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I cant say the exact time butt was about a month before Christmas.

I was learning to drive with his son Chris who is the worst instructor I have ever had my first lesson was just him screaming at me and basically teaching me nothing he was on his phone most of the time whilst I was only just getting used to driving making me very nervous and scared that I would possibly crash the car.
once I was driving on my second lesson what was still the worst lessons and experience I've ever had I was driving down the road when he started to become very distracting asking me about my friends as he was telling me this my focus had completely went and I picked up speed I didn't mean to do but did as to being distracted by Chris he then went on to say that I was speeding and that if I had been caught I would be points on my licence not his making abit of a joke about it.
he made jokes like right today I don't want to die and my wife to be left without a husband and my child without a father lie why would someone learning to drive who is very nervous about learning.
was paying about 25 pound a lesson and am actually shocked how he is even allowed to teach people to drive his service was the worst I could ever imagine and actually made me not even want to learn to drive but I now have found someone who actually teaches me as I was told I was supposed to have a eye test first to see if my vision was bad which he didn't even bother with and it was as if he didn't even care about the person he was teaching to drive.
he also told me at one point that driving was easy and from the passenger side using the pedals he has on the passenger side started driving the car I really would like something to be done about this but I really doubt it would be done as its the son of the man who owns the company I would also hope to get a compete refund of the 4 lessons I had paid for but had only done 3 as I would not get into the car with him n the 4th as I felt it was that bad of an experience.

Jan 21, 2017

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