Perfumania / rude customer service

1 1178 Burnsville Parkway (inside of Burnsville Center), Burnsville, MN, United States
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Phone: (952)892-1242

I will never return to this store because of how rudely I was treated. I work in customer service myself and CUSTOMERS ALWAYS COME FIRST

I had went to the mall on November 27 2010 to purchase a colonge for my fiancee. I didn't remember how much the full set had cost from Macy's and I had a coupon for Perfumania from the booklet the mall has so I figured it would be cheaper. I purchased the large size of the CK-one for $56.77 thinking it was a good deal. The transaction went through just fine. A few days later I was thinking of the full set wondering if the size of the colonge in the set was the same as the one i had purchased. So I go to Macy's with my colonge that had been sitting in my car for a while that day because I had been running other errands and sure enough the colonge from inside the set was the same size as the one i purchased from their store. The set comes with the same sized aftershave a huge lotion and a mini colonge for $65.00 to me it made more sense to me to buy the whole set.

So I went to the Perfumania store and started returning my colonge and the girl that had been there at first was really nice. She said she was going to try to do my return before the other girl came back cause the other girl wouldn't return it if it was cold. She said she doesn't know why they won't but they had an issue with another women because of that. So the girl is trying to do my return she said "I'm so sorry this is the first return I've ever done before and it's just confusing because you used a coupon when you purchased it so it's asking me for all of this stuff" As she is doing this another girl walks into the store and she said oh thank god you're here I need your help returning this and the girl proceeds to return it and she picks up the colonge and takes it out of the package and tells me "I refuse to return this" frustrated i say to her why not and she tells me because its cold I wont return it I said to her well what the hell do you think I'm gunna do with it? I don't want it I want my money back she got on the phone and called her supervisor that person also refused to return the item. I kept telling her that it didnt make sense i want my money back I dont want the perfume she said that she would kick me out of the store. Which I didnt do anything i wasnt raising my voice at her I just stated that I was frustrated that she didnt want to give me my money back. I said to her let me talk to your manager she said " I am the assistant manager" I said than why don't you have your employees tell the customer this at the time of purchase the girl that sold me the perfume didn't say anything about that to me she said " actually I'm the one that sold it to you and I don't feel like I need to educate my customers on how to take care of their own products" I felt that that was unprofessional rude and idiotic. Of course you should "educate" your customer because now theres an issue for your lack of information. She said that she again was going to kick me out of the stor I said thats fine give me my stuff and Ill be on my way.She gave me a phone number for customer service which I called.

I called them and they transferred me to customer relations where I explained to the man exactly what I stated above. He asked for the store number on the receipt and for my name and number he said he would call me back. 20 min. later I'm getting a call from them and it is the DM of all of the stores. He said he had called the store already and that he wanted to hear my side of the story so I told him again exactly what I wrote in the above paragraph and he said " ma'am can I just tell you something? That women was uneducated herself." he proceded to say "she didn't know or understand that that policy only applies to the summertime. If you keep your colonge in the salad drawer of your refridgerator it will last for approximately 10 years as apposed to if you kept it in your bathroom where it is exposed to heat and light it will last for probably two years." He said that the girl had got emotional on the phone because he was hard on her because it was the first complaint that he had received from that particular store ( I doubt it) and that I would have no problem going back to return my item. He was sure to inform me that it only costed $30 now and I could return it and repurchase it if i wanted but I didn't I wanted the whole set.

I went back to the mall the same day 12/6/10 and this time the women who had argued with me befor ewas the only person working. I told her that the DM had called me and said I could return my item she said I KNOW! So I went up to the counter and started to say I was sorry that I didn't mean for it to... and in the middle of my sentance she says to me "it was unecessary for you to swear at me and be so rude to me and" than I didn't lety her finnish and I said you don't think it was rude that you say you don't need to educate your customers on how to take care of their products thats your job especially if it's gunna be such a hassle trying to return something because someone didn't tell you something she said " it's not my job to tell you not to keep your perfume to hot or to cold or where to keep it in light or anything" I said to her you were wrong anyways he said to me if you keep it in the refridgerator it will last for ten years an if you keep it in the bathroom it will last for two she said no youre wrong. how can I be wrong if I juss got off the phone with the man!! she snapped back I just talked to him! She starts doing my return and she keeps arguing with me she just keeps opening her mouth juss give me my damn money and ill be on my way she told me three different times shed kick me out. for what? for comming back faithfully trying to get my money and than having you keep arguing with me instead fo just processing my request, she still tried to resell the perfume to me I said I didn't want to rebuy it I just want my money cause Im gunna go buy the whole set she said well on your return form you said for $6 more you can get the whole set well the perfume is only $30 now I said I dont't want it I'm going to buy the whole set she said wuit arguing with me or I'm going to kick you out I said if you would just give me my money I'd be on my way by now! She said I am going to tell my manager aboput how rude you were to me I said ok and how does that effect me? I wont be comming back here as she handed me my money she said thats fine than dont come back here and I said I wont be comming back to be handled by someoen who can't handle their job and I left.

I went to Macy's and for $65 bought my fiancee the whole entire set besides the women threw in 10 mini testers and a Calvein Klein bag and a Calvein Klein Xmas stocking. With no harrasment or attitude. Thats where I will be taking my business to from now on and thats how I expect to be treated when I go to purchase something.

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