Paramount Song / Demo/Record Label

Ro Mar 20, 2016 Houston, TX

I wrote a song dedicated to my mother who passed away November 27, 2012. I sent my song lyrics to Paramount Song who sent me a con tract. They demoed my song after charging me a hefty price of $189 plus $10 for my C.D. copy. They basically had me pay for my con tracts with them and StarTune Records. They placed my song on Amazon mp3 and iTunes which I areed upon them doing. Yet I never consented to the placing it with Tower Records. After they claimed they had cancelled my contracts. The song still remains on the Rainbow Destiny album. Apparently they have not closed on their claims on my song and as they still claim on my royalties. I only got $2.80 for my royalties for this quarter. While I am sure they lined their pockets with all the rest. I plan to expose them so no one else is preyed upon as they preyed upon me.

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