Passport to WealthRip off

Call me a sucker - I signed up for Passport to Wealth created by Darren Gaudry who's moving on (only after one year of starting passport to wealth) to creating a new company ""

With passport to wealth you have to pay your "sponsor" $1000 to get into the business and then pass up your first two sales. Plus $30 bucks a month to passport to wealth to "host" your backoffice which contains tons of ebooks and a few software products - most all of which are being sold on ebay for between .99 cents - $5 (on a good day.)

Somehow when I first looked at this a dozen times I still managed to miss there sweet little disclaimer about their products that you pay $1000 for:

"Disclaimer: By downloading or installing ANY product found on the Passport To Wealth web site you agree to the following terms and conditions. All software, e-books and other products found on this site are provide "as is". We make no claim or warranty to the working condition, or offer support for any of the products, including installation, or use. You assume all liability for any damages to your computer system. Even though we have scanned every product for all known viruses, adware, spyware etc., it is your responsibility to do so as well. Contact the author for any help, or legal issues."

So you pay them $1000 for products they don't have the decency to back up or even guarantee they work?!?!?

Avoid passport to wealth like the plague it is nothing but a money trap.

Some people may come here and say how much money they are making and all and that's great - but they are making that money of people who know nothing about the internet, or ebooks, etc... and "duping" them into being able to resell the "opportunity" to others rather than selling the products using the Australian 2-up tactic.

Just go to and look at the company profile and then try to contact them directly by phone - good luck.

Or go visit the better business burea and do some research.

If the company was so spectacular - why in the world after only one year and Lord knows how much money from hosting fees they are still bringing in...

You have to ask yourself why they are starting a brand new company with a whole different name...

I'd bet the farm that they will have a hosting subscription fee with

What goes around comes around! I'd rather lose $1000 than end up in jail as Darren Guadry and all the other internet crooks soon will be.

Lesson to be learned: never by into a business where you're promised to earn more off the "opportunity" than the product.

Is it a scam? You tell me.

They claim they have an internet marketing library with resell rights worth $75, 000 - yet their inventory is being sold on ebay for pennies and in some places FREE.

I would call that HIGHLY deceptive and then they don't even guarantee support if there products don't even work.


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