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This company charged my account for a anti-virus, speed up computer scan.It never worked I have emailed them several times an got the email back address was wrong.Licence#B274-9DA5-A540-B216.ORDER #U36QETAC, DATE 4/30/2010.AMOUNT 37.85.CAN YOU HELP ME PLEASE.

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  • My
      5th of May, 2010

    This is a warning to all humans! there are NO speedup computer programs that actually work. save your time and money, go to BestBuy buy a Anti-Virus Anti-Malware Anti-Spyware and avoid online companies that claim " we can make your PC faster" it's not real. you're just paying money to have absolutely nothing done and you are allowing access to these so called "speed up comanies" in to your personal information.

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  • Cu
      8th of May, 2010

    Good day Ms. Woollard,

    I saw your comments and wanted to offer assistance. Our customer service center is open from 7am to 6pm CDT (Arkansas time)

    Below, I have included a toll free number to contact us.


    We’re looking forward to assisting you!”

    Best regards,

    Customer Service

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  • Dd
      14th of Oct, 2014

    This an Absolute scam never deal with these people they are liars and I hope they get wheat's coming don't fall for any of them they claim to be comcast, verizon a number of high ranked companies all just to steal your money

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  • Lu
      14th of Jun, 2016

    I also have a problem with a refund they charge my card $349.00 after I spoke with them they said it was a mistake we will send you a Email to verify your Refund wait 3 to 5 days to get it is being1 weeks Never got the Email or Refund, so I call back they said you will get a Email in 10 minutes saying
    your Refund is on its way is being another week no email or Refund so I spoke with consumer protection and I will tried again tomorrow to call them and see why the deception, paypal said that if they do it again they will contact and see why is not process, so wish me luck I will call tomorrow and then if nothing gets done I am going Legal,

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  • Bo
      8th of Apr, 2018

    Ref: Digitalclick 1888-846-9563-065 MT
    There have been two with drawls from my bank account on the 5th April 2018, on checking with my bank they say it was for a purchase of ??? on the 30th March 2018.
    I am not aware of such purchase and therefore request a refund, the total with fees is: NZD $28.33.
    Bob Holley
    Home Phone: 06473079518
    My email: [protected]

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