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HI Everyone,

Julie hired me for a Bewitched wife book app development. She didn't paid to me and took the product. And now they are not replying. Below are her details

Julie Grundvig
Beiwthced wife
partner: Murad Lakhdhir, Fu Dai

I already checked there reviews on scams. Many people faced same issue with them so dont work for above persons.


Apr 07, 2013
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  • Mu
      Apr 08, 2013

    Monish Bansal/Kumar is the Copyright Infinger not me
    Hi Monish Bansal

    Thanks for bringing this issue out into the open.. Just for your information, this developer is the fraud, not the poor schmuck (me, Murad Lakhdhir) that hired him to do an iPad ebook. The guy has terrible skills, and was never able to deliver on the product that he promised to deliver. We agreed on a total price of $2, 200 of which I had paid him $1, 100 in good faith and he never delivered the app for our company. He has blatantly stolen all the artwork and voiceovers and other assets and has created a slip-shod ebook that he now claims as his own. He tried to put up the ebook on iTunes but was banned from Apple for his copyright violations. He also tried to illegally post the app on other sites including Dailymotion as well as DropBox, again totally illegally. He is someone to watch out for. If you google his stories over the past month you will find that he has gone from the stand that I paid for his work, to he has now paid for work that I was supposed to do. In fact, he has taken it upon himself to attack my family members including my daughters.. What a ###, who does stuff like that?? I hired him on Elance and he has since closed his account there and refuses to talk sensibly about an amicable outcome. I live in Canada and I thought I was hiring someone with the skills to do the work for our company.. I have been really hurt by his blatant attacks, and dont have the faith in the Indian Development community anymore. I guess in the future, I will be outsourcing to the Far East, at least they wont be as dishonest!! I would definitely like to see some proof of the $7, 000 that Monish is talking about. Monish, please show some type of evidence!! I didnt know that he could stoop so low.. He actually was using his Fiancée's name as his own, and for months I was referring to him as Priyanka, which is not his name at all.. Now you tell me, who the fraud is..

    I hate to say this, but this whole experience has been a little uneasy for me and I am more that happy to share the legal documents that Apple has given us for the copyrights for this App. I am in fact quite surprised at Monish Bansal's attitude and his total disregard for our copyright. You can check out the real iBooks at the following locations on iTunes..

    US Store:

    Hope this clarifies things..


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  • Pe
      Apr 08, 2013

    This is a statement of support for Mr. Murad Lakhdhir against the defamations made to Murad and our company. They are published by a Ganganager, India-based person by the name of Monish Bansal who claimed to be an iOS developer. Our company initially hired him to work on our first interactive book app for iPad through an online outsourcing platform called, with half of the development cost duly paid to him to initiate the work. However, Mr. Bansal's work turned out to be extremely rudimentary, so much so that we had to scale back our expectations and explore other ways to finish the contract with him, such as developing an iBook version internally first and ask Mr. Bansal to emulate that in the app version. All along the way, we acted in good faith with patience and respect to work with him, even that his development and English language skill levels were a significant barrier to efficiency and effective communications.

    Out of his personal frustration, Mr. Bansal started to demand for final payment and more money, even that his work was far from completion, let alone a satisfactory outcome. We obviously rejected his threats while repeatedly asked him to act reasonably and focus on the work at hand. However, soon after that, Mr. Bansal crossed the line as a developer: he stole our work and project assets and published them on Apple App Store without our authorization. We immediately requested Apple to have the app removed, which Apple did within a week. (During the entire dispute process, in his unconvincing and broken English, Mr. Bansal lied blatantly and repeatedly, even in the face of our company's legal proofs of ownership and affidavits.)

    Facing that defeat, Mr. Bansal escalated his illegal behaviours by uploading screen-cast video of the iBook work file we initially shared with him on YouTube and DailyMotion, using a Gmail address [protected] We immediately filed complaints to YouTube as well as DailyMotion to have them removed. After that, wondering if money was all he wanted, we gave him one more chance by asking him to settle for a reasonable amount, on the condition that he will need to sign a notarized affidavit with his real name and mailing address listed, and delete all the project assets we shared with him. During this period, one of our company partners Mr. Murad Lakhdhir who hired him online initially had to travel due to a family emergency and could not respond timely to his emails demanding for more money. Mr. Bansal immediately started his unsavoury behaviours again: posting nasty comments on our company's digital presence, as well as our author Ms. Julie Grundvig's other work related sites and social media venues. He even set up a Facebook page with photoshopped pictures of Mr. Lakhdhir's daughters in nude. Plus a number of blogs showing Mr. Bansal's latest personal attacks, defamations and misconstrued facts.

    His actions and obvious lack of decency are incredible. He somehow believes that given he's in India, he doesn't have to face the consequences of his illegal activities. It may take some time for the Indian legal enforcement as well as large portal companies such as Google to look into his unlawful actions but we believe with persistence and patience, he can be dealt with properly and prevented from victimizing other unsuspected and legal start-ups such as ours.

    Director, Peilin Press Inc.

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