Perfumania / Management

1 TX, United States

My husband lost his job in Nov. of 09 since he has applied to so many jobs and unable to find anything. He applied to Perfumania store they were hiring for store manager at the time (they still are). At last he receives a phone call from the DM to come in and have an interview with her. After the interview the DM disappeared (I completely understand you’re a busy person) after almost three weeks or probably more of waiting. My husband is finally told he has an interview with the Regional Manager; the interview lasted about 30 to 45 minutes. Now after two months of waiting or probably more still haven’t heard anything back.
And don’t get me wrong like I said before I understand you are BUSY, but you’re telling me that you can’t take not even five minutes or less of your busy schedule to just call or even email to say, “thanks but no thanks.”
What I DON’T understand is how can a nationwide company let such rude and unethical people run their company? To not even bother it would be nice to let them lose their jobs, and have someone else do the same thing to them. Even if he didn’t qualify or they believed that maybe he just wasn’t the right person for the job, that’s okay, but at least have the decency to say, “hey I’m sorry, but your qualifications did not meet our requirements.” Now a day’s companies don’t even call they just send you and email, and let me tell you it is not like they sit there and write it is only a template.


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