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On 14-Aug-14 I parked in a parking lot on 15th and California in DT Denver and when I went to pay for the stall the machine was out of paper to print a parking pass, consequently the machine would not let me pay. I took a picture of the message in the event there was a problem and left the car for about an hour. This did result in a problem, specifically I received a parking Notice/ticket that was in excess of the daily maximum and also included additional penalties. The Notice/ticket actually acknowledged that the machine was down and still the operator choose to issue this notice with a 14 day demand for payment.

Per the instructions on the back of the ticket, I appealed on-line gave the above description and included a picture of the machine that would not let me pay and asked for them to void the ticket. The company responded with a reduction of the penalty, but still required a full payment that exceeds the maximum amount of the daily lot fee. When I went to pay online, they also want an additional $4 convenience fee.

A company that knowingly over charges and penalizes people for their equipment failure can be described as unethical and predatory at best.

Sep 02, 2014
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  • La
      Jun 04, 2017

    We parked in a lot in fort worth, Texas last night where the man in the lot said there was no charge for weekends and for handicap van that we were present in. The parking lot was flooded with poor road conditions and no other cars were present at the time. They had to drop me off at the restaurant due to me not able to maneuver in poor lot and flooded conditions. We would have gracefully paid the 7 dollars if we were told to, however when we asked, we were told like I said initially that the disabled and due to it being late weekend hours, no fees were requested. When the guys returned to get my van, there was the ticket present. I am not able to pay this as I am a crime victim and currently off work and disabled with limited funds. I have contacted the state in regard to the handicap parking issue for assistance as well. I can be reached at [protected]

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  • Id
      Jul 27, 2018

    Yes they are predatory and if you are disabled they cannot impose a penalty at least in texas they have no customer services but they do have an address for service and if I got the harassment and against your credit I would file suit in the county the penalty was issued. I am paralegal in texas and qualify for for inability no fees to file.

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