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Park Royal / Your luck depends on your action!

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I am getting e-mails from many who have signed contracts for vacation packages while at Park Royal Resorts in Mexico and other places. Park Royal vacation destinations are generally good, but they will try to get you to go to presentations. SAY NO!! People who attend are offered deals too good to be true, and unfortunately after signing and getting home find out what a scam it was. Here are some of the answers I have given:

There are no "class action suits" in Mexico. The best recourse is to research the Internet, make copies of other testimonies with similar experience. Fie with PROFECO, the Mexican agency assigned to these problems. The sooner the greater the chance for them to do something. Also, if your contract did not have the notification of the Mexican law five day cancellation period send a copy of that law (you can find information about this on the Internet) with your contract to your credit card company. Use the other peoples testimonies as support to demonstrate a pattern of misrepresentation, and fraud with your own documentation to support your situation. Join the support group through Yahoo groups about Royal Holiday to keep informed of other members' results. There are many positive outcomes, where people get the money back. The important thing is as soon as you are aware you are in this mess act. If you act fast the credit card company does help. If you don't PROFECO had helped many, but that takes close to a year. If you wait for over a year, because you kept trying to use this, and it took you longer to find out this is a scam (not your fault) PROFECO might not take the case. Then you have to demonstrate that Royal Holiday did not provide the services and still push your credit card.

Remember, you are not alone. Don't give up hope, use the help and advice from others who have been successful to beat the scam to strengthen your resolve to fight for yourself.

Your luck depends on your action.

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  • Sa
      28th of Apr, 2007
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    The pressure these scammers put on people who attend the presentations have been well planned. If you visit Royal Holiday's web site you can see this is a large company. They have studied sales techniques, the psychology of consumers, and are well prepared. On the other hand, the vacationer is in an unfamiliar foreign place. They are often celebrating something, very off guard. They are shown packages with inflated prices, given deals, and offered special incentives only available if they sign today. If they put the full amount on a credit card they are offered even greater discounts. But, you have to agree then and there. You are told it is a one time offer. When ever you are told this it is a lie. What do you think the people who come in "tomorrow" or next week will be offered.

    The important thing is DO NOT agree to attend ANY presentations by vacation sales organizations while on vacation. I have never met or personally corresponded with anyone happy with these agreements. They have employees posing as happy customers, and will have their employees post lies about happiness with the company, but this is part of the scam. If you know anyone who is planning a vacation warn them to only do what they went there for in the first place, relax and have fun. Do not make any decision committing to spending large amounts of money while on vacation. These packages cost an average of $23,000.00 with annual dues of an average of $750.00 and the contracts are usually for thirty years. You are spending all this before you ever make one reservation, which you will not get. The resorts already have your money so they will give priority to new cash paying customers, not you. These new cash payers are also potential timeshare, or vacation package purchasers. That is why you read all kinds of stories about members of these clubs not ever getting the vacations they request. Royal Holiday already has their money. They want fresh "meat".

    Again, just say no.

  • He
      5th of May, 2007
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    I wish I had read this before I went there. They offered me a bunch of free diving and things if I went to the presentation. I did think it was too good to be true when they showed me everything they would give me, but now I have come home, I am told the dates and resort I want is not available. I can never get a vacation. Now when I see all the people telling what they have had happen, no vacation, but they take more and more money I am worried. I gave them $10,000.00 down on my credit card and before I could activate my account had to pay $545.00 annual dues, and then I can't get my reservation. Now I have to do a lot of work. I have to write a lot of complaints, file papers, documents, and take a year to see if I will get my money back. Do not buy a contract in a foreign country, even if it is in english, and they have a fancy web site and show they work with other huge companies. It is part of the con game. If you go to a Park Royal resort, enjoy it, it is beautiful, or at least the one in Cozumel is. But stay away from the Royal Holiday people. I think they will have to change their name, so stay away from any presentations for vacation packages.

  • Jo
      29th of Jun, 2007
    0 Votes

    Various travel agents like get paid to sell discounted travel packages to Park Royal, and other Royal Holiday locations so they have the people to scam. The United States State Department warns against purchasing these timeshare/vacation packages. Please, know what you are getting into when you go to these places. You are a target for a scam. They are the hunters, you are the hunted.

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