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I would like worn any person who is looking for VOIP service. to stay a way from a company called PhonePower.Com or Phone.Com. this is a one Rip off Company. they trained there billing staff to be rude to people who call them and try to find out about over charge on their phone bills.
I have signed up with them on 2009 as they were advertising buy one year of service for $199. and get the 2nd year for free. the first year passed by and I was charge for $38.89. they said this charge for tax and FCC Fees.
the 2nd year expired and I Ported my phone # out of their network. Assuming that when you port your phone # out your canceled your service with them. Instead of cancelling my service I was charged 24.38 a month. for tow months until I called my credit card issuer and closed that account and stopped any charges coming form Now I am disputing these charges. and now they send me to their collection agency asking me to pay $124.95.

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  • Do
      28th of Dec, 2011

    Watch out for this companies UNETHICAL service agreement! They make you agree to pay a dispute fee if you ever dispute one of their charges. What this means is if you dispute the charge with Visa or your bank, no matter which way the bank rules, they are still going to add a charge to your account.

    I disputed a charge and the bank ruled in my favor which should be the end of it. Not so with this company. They generate a "dispute" charge on your account and send you a bill. If you don't pay the bill then they generate an additional "collection fee" to your account. When you call them for an explanation their only response is "if you don't pay it we are going to report it to the collection agencies."

    After much argument they stated that they would waive the collection fee if I would pay the dispute fee. WHAT A CROCK OF MANURE!!! What choice do you have? Either pay their "dispute fee" or risk them trashing your credit with a collection record. I normally never would have paid this charge because of principle but I was forced to pay it to avoid a potential hit on my credit and only because I decided it would be cheaper than having to spend time and effort resolving it some other way. By the way my balance was ZERO except for their bogus "dispute charge" and "collection charge!"

    I doubt seriously if the credit card companies are aware of such unethical charges since the whole dispute process is to protect the consumer. Avoid any company that participates in such unethical practices and then leverages you by threatening to report a collection on your credit bureau.

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  • Go
      2nd of May, 2012

    This is not Phone Power's fault.
    1) You should have read the terms of service. You were clearly notified that you were going to be charged for taxes and FCC charges in the 2nd year.

    2) You clearly said that you assumed that your account would be canceled when you ported your number out. Assuming was your mistake. Never do that, always check.

    Just a happy customer who read the fine print.

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  • Ji
      28th of Oct, 2015

    Without any doubt, this is unethical company, I have never seen any company as bad as they are. i called in and cancelled my contact 6 months before it expired, i also sent a email notice to close my account as they requested. I received a cancellation confirmation email, with RMA#, to return the device, which I did, so far so good.
    8 months later, i got reported by them on my credit . For 8 months, I NEVER heard a word from them or any agency or anyone at all. I called in, they tell me i was required to send them a written notice to cancel the account, which i did, and I even have the confirmation email that it was cancelled. i also have recorded messages of them telling me that, which i will turn over to the proper agencies.
    I really see a class action law suit against this company, this types of practices are not mistakes, but rather a systematic polices of this company.
    I intent to fight them and will search for an attorney.

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