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Paragon Properties / Scam and cheating

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Paragon Properties
So I have now read a bunch of reports on Paragon Properties here on [redacted] and I am completely up in the air. I put a down payment on a property in Playa del Mar in Feb 2006. I had no intentions on paying it off until the infrastructure was in place and I was able to build. As is the case for many of you, NO INFRASTRUCTURE. Per the contract, it was supposed to be in within 18 months of the date I signed the contract.

Now I live in Costa Rica, and have learned many things about how things work down here. I love the country and will probably remain here for a long time and will try to build on my lot in Playa del Mar, when the infrastructure goes in.

I am in a quandary because I share all of your sentiments about how they have breached the contract...they have! However, living in Costa Rica you get used to hearing this phrase 'Tico Time.' Things just don't EVER get done when they are supposed to get done down here. So, I can understand the hold up with getting in the infrastructure.

Another thing that I have read complaints about is 'There is no such super highway going from San Jose to the beach.' Let me attest to the fact that there IS INDEED a highway (I would not dare to call it SUPER) that will pass from San Jose to the coast and make travel time to said coast drastically shorter than it is currently. The highway has been in the planning stages for like 25 years. I have spoken with Attorneys and real estate agents here and they have told me how long they have been waiting for this road to be started. Again, things NEVER get done when they are scheduled to be done.

Someone has stated that they have had a hard time getting in touch with the company about their lots. I can only say that each time I have tried to call David Valentine, even when trying to call him from Costa Rica, I have gotten through to him. I simply call the local office in Heredia and they patch me through (that may be an antiquated phrase but its the best I could come up with). I asked him recently to email me a copy of my contract and the next day it was in my inbox.

One other complaint has been that you have not received a deed for the property, and I don't really understand this one. It would be impossible to register a deed in any state in the U.S. for property that is in another country. My lawyer here in Costa Rica told me that with projects of this magnitude, the normal chain of events is the project is applied for and either approved/denied. Then down the road when the infrastructure is in, the lots are deeded and recorded in the Registro Nacional in San Jose. Google Registro Nacional Costa Rica and if you speak spanish you will be able to confirm the finca number on that website.

It is really difficult to be certain of something when you haven't seen any progress but, I went to one of the projects and there were actually paved roads throughout the development. It seems to me that they wouldn't have spent all the money that they have on the things that I have actually seen, if they were going to rip off this many people. But, and this is a big but, Enron was able to pull the wool over TONS of peoples eyes.

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N  29th of May, 2009 by 
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Thank you Michael for your insight. I've been waiting 20 months for my deed and they never told me that I wouldn't receive it until the infrastructure is complete. I assume that is correct based on your sequence of events. Please comment. I, too, have had no problem reaching Mr Valentine.
N  18th of Jun, 2009 by 
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Hi !
Michael i hope you are right!
As Peter said they never told me that i have to wait until the infrastructure is complete!
They told me it takes about5-6 months!(it's 5 months now that i paid it in full)
Hopefully i will get the deed soon!
About Valentine.i too have no problem reach him anytime!
And i've been to Costa Rica 3 times!they showed me a lot of different sites!it seems they are investing a lot of money in it!
N  6th of Oct, 2009 by 
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I am screwed and in my opinion you all screwed too. My name is Mr. Iyer and I have been waiting over a year for my deed. A deed taking 13 months???? Get real they have been trying to develop this for over 5 years and have too many broken promises and too many bad stories...Who knows what the real story is. Horror stories is what Ive heard and people I have talked to! People like me that have lost a lot on this .This long drawn out mystery. This is crazy and a breech of contract. Plus some of these guys flat out lie on many levels including a lyle wexler who conned me into staying on baord when I was with in my rights to receive a full refund. Im asking for my money back and interest plus attorneys fees. Nothing less. Do not fall into this trap unless you have a lot of time, money, and hope! That is a tough combo!
k. Iyer
N  10th of Nov, 2009 by 
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I have been waiting for my deeds for almost 2 years now for four lots in Bahia Mar. They keep putting off the completion of the infrastructure. I think we are all being scammed. There is no way, even in Costa Rica, that it takes 2 years to get a deed. I have contacted David Valentine almost every month for the past year and I keep getting put off. I finally hired an attorney in Costa Rica who stated there were several problems with my original "books". There was a corporation set up but I was NOT listed in the corporation nor was any LAND listed in the corporation. I think many of us have a real problem and should consider a class action law suit! If any of you have the same problems please feel free to contact me at 414-276-8482.
Dr. Jim Neuber
Milwaukee, WI
N  12th of Dec, 2009 by 
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Whoever Michael is, he is using a post that I wrote on [redacted]s.com. My name is Jonathan and since writing the above article, I have made other discoveries. I contacted several Attorneys, most of which are familiar with Paragon. One attorney represented 3 clients all of whom were awarded judgments. One of them received half of his/her deposit and Paragon never paid the rest. The others never received anything. I decided not to waste any more money pursuing legal action in the US. I will however go after their Costa Rican representative Esteban Soto. I may start an online forum called www.paragonscamsofcostarica.com. Look for it soon.
N  14th of Dec, 2009 by 
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I will join you. I want to see them all in prison with Madoff.
Carol Pfarr
303 470 7399

