2010 by 
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Maybe you should explain how you threaten to shoot your partner and/or as you put it "waste them." Everyone in the company knows you flipped out on the people who were supposed to be working for you. They all quit because you're a psychopath ready to threaten and harm anyone who disagrees with you. We all heard what happened from the partners that were there. Don't blame people for your mismanagement of your emotions.

As far as having a large bank account for when you open? What are you talking about? You get open and your office, if run correctly, will make you money. That pays for everything. It's a business. Just like anything else.

As for the merch being taken away, please read up on consignment businesses. Essentially, if you dissolve relations with the supplier of consigned merchandise, the consignor is allowed to demand any unsold merchandise returned. The benefit of being consigned with the company is for financial convenience without a credit check and background check. So instead of ordering merchandise by purchasing up front or with a line of credit, it sent to you and held in your possession but remains the property of the supplier until it is sold. Once it is sold you settle up payment of the merchandise and you keep the rest.

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