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Pennsylvania Narcotics Officers Association / Continued phone calls

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These people have been calling me everyday for about a week. I've asked them to remove me from their list but they refuse. They don't listen when I tell them not to call, they reply by saying things like, "you don't know why I'm calling, I'm not soliciting, etc". Today they called again and told me I made a pledge of $20. When I told them that was a lie and I never pledge or gave them any money they said, "all right Donald". I hung up. I NEVER take these kinds of calls and NEVER would give to an organization over the phone.

I want them to stop. Phone number on my caller id is [protected].

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  • Yo
      12th of Mar, 2007
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    They are not really cops! They are telemarketers! Report them to your police or who ever handles harassing phone calls. And sorry, you'll probably have to change phone number.

  • Sa
      15th of Mar, 2008
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    Does the PNOA call to raise money for programs?

  • Jo
      14th of Apr, 2008
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    I Received a call from 800-891-5843 (one of many used by these people) on April 14th 2008. Not the first time they've called. I picked up but remained silent and after a three second delay a man said hello and I replied, He then said "Wrong number" and hung up. I have gotten calls before from this " Pennsylvania Narcotic Officers Association " It is a telemarketing SCAM ! They usually call businesses. All they need do is give 2% of what they take in to any charity and that keeps them legal. Wether they actually use any of the money for real law enforcement training is unknown but I doubt it. They are registered as a charity in Pennsylvania but that doesnt mean they are legit. They're mailing address is: 3117 BLYTHEBURN RD. MOUNTAINTOP, PA 18707 and the local phone number is: (570) 474-9251 The PNOA President Reginald Roberts works for the Montgomery County District Attorney Ms. Risa Vetri Ferman CALL HER and tell her how her employee's charity is harassing you. Here's a link to the Pennsylvania State Charity disclosure page on these clowns ... 7715&orgtype=CO THEY TOOK IN MORE THAN A QUARTER MILLION DOLLARS and spent 80% of it on Fundraising and Adminstrative costs! That means what they pocketed! I tried with earnest to find an actual police group of any kind that benefited from these people and could not find a one! None had ever even heard of these people. They do have a nice slick website but remember Police don't need charity. They dont need your donations to do their job. They get paid thru YOUR tax dollars! They get extra funding thru confiscated drug property sales. And Police are PROHIBITED by law for asking for donations! These guys calling are NOT cops! They are slick. If you listen real careful they say they are "representing" some an "association" If you want to donate to a REAL police benefit organization give to one that is KNOWN and verifiable like the Fraternal Order of Police or The Philadelphia Hero Scholarship Fund not these scammers.
    Caller ID: 800-891-5843
    Caller: PA Narcotic Officers Assoc
    Caller Type: Telemarketer

  • Co
      14th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    This so called association has been calling my home number now for about the past month or so. I actually work at the court house where I live and I spoke with my boss who is a judge about this in a typical conversation and the judge informed me that this is in deed a form of a scam. He told me a story of a time when police in my county actually raided a basement in Havertown, PA and arrested 13 people who were using this as a base for their scam that involded the fratnernal order of police and this Pennsylvania Narcotics Officers Association. What they would do is only donate about 2-10% of the money they collected to the cause they said to represent and pocket the rest of the money for themselves. So think about it, they collect for example $100, 000 from callers and they will only donate $200-1, 000 to the charity and keep the money themselves. Not worth anyones time or money. By the way after the raid, police discovered 10 out of the 12 people arrested had criminal records for some sort of panhandeling or harrassment charges in the past. Coincidence?

  • Ef
      14th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    IXentel is officially a FOR PROFIT organization. Xentel's 800 # brigade (800-307-3697) has called me 10 times in the last month (including Sunday and after 9 p.m.). They usually aren't even there if I pick up. They've tried to convince me that I've pledged money to a local police-affiliated group. Wrong! Xentel has been sued by several states for fraudulent charity fundraising (misleading the people they call & not filing forms w/ the state on time or correctly). Search for Xentel & Iowa or Colorado for more details. And to top it off, they keep 75% - 90% of all monies they collect!!! Yowzers! Don't donate through this company; you're giving THEM a donation, NOT your local charity.

  • Je
      23rd of Nov, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I am a state trooper and these comments are exactly correct. We do not solicit for donations and this group is bogus. When these people contact you get a FULL name, contact number and tell them to stop calling or you will file a harassment complaint against them. If they don't stop contact your local law enforcement and tell them you want to file a harassment by communication complaint. And don't let any officer blow you off, push until they do it.

  • De
      31st of Dec, 2011
    0 Votes

    These guys are аѕѕholes, one "Pennsylvania Narcotics Officers Association" guy showed up at a nightclub with uniformed cops, but it wasn't the uniformed cops causing problems, it was the "Pennsylvania Narcotics Officers Association" guy harassing patrons and saying what was going on was "none of your business".

    He had no obvious badge or other credentials.

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