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Parisavan Ragdolls / Sold unregistered, sick kitten that died and will not take responsibility

1 Edmonton area Alberta, Canada Review updated:

Jan.26, 2016 we purchased a kitten advertised as "TiCA registered ragdoll" from PARISAVAN Ragdolls breeder Wendy Hamel. We signed a contract that the female kitten could not be spayed until 7 months of age, and registration would be provided "upon spaying". We got verbal assurance the kitten came from 'championship lines' and the parent were "genetically cleared" of any diseases. No documentation was available to show us since Ms. Hamel had it all packed ready for moving. We had to take a photo of the contract since her printer was also packed away. She was to send the contract by mail ASAP.
The kitten's date of birth indicated was Nov. 16, 2016. We noticed that next day and I called Ms. Hamel asking her to correct it before sending us the contract. Also, she asked us to choose a middle name for the kitten to be used for registration. this was also provided to Ms. Hamel by phone, as well as in text messages. We were told the kitten had 1 set of vaccination and one deworming. No date of vaccination/deworming was given though it was requested several times. Each times Ms. Hamel claimed it was on the bottom of the contract page in the photo I took on Jan. 26/2016. She indicated the booster and 2nd deworming should be done ASAP, and was done by our veterinarian on Jan.27, 2016. The contract never arrived, and Ms. Hamel claimed it must have been lost by the post office. She 'mailed it again', yet once again the contract did not arrive. She was to bring it during an arranged visit. No show day 1 and when contacted "was sick". She arranged next day visit, but again did not come due to not feeling well. When I asked her to just take a photo of the 'corrected' contract (which was to have a correct date of birth, and the kitten's middle name), she texted me 2 pages that still had a wrong birthdate, no middle name, but included dates for TWO sets of vaccinations at the bottom of page 1. When contacted to share a concern that the kitten now had 3 sets of vaccinations (2 from her, and one from our vet), she said "oh, no, she only had one set. The other set was given all the other kittens from her litter, but not her, because I was going to keep her" (odd. Our kitten was advertised for sale the same time as her litter mates).
We had our kitten spayed on June 20th (at 7 months 3 days) and the breeder acknowledged receiving the veterinary certificate, but would not provide the registration. After several requests for it, she actually stopped responding and blocked our phone/texts.
On October 3rd we received email from TICA executive office stating PARISAVANRAGS is registered to Wendy Hamel, but no kittens from a litter born Nov. 16, 2015 were ever registered. We contacted Ms. Hamel through her new ads on kijiji, but no response was received, though the ads disappeared.
On October 13 our kitten's chest and stomach seemed to be moving a lot while she was breathing, and by October 14th morning we ended up at the vets and had X-rays. She had fluid in her chest cavity and vet removed 130 ml of fluid and sent us to Emergency veterinary hospital for more tests . After 7 hours and several tests (echo cardiogram, ultrasound, analysis of the chest fluid), she was diagnosed with 'severe congenital hypertrophic cardiomyopathy' and was give 45 days to live, provided she had repeat chest taps and was on 3 kinds of medication. We had no choice but to let her go to her final sleep in our arms that night.
We again contacted Ms. Hamel through a kijiji ad she had, and also left a note on her new Facebook page advertising her ragdolls. She obviously received the communication, because she withdrew her kijiji ad and deleted her Facebook page. Again, she never contacted us, although the kitten was not even 11 months old when she had to be euthanized.
This breeder is utterly unethical, and has not followed through on anything she promised, and does not seem to take responsibility when anything goes wrong (other than BLOCK every attempt you make to contact her).

  • Updated by nana29, Mar 23, 2018

    I'd love to contact you. I have tried to get her new address so I can sue her through the small claims courts (I have claims of at least 2, 700.00). I can't have her served if I don't know where she lives (she was in Edmonton when I bought the kitten but was in the process of moving).

Nov 2, 2016
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  • Sk
      22nd of Mar, 2018
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    She runs a terrible business, I purchased a cat from her back in 2016 and after splitting up with my spouse and going to retrieve the cat a week later and finding out it was sold I contacted her. She hesitated to respond, and later told me she had participated in rehoming the cat. The contract of which I have the original along with vet bills clearly state my name. No attempt was made to contact me at all and she claims the original contract no longer exists.

    I'm pursuing this through the courts but I will tell you she does not ethically run her business other then to make money.

  • Na
      23rd of Mar, 2018
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    @Skyismine02 oops, my reply got attached to my original post. Please look above your post for my suggestion

  • Sk
      25th of Mar, 2018
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    @nana29 I sent you a message on here, I'm not sure if you got it?

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