They borrowed $7M from ksicapital.com/home_flash.php
Where is that money? They borrowed it in 2007. WHERE IS IT?
N  4th of Feb, 2010 by 
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Trouble in Paradise! Well it's been almost 5 years now since I purchased a hectre from Paragon. Yes I have been lied to and experienced all of the same atrocities as everyone else writing here. A couple of things I will add is that I paid off the total amount (not just the $25, 000 down payment) and after a long time and many persistant calls I recieved a deed. It keeps getting worse ...sorry! The deed states that the land that I own is zoned for agriculture! When I contacted the company they said that I can still build on 15% of the land? Maybe... I don't know? My subdivission has no pavement or anything! I was there to look at it January 9, 2010.(This is my 4th trip.) There is a model home up on a hill as you try to visit the property. The area is fenced in with barbed wire. There didn't was no furnature in the house like there was at the other property they originally showed me 3 years ago. It didn't show any signs of life except for two horses which were using the porch for shade and there own personal outhouse! With my guide I hiked up to the subdivision area. The mowed lawn ended with the spec house area and the road entering the would- be developement was grown up in waist high brush. I saw an old lot number which still marked the lots so I pressed on. After about 30 meters in my guide got spooked (snakes) and wouldn't go any further untill I took the leed. As we reached the area of my property I gazed out at the peaks of Quepos and Manuel Antonio. It was beautiful! But it is on the side of a hill (for now). Which is fine except I think that things will change if it is ever actually developed, (which I seriously doubt)! As we went back to the car we met a lacal who told my guide that those people were crooks and had not paid some of the locals for clearing the land and stuff. My guide mentioned that in CR when ever there was a grievance like this the poor locals would band together and start building shacks and living on the land (Squatting). I have been in comunication with PP for 5 years and have was told two months ago that the infrastructure would definately be completed by the end of Feb 2010. So three more weeks! Then I might build an earth ship or cabin out there. I'm out of space here.
N  4th of Feb, 2010 by 
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My deed shows the area of my land with the phrase "unicamente para uso agricola". The adjacent land is marked Paragon Properties of Costa Rica S.A. and the land on the other adjacent property to me is marked "Bolivian Song Realty Society De Responsabilidad Limitada H" .( If anyone wants to comment on this aspect that would be welcome. ) In one of my conversasions with Paragon I was told that since I owned the property I could build on if I wanted to. If they are actually going to put roads, water and electricity in I'd rather wait because I don't want the side of a mountain in my living room, if you know what I mean? I was told that I was the last one to purchase in my subdivission and my aniversary date is in June. After that I will consider them in violation of all written and verbal agreements and hope that they stay out of my way. I originally bought this property as an investment and planned to sell it but if it's not developed it's not worth what I paid for it. I contacted the realestate agent that was featured in some of there material and she said that she couldn't sell the land until the infrastructure was in.
N  5th of Feb, 2010 by 
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My name is K iyer and this is my 2nd post and update. I have been waiting for 3 years from the day of the 25k deposit. I have lost about 70k. I say" lost" because I feel that the only course of action we can take is calling the feds over and over. I filed action against these guys and they didn't respond to the action filed against them???????? That's when I knew that this is really bad. Pretty scary to lose that kind of money and I know many other people have too. This is more than then Costa Rica being slow, its fraud. And if it is not than I challenge these guys to go to court and defend your self against these allegations! It sure seems like fraud to me! I feel bad for all the people that trusted these people.
A  20th of Feb, 2010 by 
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I am ready to sue these scam artists. They stole my money and have disappeared. Their website is dead and no one answers the phone. They no longer pretend to be legitimate. It's time we banded together to get them. They stole my life savings and my dreams...

