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Park Place Cafe & Bakery / Bad food and customer service

1 United States

Park Place Cafe & Bakery
615 W Cloverland Dr
Ironwood, MI 49938

First of all, the owner should make every effort to satisfy the customer, especially when requests are not unreasonable. Ignoring the customer is generally a very bad idea.

Secondly, acting perturbed when it is the owner's FAULT the food is not up to par is insane... CONSISTENCY IS KEY. Make the food the same. Don't whine when criticized because it is not.

I have eaten there probably 25 times since they opened and probably HALF of those times, the food has had a problem, but it something missing, something overcooked. The owner stomps around all pissed off, but is that not what we pay for? Good food and good customer service?

Also, it is a small restaurant, which is fine. That would equal good customer service, no? Pokey, pokey... Hire more people if needed. Don't take it our on your customers.

There are plenty of deserving businesses. La Panetteria in Bessemer is wonderful. (The owner ALWAYS makes an effort to talk to the clientel, and their bakery is much better.) Don and GGs has great food and decent customer service. And their food is generally consistent. Brewsters, if they are open for lunch, is awesome... great food and service...

The girls working at Park Place are decent, don't get me wrong. Amy, Rachel, Krisin, very friendly and capable. But to own a business in a small town, treat your customers decently, or you may not have a business to own.


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