Pharmacist(s)/Owner(s): Todd Law; License: #5357 humiliated the customer / shopper drug mart's owner in red deer north was rude to the customer.

1 Red Deer, AB, Canada
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After purchased gift cards, the customer feedback to the store that the money was missing and that at the time of purchase, one employee went inside the stores with all the gift cards (the purchased ones were also brought to the back, hence, raised suspicious activities). No feedback from the store owner, the employee hung up on the phone when provided the feedback. The customer went to the store, was brought to the back of the store mentioned store didn't do anything wrong and the customer should contact the gift card company. The customer did contact the gift card company with the police investigated that the customer didn't use the gift card and the money was gone missing with the reported suspicious activities. The store promised the employee would not go to the back with the gift cards next time. When purchased next time, the store owner mentioned the customer was banned and was not welcome to the store anymore providing that the customer disrupted the business and walked the customer out in front of the other customers. This was very embarrassing that the store owner did that. Very unprofessional and unethical since the claim of disrupting the business was not true, the business was still working. The head office promised to provided written investigation which was never did, mentioned already informed the customer via phone and would like to close the case. The customer specifically requested written feedback as the information via phone was vague and inconclusive. Until now it's been several months with no update. Very bad experience with the way Shopper's handling things. Shopper's case number: Ref# 672056

Jun 18, 2017

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