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Permadry Waterproofing / Irresponsible work and refund back

1 608 SW 12th Street, Renton, WA 98055Renton, WA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 425-277-1990

I paid $10, 000 for repairing the basement leaking, however PermaDry Waterproofing never get the project completed. I was requested to cut the sheet rock and then the frame of the wall and found the wet situation happens, then call their office to come. I called in at the week before my summer break for a sheduling of their coming since the weather forecast said that there were a couple of days of my summer break were rainning which was going to help the company to identify the problem. Unfortunately the office told me that their schedule was full for my summer break. I did whatever their request at my cost like cutting sheet rock and frame of wall, the manager of PermaDry Waterproofing asked me pay him $70 for his coming over even he never complete his job (The contract and salesman said that if their project didn't work well, they're responsible for repairing it at their cost. The project never be completed, plus I was told that their work is lifetime warrantee... The new and expensive pump is just installed for months which I believe it's still under the warrantee, what is the point that I need to pay money after I've paid off $10, 000 on May 2010. When I suffered nightmares one after another from this company until I was insulted by the manager's statement that I hang on him for so long time... I called salesman on Monday Nov. 22 2010 for help and was promised that he would either call me back on the same day or the next day, Tuesday on Nov. 23, 2010. Again No call was back to me like promised. I called back to him on Wednesday Nov. 24 for 3 times: no answering! I don't know how I should deal with this irresponsible company and I can't tolorate this mistreating for almost a year. I need my refund! I need to see the protection from the law.

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  • Pe
      2nd of Dec, 2010
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    Ms. Deng needs to get her facts right before using this medium to complain about a company that has done everything in their power to satisfy her as an existing customer. The original field representative, the owner of the company, and our service department techinicians have all been to Ms. Deng's home on a number of occasions, for no fees, and at her request, to help identify where water has been coming from. Weather is was $1, 000.00 or $10, 000.00 we completed a very difficult and long lasting project for her in a home with multiple and serious problems, and our system has been and is working perfectly. Water is coming from another source that was not identifieable at the time of the original walk through with the home owner becuase she had just purchased it and did not know all the details of the house. We wish we could help this client, and we are sad to see her so frustrated, but she was informaed that if she continues to call us for servies not related to our workmanship there is a standard $70.00 fee for non warranty related calls after the work has been completed. This issue is still being worked on currently with the home owner to find her a resolution that must work around everyones schedule and time frame.

  • Ke
      18th of Jan, 2012
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    This is not the first time I have heard about this company and how they do business. I have a neighbor who had work done in their finished basement by PermaDry Waterproofing and with the first rain the carpet was ruined because their system failed. My neighbor had to have another company come fix what PermaDry failed to do the first time. They DO NOT stand by their warranty and the customer service is the worst !!

  • Wa
      12th of Dec, 2014
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    We dealt with Keith over the course of our interactions wit Perma-dry. He seems like a fairly nice guy, but not great at returning calls or least after they had the money for the project.
    We were told there would be a large filtration system in place to make sure our home and the items in the basement would not be covered with drywall dust and other materials. This did not happen. When we mentioned it the first day it was acknowledged, but not remedied. Everything was covered with drywall dust.
    The work took twice as long as what we were told, and at one point they said our job, which started on a Thursday, would no need to wait to be completed until the following week as they had other projects to complete. As we were not happy with our home being left in disarray until the next week, they changed their minds and completed it the next day.
    The project cost almost $8, 000 and although much of the problem has been taken care of, there is still leakage. The seams where Perma-dry opened up the cement around our basement have never dried properly...after almost a year...and the water in the middle of the floor where there is a crack is still leaking. We were told at the time of the bid that the water would gravitate towards the drains and the water in the middle of the room would no longer be an issue.
    A year later, they now say we need to spend another $2000, to fix this problem and that we had declined an additional cost for this work to be done. Yes, we did decline it, because we were told that the water would no longer be an issue.
    We also paid $1260 for Perma-dry to remove some of our existing drywall, all they did was rip it off the walls and left all of the screws in the studs for us to remove. Such a rip off! Don't have them do the "extra" work for you.
    Overall, I think Perma-dry sounds good and looks good on paper, and they might be able to help with water leakage...but don't count on them keeping their word, or getting back to you when there is an issue. Their so called "life time guarantee" is competently a scam. We have photos but I could not get them onto this page.

  • Pe
      3rd of Mar, 2015
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    This is a post from the company. We have reached out tot he home owner and offered to provide additional service at our expense. The home owner agreed that this would help with some of the issues involved.

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