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Us Woodside, NY Review updated:

I am currently serving in the US Army in Germany. I was involved in an accident that totaled my 2004 Honda Pilot. My wife and I agreed on trying to find a 1 to 2 year old Honda Pilot for sale in the US and have it shipped to us in Germany since my insurance company was willing to pay for shipment of a replacement vehicle. I found what appeared to be a good deal on a 2009 certified Honda Pilot with only 4800 miles and advertised for 29, 995 at Paragon Honda in Woodside New York. The buying process was very strange as I expected them to send me paperwork to sign as part of the buying process. After having the vehicle shipped to Germany I recieved the title, Bill of sale and other paperwork when the vehicle was delivered. I noticed that all the paperwork that required my signature in the purchase of this vehicle had been forged by someone at Paragon Honda. I also noticed that the vehicle was dirty on inspection. After looking at the vehicle further I also noticed that there was paint overspray on all of the plastic trim of the vehicle as well as signs that clear coat had run in many areas, paint cracking and a body panel that was unpainted on the inside. I am convinced that this vehicle was wrecked and that this has been hidden from my knowledge. This vehicle was listed on Paragon Hondas Certified tab on their website and had a sticker on it when it was delivered that states " this vehicle has undergone an extensive evaluation and reconditioning process completed by trained professionals at this authorized Honda dealership". To this date Paragon Honda refuses to acknowledge the vehicle was sold to me as a certified vehicle despite proof from me . This certification process should have included a 150 pt vehicle inspection which was never conmpleted. It should also include an additional 12, 000 mile 12 month manufacturer warranty added to the end of the original warranty. So this dealership has: taken advantage of a service member serving his country overseas, forged my signature, hidden damage to this vehicle from me and carried out Consumer Fraud . They have also tried to buy me off by offering me floor mats and Bug deflector if I will just go away. How is that for a consumer complaint.

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      Aug 30, 2010

    Response to US Army

    On behalf of everyone at Paragon Honda, I apologize for the inconvenience, the misinformation, and the service you experienced with us. We appreciate you taking the time to write the review. I would like to speak with you personally and discuss the content of your review. Please give me a call at [protected] ext. 271 or e-mail me at [protected] In the meantime, I will speak to my staff and get to the bottom of this.

    Brian Benstock - General Manager
    [protected] ext. 271
    e-mail me at [protected]

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  • Us
      Sep 07, 2010

    This is the response I sent to Brian with no response in 7 days now. I have talked to Joe about my complaints many times with no resolution. This is the bottom line, I was never given the opportunity to review the paperwork in the car buying process and never signed a single document. Everything that required my signature was forged by someone other than myself without proper authorization from me. I can easily prove that the signature on these documents is not mine. I can also prove that this vehicle was in an accident that required the replacement of a fender and repainting of the entire vehicle, a vehicle with only 4800 miles. I also have documentation from your dealership that this vehicle was listed as a certified car and was advertised as having been through the 150 point certification inspection process. Joe has offered me an extended warranty that doesn’t cover any body parts or paint, one of my main complaints. The fact that one of your salesman was allowed to carry out these acts against me with no reprisals against him from you or your staff is stunning. In the Army we live by values, LOYALTY, DUTY RESPECT, SELFLESS SERVICE, HONOR, INTEGRITY, PERSONAL COURAGE, HOW ABOUT YOUR ORGANIZATION? I know that none of this would have happened if I would have been present for the purchase of this vehicle which basically means I was taken advantage of because I was not there during the buying process.

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  • Br
      Sep 08, 2010

    We are in the process of reviewing your entire transaction, and I want you to know that we take your allegations very seriously. Upon a final review we will discuss all available options with you and we will come to a resolution that is mutually acceptable.

    After a brief revief of e-mails sent back and forth between you and the store it appears that you authorized a gentleman to review the vehicle and the documents on your behalf. This gentleman was known by you and authorized to accept the vehicle on your behalf.

    It is my further understanding that you then wire transferred funds into our account for the vehicle. Indeed, it would have been benificial if you had been able to do the inspection and review of the vehicle in person, however, your current location prevented this from happening.

    Joe C. has been in contact with you and he has full authority to resolve this matter to your full satisfaction.

    Brian Benstock

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  • Us
      Nov 12, 2010

    I have been training with the US Army. Last time I talked to Joe C. he insisted that the extended contract started from the original in service date but it clearly ststes in the Honda Care extended warranty contract that on a used vehicle that the warranty starts at the service contract service date and at the mileage on the odometer on that date. I am deploying to Afghanistan soon and am willing to agree to Joes resolution to this problem as long as he honors the 7 year 100, 00 extended warranty from the date the car was purchased as outlined in the service contract. Thanks for your time Glen Mykytiuk

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