Parx CasinoParx casino - by far, the worst of the worst in casinos

PARX Casino continues to be number one alright. Number one in classless **** holes that is. Not only are the slot payouts atrocious, the comps are equally as disgusting and the customer service as always the worst I have ever seen anywhere. They always have issues with their HVAC systems. Patrons smoke anywhere they want (including non-smoking areas) without intervention from security and staff. This is totally unacceptable.
I recently went there for a giveaway. Their marketing is absolutely deplorable. There is never enough product available for their giveaways where I always end up being offered minimal free play. I would much rather have the product than a measly 10 dollars. At least I would have something to show for my play, since their machines never pay out. Also, casinos are known for their excellent food venues. Parx's food venues on the other hand are far from that type of quality. I actually became violently ill after eating at Foodies. Food was cold and very undercooked. Service was as slow as molasses. It took 25 minutes to get a lousy cheeseburger, which was by far the worst I have ever had. I would have been better off going to the McDonald's or Burger King down the street. Except for the bottled beverages, their fountain drinks were always flat, full of ice and no refills allowed.
Not long ago, I was playing a machine that had a large major jackpot. An African American ghetto couple was pacing back and forth around my vicinity. I ran low on money and with my card and remaining money still in the machine, I stepped away to go to a MAC machine which was just a few steps away. It took me no more than 2 minutes to get some money and to come back to the same slot machine with my card and money still in it. When I returned, I found that same couple playing my machine with my money and card still in it. When I approached them, I screamed at them to let them know I was playing here. Then this lowlife African American man verbally threatened my life telling me to get away, where he was going to "f__k me up", when I explained to him and his wife that they stole my machine with my money and card still in it.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Bensalem, PA I then asked them if they even bothered to check to see if someone was using the machine before helping themselves to it. Naturally, some 4-eyed doofus dork of a patron came over who was not even involved and had no clue as to what happened, brought security over, due to the excessive shouting between myself and this couple. The security guard, who was also African American, did absolutely nothing to resolve this matter, except take the couple's side which made me so incredibly irate. I only wished the Police were there so I could have pressed criminal charges. I kick myself today for not pursuing this further with the proper authorities. I do take any kind of threats, especially towards my life very seriously and highly condone PARX and their management team for the ill manner I was treated, and hold them fully accountable for allowing this to ever happen. On a footnote, just recently, and all over the news, PARX's great security staff allowed someone to get beat up in the parking lot, where he collapsed. He nearly died before authorities came to his rescue. And just think, all of this could have been easily prevented, had security done their job. So if any of you out there who think this place is safe, THINK AGAIN...
So my advice to all of you people out there who are considering going to this garbage dump of a casino, please do not trust anyone. Including the casino staff. There are many other casinos out there that treat you so much better, and reward you very generously, and are also much safer. Not PARX, by a longshot!!! Not only does PARX not pay out, I found out, you can also risk your own life. The reality is that PARX management and staff could not care less about you, except for the money you are dumping into their stingy, greedy pockets. As I found out through a very dear friend of mine who suffered the same experiences I have at this very casino, if you as much as complain to management, they will permanently ban you from their property. That certainly is not my idea of exceptional customer service. I would think they would want to more than anything, make every effort in improving, rather than punish those who are just voicing their honest opinions. Many excellent ideas and suggestions do come from the outside. PARX management needs to thoroughly understand that, and accept the fact that that they are not always right.

Feb 02, 2017

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