Diane Costello
Playa Del Mar Lot 18

Paid in Full
856 486 2004
N  20th of Feb, 2010 by 
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I have a list of the names involved starting with CEO Bill Gale, Lyle Wexlar, David Balantine, (have to check spelling). Let's band together...
A  28th of Feb, 2010 by 
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Great, I'm freaking out. I have always been extremely scared but the fact that they won't answer their phones means that it's over, it must be a flat out scam. We have to fight back, I'm not rich, this truly was my life's savings. And my priceless dream. We can't take this laying down. I will find these people. Bill Gale, Lyle Wexler, David Valentine, Bob Street.
N  28th of Feb, 2010 by 
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There is laws that have to protect us. At worst we should be able to put a lien on our properties. I know Costa Rica has similar laws. This is still an American company. We have rights. If the complany closed there still is all that property that they must have bought from Costa Rica. There has to be a way for us to still get our property. I some of us could at least get so many acres we could build our own gated community. There has to be something we can do.
A  28th of Feb, 2010 by 
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We must start by all contacting the Seniors vs. Crime office. A program by the Attorney General in Florida. They have helped others get their money back.
N  10th of Mar, 2010 by 
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o.k. guy don´t wory i have the pic about the property.
if you whant you can call at ESTEBAN SOTO he is a new manager in costa rica
N  12th of Mar, 2010 by 
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I am reading these posting and have a question... which properties are you referring to? I own a lot in Heights of Pacifica Phase 1 and have not visited it in years. Does anyone know the status of that property?
A  17th of Mar, 2010 by 
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Well, Today is March 17, 2010. No answers the phone at the Paragon Properties HQ in Hollywood, FL. It appears Bill Gale, andhis band of thiefs "took the money and ran". Like everyone else, I used life saving to invest in this "scam". Yes, it appeared "ligitimate", but I told all sams do until they get your money, the they leave without a trace, no forward address or contact information. I for one don't have he funds to pay a hight price lawyer to sue. I mean, how will we catch these guys? Is ESTEBAN SOTO honest, or is he part of the gang theifs to "rip-off the "stupid Americans"?
N  24th of Mar, 2010 by 
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David Valentine answered the phone on 3/23. So the sky has not fallen just yet "Chicken Little".
N  25th of Mar, 2010 by 
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If anyone needs representation involving this matter please contact John Hess, P.A. you may do so by email at karina@johnphess.com/ jhess@johnphess.com or by phone at 305-445-9525. If you would like to visit our website it is www.johnphess.com. Mr. Hess is already involved with a couple who has been scammed by Paragon Properties and if more people file suit the case will be much more fruitful and worthwhile to anyone who is part of it.
D  25th of Mar, 2010 by 
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Finally, Good news. I've heard from a reliable source that the infrastructure funding is in place and work will be completed over the next 6 months. The same source has indicated that the corporate books and deeds that we've been patiently waiting 2+ years for will be forthcoming in the next 45-60 days. Perhaps, we should use this source of communication to confirm any of the above as soon as we have first hand knowledge. Hindsight is 20-20 but considering the condition of the world's finances over the last couple of years, maybe we will witness this miracle. Hang in there, neighbors.

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