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I had a terrible experience with PENWA and would NOT recommend them to anyone! We placed an order of binders with them but the binders were the wrong size. So we decided to pay a ridiculous $200 re-stocking fee and get new binders. (This part is fine, I understand procedures.)

We told them that we needed the new binders ASAP, since the exchange made us delay very important projects. We asked to rush the order and paid for the extra rush fee. We got a confirmation number and the email said that it would ship the next day. After the deadline date, we kept calling and emailing to check up on the order. They wouldn't answer their phones or return our emails.

Finally after the deadline, we hear from them saying that they'll check on the order. (AFTER it's been passed the promised delivery date!) She gets back to me the NEXT DAY (so now we're 2 days behind) and says "I'm sorry... the order was never made."


So WHY did we even receive a confirmation number??? WHY were we promised a delivery date of TWO DAYS ago??? So of course by then it's too late to get the binders. It really puts us in a bad situation and now I'm considering going all around town to different stores to collect the binders 3-4 at a time.

GET THIS... they STILL CHARGE US $200!! IF anything, they should be falling over backwards saying sorry. Again, they don't pick up their phones and don't return our emails. In her 1 email, she says that Itoya made the mistake and blames it on them. I really think they are the ones to blame, because they should have never given us a confirmation # and date if they never heard from Itoya.

I keep asking for the names of their "superiors" but she keeps avoiding the question. If you look on their website, there is only ONE person in charge of everything. Robin is in charge of customer service, phone orders, and questions. UMM... super shady!

FINALLY when I DEMAND to have a phone conference with her non-existent superior, she tells me "oh we'll refund you after all."

Mind you, I've had to haggle and hassle her for a week and a half. This was NOT worth the headache. I shouldn't have had to call 1000000x and email 10000x. To top it off, she actually says "I've received no messages..." Straight up LIE! I know I should be happy that in the end, I got the $200 that we paid back, but like I said... it's just not worth it. Customer service is what makes or breaks a company.

Order from Staples, order from Blick art, just order from anywhere else!

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      12th of Apr, 2016
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    Customer ordered wrong item and the ordered item was delivered promtly. Customer wished to return incorrect item that they ordered and had received. Itoya has mandatory 20% restocking fee for returns. If customer had ordered correct product the first time, everything would have been fine without any scheduling headache. We did our best to work with this customer to resolve the problem. Apparently, our efforts were not appreciated. Rick Boblenz

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