Pampered Pets / Unhealthy puppy

1 Edinburg, PA, United States

We purchased a morkie from the above mentioned breeder.(Heather Mcdowell). I emailed them several times since regarding the pup. The first set of emails were about a cough and wheezing the pup had after we brought him home. They said not to worry as long as he is playing. The next set was about the pups vaccine records. The vaccine records they supplied well lets just say were just fake fake fake. Then again about parasite he had from the water he was given while in their home. It took 2 rounds of medication before it was gone. And now we have just been notified by our vet that our little boy has legge parthes disease which is a hereditary condition which will require major surgery. Still no response from breeder. If someone is a reputable breeder our emails would have received a response and solution. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE. PUPPY MILL FOR SURE

Aug 22, 2016

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