Parkwood Village ApartmentsAwful company

If you're looking for a place to live in Clifton park, NY PLEASE do yourself a favor and don't move into Parkwood Village apartments. Don't be fooled by their lame promotions and deals, it's not worth it. If you DO make the mistake and move in, you had better hope that nothing in your apartment malfunctions because they'll slap you with a lien faster than you can say criminally negligent. There are many other properties which are much better than Parkwood Village out there to choose from.

Here are some FACTS about the Parkwood Village apartments:

1. The on-site property manager(s) have historically been full of themselves and very ###. They'll contend that they are in fact honest people but their actions speak quite loudly. They make snide remarks, they label tenants as non important, they look around for anything to make a tenants' life harder and for years, they've lacked intelligence which in the end, hurts the tenants and not the property owners.

2. The on-site maintenance team of flunkies is a joke. These mental midgets comprise a lackluster, unimpressive & horrifically sorry charactered team of unqualified Mr. 'Break-Its'. It sometimes takes months for them to even make a so-so appropriate diagnosis of even the smallest problem. There have been reports of breaking and entering (documented by the Saratoga County Sheriff's office) with no signs of forced entry (in other words, the person that broke in, had to have a key to gain access). They all have the worst attitudes you can imagine, they never show at least a smile and they're completely willing to fix something or help out ONLY when it benefits them.

3. The physical structure of the property is reminiscent of old NY City style tenements. Full to the brim with insects, mold problems, shoddy construction (thin insulation, drafty windows, serious structural deficiencies & poorly maintained and operational supplied appliances). The apartments smell of water damage and the walls are paper thin. The appliances they supply are all OLD HotPoint stoves, dishwashers & washer/dryers from the early 90's that could break at any given time. Sometimes, it seems as if the washers and dryers will take flight because they make so much noise.

4. The water problem at Parkwood Village is a huge issue. You can't take a shower longer than 15 minutes without the water going cold on you and you're lucky if you can get more than a medium speed drip out of the shower heads because the water pressure is so low. The water gets turned off every week because the staff is CONSTANTLY shutting off the water to 'test' it.

5. The groundskeeping is sad at best. The maintenance men walk around with a leaf blower in every which direction and they get nothing accomplished. I have NEVER seen someone cut the grass so often in such a vain attempt to look busy. Every single month like clockwork, they spray loads and loads of harmful pesticides ALL OVER the grass and cement steppes all of which does absolutely nothing to curb the growth and procreation of the insect population. I've even seen them spray the bottoms of the fronts of the buildings (keeping in mind the buildings are very structurally deficient) I wouldn't be surprised if they weren't making tenants sick with the stuff. In the snowy season, the maintenance men throw out a couple of pieces of rock salt on 1 inch thick ice and sadly, tenants slip and fall due to their extreme incompetence and bad upkeep skills. They also overcharge for carpet cleaning and painting as well.

6. Last but not least, the rental system is a joke. Don't count on receiving your security deposit back after you leave because they look for any little reason to keep it for themselves.

***This apartment complex should be avoided like the plague, if you move here, it's your problem and I am putting this up here as a deterrent to the brainwashing that they throw towards prospect tenants with $100 gas cards and no security deposit down, etc. You've been warned!!!***

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