Penson Financial Services, Inc. / ERRORS with 1099 Reporting for 2011 Taxes

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I am writing to tell (EVERYBODY) what a TERRIBLE company PENSON FINANCIAL SERVICES, INC is!! PENSON did the 1099 taxes for 2011 for the ONLINE STOCK BROKERAGE I use. And PENSON FINANCIAL ***(TOTALLY)**** messed up the 1099 for 2011 TAX year! PENSON ran a CONVERSION in DECEMBER of 2011, to conversion ACCOUNTS for our ONLINE STOCK BROKER accounts. By running their CONVERSION in 12/2011, they gave themselves (NO) window to FIX ERRORS that might happen in ANY conversion, especially with TAX reporting season STARTING IN 2012.

Then PENSON sent the 1ST version of the 1099 for 2011 to the CLIENTS LATE on 3/7/12. I discovered ERRORS in the 3/7/12 1099's and MANY other client 1099's had ERRORS. Then PENSON (SUPPOSEDLY) fixed those ERRORS and sent out ANOTHER set of 1099's by 4/1/12. And PENSON said THEY fixed EVERYTHING. Then on 4/21/12 I received ANOTHER set of CORRECTED 1099's for 2011 TAXES. I received the (3RD) version of these CORRECTED 1099's in the mail on 4/21/12...that is (4) days ***(AFTER)*** the IRS deadline of 4/17/12.

Now my ACCOUNTANT has to RE-DO my 2011 TAXES, and I have to PAY another ***($275.00)*** to RE-DO my 2011 TAXES, and send my 2011 TAXES in (LATE)!!! And PENSON FINANCIAL will (NOT) take any responsibility to PAY for the RE-DO of my 2011 taxes because of PENSON's ERRORS in their 1099 reporting!!!

I am ***(MAD)*** as ***!!! And I am going to do ***(EVERYTHING)*** possible to tell EVERYBODY and tell the NEWS MEDIA and even possible LAW SUIT, to let people know that PENSON FINANCIAL are a CHEAP A$$ company, that will NOT even REIMBURSE a (MINOR) $275.00, for ERRORS that PENSON caused for their INCOMPETENT CONVERSION and 2011 1099 tax reporting!!!

PENSON FINANCIAL is BIG company, with ASSET in the MILLIONS, but yet they CANNOT even REIMBURSE a (MINOR) $275.00, for ERRORS that PENSON FINANCIAL caused for their INCOMPETENT CONVERSION and 2011/1099 tax reporting!!!

I am SURE others have had this ISSUE with PENSON FINANCIAL SERVICES.


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  • Se
      29th of Apr, 2012

    I have the same problem with Penson Financial. they sent me 1099B with numeral errors. After noticing Penson Financial about the errors, they sent me revised 1099B which contains same errors. I am already late filing my taxes because of that.
    Can someone give me the name and mailing address of government agency so that I can complain to them about the errored 1099B from Penson Financial.

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  • Mk
      5th of May, 2012

    Same boat here--got my Corrected 1099 on May 3rd. This is simply unacceptable.

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