Paraiso Cosmetic / Plastic surgery scam

Where to begin?
This place is absolutely horrible!!! Do not be fooled by the good looks inside
and what the staff will tell you, it’s all a big scam.

To begin, the first time I booked my surgery, about
three weeks in advance, they cancelled the surgery one day before after I had
scheduled my vacation days at work simply because the doctor decided to go on
vacation. No apologies, just a cancellation and nothing else could be done. I
was really interested in the doctor who would be performing the surgery, so I
decided to re-schedule. I had told the coordinator that I would be financing my
surgery with Care Credit, she reassured me that it wouldn’t be a problem. I
went ahead and scheduled the surgery, the same day when I got to the surgical
center at the time of payment that they were no longer accepting Care Credit
and that I had to come up with the money because otherwise I couldn’t have the
surgery. Somehow after being completely stressed out I came up with the money
in order to have the surgery because once again I had asked for the days off
from work and this time I could not re-schedule. Right then and there in the
front desk, I had my pre-operative consultation, not with a doctor but with the
front desk girl. I thought this was supposed to be done by the surgeon not some
un-qualified lady.

After I paid for the surgery, I went ahead to the
pre-operative room with a really unprofessional nurse, just like everybody who
works there. She was upset because the IV she didn’t properly place was
bothering me and I was telling her I was in discomfort. She had a really gross
attitude. After waiting about an hour in the pre-operative room alone, I went
ahead to the operating room where my first impression was that it was not very
clean or organized and everybody came in and out not taking any measures of
hygiene. At that point I really wanted to cancel the surgery but next time I
knew I was under. Post operatively, it was the same nurse again. When I woke up
she forced me very harshly to get up from bed asides from the pain I was in.
She was not comforting at all, and I felt rushed by her and mistreated. She
spoke in a very loud voice with a nasty attitude. After I went home and spend
the next few days in pain which is normal of the surgery. However, when it was
time for my post-operative care to check how my recovery was progressing, this
was another horrible experience. The front desk people will attend the people
who haven’t paid yet to make It seem like the place is all proper and such,
while the people who are feeling bad are forced to wait because they can’t
leech any money from them any longer. You are lucky if you see the doctor to
receive further post-operative instructions. You get some unprofessional nurse
telling you what sounds like something she memorized, not personal and once
again not qualified to do so. My results were absolutely horrible, my body
looks horrible, completely ruined, and I need to have a revision surgery to
correct all that went wrong with this surgery

Finally, referring back to the patient coordinator,
Martha, she is a lying unprofessional rude lady who has absolutely no customer
service skills. She will tell you everything is perfect when in reality her
goal is to get you to pay for the surgery and nothing else. She should pay for
surgery herself, because she’s ugly from head to toe. She has pictures of
patients in her cell phone gallery and will show new customers their results.
As a health care professional, this is a privacy violation.

If you value your body, your health, and your money
do not go to this place. Do not be fooled by what these people will tell you,
they will scam you and your body will be ruined like mine. This is place is ran
by shady women who have absolutely no idea what they are doing. DO NOT GO


Jul 09, 2014

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